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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • wulf007wulf007 Posts: 20
    I have a 1993 JGC Limited, Inline 6, Selec -Trak, 4X4 with 250,000 miles. I keep thinking about replacing it but it just keeps going and going. Other than the usual brakes, tires, battery, light bulbs and floor mats, I have replaced the radio/cd, fuel pump, starter, and the manifold (pin hole leak at the y). I also replaced the catalytic converter but as it turns out it probably wasn't necessary because the problem was the manifold leak. I have no oil or transmission leaks and it passes the California smog emissions test every other year with no problem. My biggest expense in the last 50k-75k miles (knock on wood) was replacing the remote entry device (ex-wife took it)$120. Honestly my BMW cost more to maintain and service than the Jeep has cost to repair/replace, maintain and service and it is only a couple of years old. I have the oil changed every 3000 miles and the transmission/transfer case serviced annually. I have a place in Tahoe so I have been up to the hubs in snow many times. Don't do too much towing with it though. I know I have been fortunate, but it really does seem to just keep going and going.
  • madowner2madowner2 Posts: 2
    Well, after posting message #796, my car has gone from bad to worse. It is now in the shop for 5 weeks this time, 5 BCM's, 3 or 4 ICM's, 2 battery's, rear latch all replaced, my 5* dealer is stumped and is calling in the Chrysler-Daimler Head Tech's from the training facility in Ontario, CA. The car has gotten worse every time they replace something. I feel that I am the only owner who has had this happen to. Has anyone else experienced this type of problem?
    I have a 99 GC Laredo with 43K, not too much mileage. I'm at a loss of what to do. I've made claims with Chrysler Corp, not that it does any good. My husband also has a jeep, but after this experience, we will never own one again!
  • sylvia42sylvia42 Posts: 2
    Hello all --Newbie here, and I need some info/advice.

    I found a 1995 JGC today - I6 4wd 130K mis. Pretty sweet. In fact, its condition was soooo pristine that I was sure it was reconditioned salvage vehicle -- carpet new; seat covers new (and a little loose). Air freshner smell. Paint *looked* flawless.

    Well I ran a carfax check, and lo and behold -- the car was locally owned. But there were no accident reports on the title history -- no flood title, nothing.

    Can used car dealers somehow clear or conceal a car's title history? Also -- there are 7 "histories" on the VIN number, but carfax states there was only one owner. Doesn't the title number change if the owner sells/trades the vehicle? And if not -- then how can a carfax user determine what these "histories" mean?

    thanks in advance!
  • mikecmikec Posts: 40
    Hello all. I have founds Edmunds to be a great source of advice for my past and current vehicles, so this is no one is no exception.

    Have a 2004 JGC Laredo, 4x4, 12K miles. Seems to be working fine.

    Anything I should watch out for or check? TSBs, etc.

    No issues of yet...had a loud pop when turning steering wheel and backing up, but it never repeated; might have been a can on the ground.
    Also, transmission seems to shift roughly under hard acceleration, but I think this is normal for the Jeep; this is my first, so I don't have a reference, but I assume it's not as silky as a Honda/Toyota/etc.

    Thanks in advance.
  • terryb3terryb3 Posts: 2
    Hi Mikec

    I've got a 2001 JGC Ltd 3.1 turbo diesel (diesel's big here in Europe). I can't really give you any tips but I'm comforted to hear your comment on the rough gearshift being normal. I too get this - especially when towing or accelerating hard. The dealership says there's nothing wrong so I'm putting it down to normal behaviour.

    The one thing it could be is shortage of ATF - mine seems to get through a fair amount and although the dipstick shows there's plenty there, a top-up to just overfull seems to help. Also the change to ATF+4 helped. Worth checking though.

    There's no sign of a leak, I guess it gets hot when I tow (a 1.5 tonne trailer home at speeds of up to 60 mph)and evaporates?

    One thing I'm not sure of is whether I can use any other brand than the Mopar ATF+4 - does anyone know if there's anything compatible (the problem being that in the UK Mopar dealers are few and far between).

    You can check for tsbs on

  • paulbpaulb Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 3,000 miles. The check engine light continues to come on with a code of P-0456.It has been to the dealership 8 times and they can find nothing wrong. They turn the light off but can not find the reason it comes on. I am about to go through the NJ lemon law procedure. The Chrysler engineers say it is due to an altitude change soon after a cold engine start up. At present there is no fix. Any ideas out there?
  • taz9838taz9838 Posts: 2
    My overhead console went blank on my 1993 jeep Gran cherokee. I even press the 2 buttons and the display comes on then goes blank. The same time that this started the rear view mirror fell off the front window.
  • taz9838taz9838 Posts: 2
    The windshield washer on my 2000 saturn stopped working. I can hear the motor running and I checked the line with a air hose. Everything seams clear.
  • that is what happened to my vehicle recently. I only have 59400 miles on it and it developed a leak....seems too soon for this kind of thing what do you think? Dealership had to replace the water pump to stop the leak. Cost $400.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 835
    Well, the reason it was leaking was the water pump was going out. In about Dec 2003 our '00 JGCL started giving 'coolant low'. So I added coolant even though it did not seem very low. Next day wife sayes, it reported 'coolant low' again. Checked and this time was leaking from the front of the engine. The water pump has a weep hole so that when the seal on the shaft goes, the leaking coolant come out that hole in the front center part of the engine. Took it to the dealer the next day and for the $50 deductible on my DC Maxcare warranty, they replaced the water pump. The mileage was between 55,000 & 60,000.

