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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • Hopefully that hasnt happened yet but I will torque them 90 lbs and hope the problem goes away. Thank you. :)
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    harbor freight has them for 20 25 dollars
  • sabra2sabra2 Posts: 1
    2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 6 cyl. Sometimes when I get on the Interstate and get to speed of 50, or so, when the rpm should drop, it will not, stays around 3 rpm if going 55 -60. Also it has started acting like it wants to shut off when I come to a stop. Sometimes the rpm will go almost all the way down and catch itself and go back to normal. Twice it has completely shut down. I have had the battery and alternator replaced last December (2009). Any suggestions? (I am female so please overlook my way of explaining - don't know the technical terms. Would like to try to educate myself somewhat before taking to someone.) Thanks.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    In your position I suggest you get somebody to first look at any control cables, electrical wires, and electrical connectors related to the transmission. Just a simple visual inspection should not be big $. If transmission has its own computer and its external to transmission, ask them to check the ground wire. They might suggest changing internal filter, but I don't think it will help. If you can, ask a general mechanic to look at it before you go to the transmission shop. I've had negative experience with transmission shops.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    have them check the tps censer
  • drtyme1drtyme1 Posts: 1
    Hey folks,

    Would replacing the wrong fluids in the diff cause damage? replacing 70/140 with 70/90 ?

    Need a bit of advice ... I took my vehicle in to one of these quick lube places ... they had recommended changing the fluids in the front and rear diffs. I was not experiencing any issues with the vehicle but since the fluids as far as I know were not changed ... I ok'd the work.

    Shortly there after I started hearing a grinding noise coming from the rear ... Great I just changed the fluids now a noise ... took it into a shop... told him I just had the fluids changed ... so he wrote off the diffs and said it sounds like the wheel bearings ... replaced the wheel bearings .

    The noise still there ... this is when i start looking into what was replaced in the vehicle ... the shop has admitted replacing the fluids with the wrong grade ... however the are not accepting that the wrong fluids caused damage.
  • twagner76twagner76 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have a 97 jeep cherokee i had to flush the radiator two days ago. and two day i wen to go fishing with me dad and the low radiator hose came loose. NOW she is nocking hard core. and the oil pressure gauge will not move now also. what is going on :mad: :sick:
  • lynne16lynne16 Posts: 2
    How do I check the levels for my transmission oil on my grand cherokee 2003 crd, I cant find the dipstick??
    Any ideas very much appreciated
  • lynne16lynne16 Posts: 2
    I have purchased a 2003 grand cherokee crd but dont have the instruciton manual for the sat nav, does anyone know where i can get hold of a copy?
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    My jeep is older than yours, but I bet dipstick is in same location. Mine is close to the firewall on the driver side and it is very low. You have to reach down. The handle may be black and its a little dark down there. On other cars I own it is much easier to find. Yours may be on passenger side, but I bet its still down low and close to firewall.
  • Need some help. My 20a cluster fuse (pass side kick panel) keeps blowing. Sometimes when I accelerate and the rest of the time as soon as I put the neg cable back on the batt. Replaced batt last week. All other fuses on all other panels (under hood and on pass kick panel) are good. I did see this TSB: but no other ideas. I have looked for loose wires and bad grounds. The ONLY think I found so far is that I see to have a very long batt ground which is coiled around the batt at tied to the AC lines under the hood. I am guessing short but no idea where to look first.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    Disconnect (-) on battery first. To solve this problem you will have to pull the instrument cluster and disconnect all wiring. Obtain a pinout diagram of connectors on cluster. Then, identify all pins/sockets that are NOT ground. Then check them with a digital volt meter to see if any are shorted to one of the ground pins on the cluster. If you find a short, replace the cluster. If not, you will have to check the wiring. For checking wire shorts, have a long clip lead attached to the (-) terminal connector that you just removed from the battery and connect it to the DVM. Then, probe all non Ground wires for a short. Use a DVM that gives an audible beep when it reads a short. If you replace the cluster without checking the wiring, a problem in the wiring could damage the cluster as soon as you install it. If you find no shorts in cluster or wiring, then I would take a chance and replace the cluster. You could have an input that is suppose to have 10K ohms, but is actually 50. It won't show up as a short, but can still draw too much current and blow the fuse.
  • jeepriajeepria Posts: 2
    By reading this forum I see buying my 98 Grand Cherokee as a spare vehicle was a mistake. But since the damage is done...

    My JGC just has a terrible smell coming through the vents. Where do I start to get rid of it. Air freshener doesn't help. I can't use the heating/cooling system b/c its so bad.
  • Where can I find the trans number for my jgc?
  • After stumbling onto the site....let me say impressive.
    I've been considering purchasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    I was surprised to see the amount of posts.
    How many people would recommend the purchase, or stay away ?
  • jbatts1jbatts1 Posts: 1
    Hi Jodie, my wife and I are now having the same noise with our 2001 JGC....did you ever figure out how to fix your noise? Ours started after having our transmission leak fix but the transmissions shop doesn't seem to know how to fix it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Do you think I can take a straight 6 out of my cherokee sport and put in a 93 wrangler "S" that has a straight 4 cyl in. This wrangler is manual and my sport is automatic. How hard to you think it would be to change the Wrangler putting the straight 6 and automatic in it???? or can I put the 6 in it and leave it standard trans? I have both vehicles now and thought about doing it put didn't know if I would need to do alot of changes to the wrangler to put in the straight 6 4.0. Thanks for any suggestions you can give me before I tear into it. If anyone needs help on this 4.0 I know the cherokee sport 4.0 inside and out. Thanks Jeff
  • I am trying to drain my radiator and refill it with coolant. I just had a new radiator put in and the guy that did it didn't fill it correctly, and it is overheating. After some checking I realize refilling the radiator in a cherokee is different than other vehicles. The instructions I have tell me to drain the engine block of coolant by removing the cylinder block drain plug. I have absolutely no idea where this is. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Also, if anyone has any suggestions so that I fill the radiator properly this time so it won't overheat.
  • Did you replace the heater core because the heat stopped working all of a sudden?? My 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited is having MANY issues and this is one of them. It started where only the driver's side was blowing hot air and the passenger side was blowing cold air. Then in the spring, both sides started blowing cold air. Does this sound like the heater core and if it is, how difficult is it to replace it?
  • I am having the same problem with mine. Did you ever figure out what it was??
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