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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • walegzywalegzy Posts: 1
    I bought a used 94 GCJ recently 27K milage, but don't know much about the previous history. The engine sounds great and drives well on low speed. But the problem is that it cuts off after long period of driving (say about an hour drive) and keeps doing that until it cools off. When it decelerates and cuts off, it does not take long to start anyway (say 1-2 minutes). I have read post here about this problem in my little research but can't get the right answer to the problem:

    "by ponygirl1 Sep 15, 2006 (6:22 pm)

    Replying to: vicgonzales (Sep 08, 2006 9:37 am)

    I have posted a comment a long time ago about my jeep having issues with cutting out while driving or just not wanting to start. ... The jeep only does it when gets too hot outside and driving for an extended period of time. ...

    Since my Jeep has this similar problem. I hope somebody can assist in proferring the right solution.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee and it had the same problem. Two years after I bought the car (new) they breplaced the steering column under warranty. Never had the problem occur again and I still have the car. Very happy with this car.
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee with 4.7 liter V8. Love the car, no issues with performance, however, noticed the owners manual calls for a spark plug replacement at 30K miles. At 38K, decided to replace plugs myself. The OEM plugs are NOT platinum. Went to Advanced and bought Champion Platinum for less than $3 each. Now the car mileage improved and I don't need to do this replacement ever again. Why would Chrysler not use platinum plugs in this engine? Stupid cost saving move I guess. Car runs great,
  • zronzzronz Posts: 4
    Update on my specific issue with my 05 JGC 5.7. I've waited a month to post because I wanted to see if the issue was actually resolved or not and it appears to be solved. With all the bucking and jerking that it was doing, and all of the possible root causes it could have been (such as the ECM, etc), it turned out that the crank shaft sensor was going bad according to the diagnostics report from the dealership. They replaced it under warranty and it seems to have done the trick. I am super happy with the purchase of this Jeep! Well worth the $$$ I paid.
  • Just purchased a 2011 JGC Overland. I absolutely love the vehicle, well worth the $. However, I have never owned a Jeep before. Previously we had an Acura TL and a Honda Pilot - never an issue with either until we sold at around 100k miles. I just read today that the Jeep and Chrysler brand ranked near the bottom in latest quality reports. (how is that possible if they share MB platforms?!)

    Anyway, I passed on buying the extended warranty from the dealer, but now wondering if I should invest in one. We usually put about 100k miles on our cars. I would be concerned with any engine/tranny issues, and also concerned about all the electronics/nav/radio stuff.

    Thoughts on whether a warranty is worth it? If so, where do I buy a reputable warranty? Thanks.
  • I definitely would invest in an extended warranty. As much as I love my 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited, it really has an awful lot of problems. I have read this about all of the Cherokees. It has been one problem after another. There are alot of problems with the GC's from faulty blend doors, to the power windows not working. I hope your GC is better than mine. Good luck!!
  • Hi,

    Since December 2010, my check engine light has come on five times. I've included below what was done each time at the mechanic.

    73,797 - P0456 Error Code - Evaporative emission control system leak detected (very small leak) - 11/26/10 - Possible loose gas cap, mechanic tightened and tested cap and reset the OBD.

    74,102 - P0442 Error Code - Evaporative emission control system leak detected (medium leak) - 12/7/10 - Gas cap tested bad, mechanic replaced the gas cap and reset the OBD.

    77,718 - P0455 Error Code - Evaporative emission control system leak detected (large leak) - 5/31/11 - Possible loose gas cap, mechanic tightened cap and reset the OBD.

    77,865 - P0455 Error Code - Evaporative emission control system leak detected (large leak) - 6/10/11 - Mechanic replaced the evaporative vent solenoid (solenoid was clicking loudly on the 11/26/10 date) and the crankcase vent hose (hose was cracked); reset the OBD.

    78,161 - P0455 Error Code - Evaporative emission control system leak detected (large leak) - 6/21/11 - Mechanic suggested going to the dealer because they have an advanced computer system.

    My questions:

    I've researched this on Google and it appears that many have had this issue on different Chrysler vehicles, many with no resolution. My mechanic said he could do a smoke test (pump smoke through the evaporative system) to see if that shows anything, but he said that this can be expensive to track down the problem. The dealer wants $95 just to run diagnostics (which would apply to my estimate to get it fixed, assuming they figure out the problem).

    Have you heard of this? If so, what have people tried?
    Any other suggestions?