    From our very small sample size, I would say the estimated life of the water pumps is less that 60,000.... I bet we have some folks out there with 120,000 + miles on the original WP.

    This is one reason we got rid of the Jeep...48 month, 75,000 mile extended warranty would run out about July 9, 2004...not willing to be exposed to possible repairs.. Had a number of things covered under warranty, so I did not trust it to be mininal maintenance during it's high mileage years.

  • thanks for the reply, Bill. At least I have a better understanding now of what is going on with my jeep. I, too, am not one to rely solely on a jeep for transportation. I recently bought a 4runner, hence my posting name. My jeep I primarily have now for backup, but I still like it a lot.
  • lselllsell Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 JGC. Last year the dealer replaced a bearing in the steering column and the creaking stopped. Now 1 year later it's making the same noise. When I first took it in they talked about replacing the whole steering column, but only replaced the bearing mentioned above. It doesn't seem to affect the steering. I'm going to take it back in and see what they can do. Otherwise I'm very satisfied with my Jeep.
  • vanphanvanphan Posts: 41
    I've been having a problem in the last few months with my 97 getting it out of 4WD. I have SelectTrac and the 4.0 w 86,000 miles. It's going in just fine but when I try to get it back into 2WD it won't go. This just happens on dry, hard pavement. It will go in fine if I'm on gravel, ice, etc. The indicator on the dash says 2WD and the lever is in 2wd. But I can tell it's still in 4WD esp. when turning. The dealer says this is normal, of course. A local transmission shop couldn't help either. They did point out, though, if I back up a way, it will come out. Similar to some GM's. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  • rineerinee Posts: 1
    I brought my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee in for the first check-up yesterday. They checked out the recall thing, did the oil change. I asked the service manager to take a drive with me to listen for a noise I keep hearing in the dash, when I apply the brakes...(I had to brake hard one day because someone cut in front of me) Anyway, he heard the noise too. It sounds like something is sliding. I first thought it had something to do with the CD, but I took the CD out and the noise is still there. The service dept. determined that it is a brake fluid booster, that is giving more brake fluid when I brake hard. (?) Today, there is no air coming out of the vents in the dash when I turned the air conditioner on. By the way, they told me that this is normal, and that every car has it. I explained that I have never heard this noise in my other cars...ever! Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Is it me?
  • We have a 1995 jgc and for about a year now when you turn on the heat we are getting a very foul odor almost like a sour smell comes out of the heater vents. I cannot find the evaporator drain to see if it is plugged has anyone else had a similar problem.....Thanks
  • Paul,
    I think that code is for an evaporative leak. I had the same problem and was told to replace the fuel cap with a new one. I thought that was ridiculous so I have found that if you put the cap back on and turn it several times and stop between clicks the light will stay off. You have to disconnect the battery to make the light go out. I hate this car so much that I won't replace fuel cap until trade in time.
  • The following is a list of problems with my '02 JGC since I purchased brand new. Instrument panel lights recall - Lights go out for no reason - had to recalibrate, fuel tank retainer recall, warped rotors @ 12k miles rotors replaced, evaporative leak-new gas cap,replaced heating element driver's seat, key fobs not working-replaced switch module, AC won't blow through vents-replaced door actuator motor and blender door, 2nd AC fix for same problem-replaced control module, steering column clicking noise-add shim to steering column per TSB, AC fix #3 same problem - drain&refill refrigerant, new tires 40k miles, new brake pads 45kmiles, AC PROBLEM #4 -SAME PROBLEM, NOW DEALER SAYS ENTIRE DASH NEEDS REMOVED, MINIMUM $600-$700 TO REPAIR AND THAT IS IF NO PARTS ARE NEEDED! VEHICLE HAS 51K MILES, AND CHRYSLER WILL NOT ASSIST WITH REPAIRS. I WILL NEVER BUY AMERICAN AGAIN! IF I CAN PREVENT ONE PERSON FROM BUYING A JEEP THEN I FEEL BETTER. I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW UPSET I AM. THIS WAS A $36K VEHICLE. SHOULDA BOUGHT A HONDA.
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    We had a 1995 Jeep GC on a 30 month lease. It was the VEHICLE from HELL! We were VERY happy when the lease ended! The vehicle had drive train problems, brake problems and electrical problems. It was a piece of garbage. The Chrysler Rep was useless. We have owned and / or leased 5 Honda vehicles since this Jeep. No problems with Honda. Great vehicles and great service. Had Jeep / Chrysler treated us in a proferssional manner, they could have had the additional sales. We will NEVER purchase and / or lease another Chrysler product! The Chrysler products have no quality!
  • Just got a call from service advisor about my 4th AC problem. It seems that the door that controls which mode (re circulate or fresh air)the AC operates in has broken off and is blocking the air from coming through the vents. Repair cost is $1200 if they replace door or $300 if they just leave it out and reinstall dash. I took the $300 option and just won't have a recirc. option. I have already test driven a Honda Pilot.
  • jgc1994jgc1994 Posts: 2
    This is for our 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 1994.

    I got a few problems. Maybe all related.
    The oil pressure gauge keeps going up and down, depending on rpms. High rpms, high pressure and vice versa. It only does it when engine is hot though. I checked the oil. I am loosing (burning) some, maybe half a quart per 500 miles. But it has 104k miles. So that is not that strange. I opened the oil spout. At hot engine temp, there is very light smoke from the heat coming out. Is that normal?
    Also, when I get out of the car after parking, there is a slight odor like that of warm, slightly burnt rubber. Could it be related?

    Does anybody know what my problems are?

    Should I even worry with 104k miles?

    Thanks so much in advance.
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