    The mechanic said I could drive with the light on, but this makes me uneasy, especially if I go out of town. I have noticed a decline in gas mileage. Other than that, it may run slightly rough here and there, but overall doesn't seem phased by this issue. I haven't spent a ridiculous amount of money so far, but I'm trying to keep the costs down on this.

  • It is a 2002 Jeep GC with almost 79,000 miles. It is the 4.0 I-6 and is two wheel drive.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    I have a 99 Laredo 4x4 V8. Mine is doing the same thing. I have 131k and have maintained this vehicle very well. Once the check engine light is on it stops wanting to stall. It actually does NOT stall. It ALMOST stalls, but then doesn't once I am stopped completely.

    This tells me it is a sensor. I have noted that A LOT of people on this forum have had this same problem, but I do not have time to research all the answers. Would someone tell me what to check FIRST! Then I can go from there. Thanks and have a happy 4th weekend.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    edited July 2011
    My truck wants to stall every time I come to a complete stop. It actually WANTS to stall, but stays running at the last second. I have been putting it in neutral when I stop to avoid lurching and shaking.
    I know others are having the same or similar problems. My truck has 131,000 miles, but has been very well maintained. I am hoping this is a sensor problem, like oxygen or mass airflow sensor.
    *****UPDATE***** The 99 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7 liter engine does NOT HAVE A MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR!!!!
    The check engine light is coming on, and after it is on the truck stops stalling except for 1 out of 10 stops. If the computer senses that there is a problem, and the light comes on, does it run in a limp mode until it can be repaired? What do I check first?
    My BCM and ECM were replaced 3 years ago.
    I had plugs put in at the dealer 3 years ago.
    Fuel injection system flushed 2 years ago.
    new transmission solenoid pack 3 years ago.
    Transfer case cover replaced, and new seal installed.
    New diff seals 3 years ago
    right front (passenger) hub bearing replaced
    New shocks 2 months ago
    New brakes 2 months ago
    New front axle half- shafts- 3 mos ago
    New C.V. boots 3 mos ago.
    Truck runs perfect other than this.


    1) Front left drivers side hub bearing needs to be replaced. It is grinding when I saw at the wheel above 30mph.

    2) Coolant overflow bucket hose is leaking.

    3) Drivers side heated seat button on dash is broken.

    Thanks guys. I just paid it off in April!!!!! It couldn't make it 2 mos without breaking down??????

    What a piece of cat-litter clump!!!! It has been a real struggle to keep it in good repair. I honestly love my truck.

    Help! Dealer wants $300.00 just to diagnose it. That is highway robbery!!!

  • Huh. Like you, I've read a ton of forums where people have had the same issues with no resolution, or have spent a lot of time and money trying to fix it. I noticed last night that my exhaust smells rich, so this tells me that it could be a sensor or perhaps a leaky vacuum hose. I hope you can find an answer. I actually had a stalling issue with my 96 GC I-6 with 120,000 miles. It ended up being one of the O2 sensors.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    edited July 2011
    I just found out that my Jeep has 4 oxygen sensors. 2 on the front (intake side) and 2 on the back,(exhaust side) after the Catalytic Converter.

    So, if you come across a definite fix, I would be grateful. I have this image in my head of the service writer telling me what I already know. "Well sir, it is one of your sensors". Well, so why did I give you $80.00 to diagnose it? I bet the screen on the code computer actually says "replace all sensors, and ECM" Frustrating. The ECM alone is $1k.

    So, as long as it runs I am going to limp it until a definite solution rears its head.

    In the meantime, my mom sold her 2000 6 cylinder WJ 6 months ago, and bought a Kia Forte'. I think I am on my way to buying an Elantra myself.

    Sad that America can't build a truck worth keeping after 5 years.
  • m9fusem9fuse Posts: 1
    Emission Light coming on; this happened to me in my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo about a year ago, the guy at pep boys checked the diagnostic and told me thats what it said, he asked if i had driven through a lot of big puddles/water and i had he said thats probably what did it. I did not worry about if after that and eventually it went away.

    Question: Bought my JGC Laredo 4x4 at 72000 miles, it has 114000 miles now, only problems i have had is the radiator fan went bad twice in a row so the car was overheating but was only about 75$ each time..... and the past few months the AC is not cold its basically whatever outside temp is, and lately thats in the 90's --- i bought the r134 refill but the gauge said it was full so i did it anyways still nothing, pep boys said probably the compressor , any thoughts?

    Question: also is this 2002 JGC likely to have many other problems, trying to sell it since i am worried from what i have heard but i have never really had any problems, can anyone guess that i might or what might go bad? Also, what kind of big maintenance should i get done to it (dont know anything about cars) so dont know what i should get done, i get all the oil changes and got new tires.

    Thanks for any help!
  • mskainesmskaines Posts: 1
    Dd ever get any resolution to your Jeep issue, my son has 1994 Grand Cherokee that is doing same thing. Starts off great, but hard to get it to shift from 1st to 2nd...etc. Thanks, Mike
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    edited July 2011
    The 99 is completely different from the 95. Different trans, engine, space frame, well, everyting.

    My problem is the Jeep wants to stall as I am slowing to stop. It has no problem shifting at all. It is an oxygen sensor most likely on mine.

    I hope you know the 95' to 98 models had lots of transmission issues. Sorry I cant help.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    Well, I can tell you that I have 7k in mine since purchased.(It is a 99 V8 4x4) It had 89k when I bought it. Now it has 134,000. It needs a LF hub bearing, has a coolant leak, and it wants to stall at stoplights. I would NOT buy this vehicle again, or recommend one to a friend. I do like the V8 grunt and it was unstoppable in two years of snowstorms. It eats tires, transmission solenoids, sensors, fan belts, passenger rear brake light issues. On and on.

    I just paid it off in April. It ran for a month and then started having the aforementioned problems. Garbage.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    How old is the battery and alternator? If they are stock then replace the battery and clean the leads. See if the problem goes away. If not take it to the dealer. They know for SURE what the problems are, so if u plan on keeping it get a full checkout.
  • Purchased a new 2011 JGC Overland several weeks ago, and love it. I would have never in my wildest dreams have guessed that I'd own a Jeep. Always thought the Rubicons and souped up old CJ's were cool, but never owned a Jeep and never really thought about them. Until I saw their ads on TV and saw how nice the interiors were; then saw a video of Bob Lutz talking about how their interiors rivaled those of European luxury brands. Decided to check out the JGC and ditched my Acura TL! I love the ride - very comfortable (sorry, no serious off-roading for me), the stereo system, the panoramic roof, the stitching on the leather the exterior design. Everyone that sees it is shocked it's a Jeep. My next door neighbor dropped $75k on a BMW 5 series, and he thought I purchased an Audi SUV. When I told him I "only" paid $40k for it, his jaw hit the driveway. I am a little nervous about long-term quality (last two vehicles were Acura/Honda, never had an issue), so I'm still thinking about the extended warranty.

    I have a couple questions and hoping someone can help me out.

    1) When I'm moving slowly, say in and out of the driveway/garage, I hear a minor "clicking." Any idea what this is? It doesn't seem to affect performance at all.

    2) I've learned that my Sprint HTC Droid phone doesn't pair with the UConnect system. Besides switching phones, any thoughts on a way to resolve this?

    3) Any recommendations for where to purchase an extended warranty? The dealer offered me one, but I'm always wary of their prices. I'd at least like to do a little comparison shopping.

  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    edited July 2011
    Your happiness reminds me of the day I brought my 99 Laredo V8 home. It also reminds me of the day after where I went 4 a drive & second gear decided to take a break. Literally. After $7000 worth of service on it (90% covered by warranty), the check engine light finally took a long, 20k nap.

    This was four years ago, I only paid $6700 for it, & I basically got a really nice used truck with 89k.

    Well, it is expensive to service due to it's 4x4 system, and now I have a stalling issue and a coolant leak. The gas mileage is awful, it drives like a pig, it's steering is numb and the brakes require a heavy foot to push. I am prepping it for sale. my kids are older and I no longer need as much space, so I think I have earned a Subaru WRX or a Ford Focus ST, & I am going to buy it at the end of December, where 4x4's sell well and I can get a great deal on a 2011 or a lightly used 2010. I am going to do my homework this time, and buy a really good, reliable, inexpensive to drive car. Congrats on your new truck. I hope you bought the 6 cyl for good mileage, or the V8 if you wanna haul [non-permissible content removed] (and a boat).
    -Chris :lemon:
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    My 2004 Crand Cherokee had warped rotors after about 3 years (low mileage vehicle). At 38000 miles I replaced the front rotors and semi metallic pads from Advanced Auto. The OEM ceramic pads had more than 50% lining left, but I replaced them because I was there. The semi metallic pads generate less heat and stop better. So far, no warping. I never had satisfactory performance, ie warping from 14 Ford Taurus' I've owned and the semi metallic changeout cured the problem with the Fords. So far after 10 months, the JGC has no warping problems. The car is in Florida and tows a 4000 lb boat trailer, no issues. You may want to try this solution in addition to the caliper sliders as mentioned above.
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