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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • 390bird390bird Posts: 5
    I had the same problem with my bother in laws jeep. Check the on board computer for fault codes, Auto Zone does this for free, I replaced the crank position sensor and it solved the problem. A friend had the same problem and it was the cam position sensor.
  • 390bird390bird Posts: 5
    Jeeps can act funny with rust. There are sway bars and traction arms that run form the frame to the axles on the upper and lower area's of the suspension front and rear. I had similar problems with my brother in laws jeep after several inquiries and inspections I ended up having a friend who races or runs monster trucks check it out. He said the bars & arms control handling as well as the shocks. The sway bars are simple and look like a bent piece of 1/2 to 3/4 inch round metal stock. The arms look "U" shaped and connect to the front and rear axles then to the body. If these are fatigued by rust they will flex more and cause the jeep to handle extremely loose. This along with shocks can cause the problem your having. The impact will flex the suspension components & weight of the vehicle will counter and will repeat causing a "yo-yo" effect if you will. I would check these components for rust fatigue and the shocks. I would also double check the front end by jacking under the axle on each side as if the weight was still on the wheel & then check by jacking under the frame, " hanging the front wheels and check for loose components both times using a long bar under each wheel. This will give you more leverage in checking for loose or worn components which may be missed by the standard of holding the wheel by hand and checking for worn suspension parts. I replaced the rear arms two to three years ago for about $30 to $50 each. They may be the same or more. If the shocks are worn I would go with a premium grade shock.
  • baron_350baron_350 Posts: 6
    Hello everyone, newbie on the board here although I have been reading posts for a while. Can someone give me some advice on a problem with my 01 Grand Cherokee Limited with Quadra Drive? As I accelarate on the highway, when I reach 50 mph, there is a very distinct and bothersome "shimmy" in the steering wheel that has just developed. As I pass 55 mph, it goes away. It seems like only between 50-55 does this happen. I have taken it to 2 independent shops (just spent over $500 on the brake upgrade kit at the dealer less than a month ago and I want to avoid giving them any more money right now!) and neither one can find fault in the tires, rims, suspension components, brakes, or alignment. Both shops have fully examined the Jeep and fail to find a mechanical cause. The second shop tech made mention that he thought it might be something in the electronic 'Brain' that controls the Quadra Drive system that might be causing the 4WD to try to kick in. Has anyone heard of this? It really feels like a mechanical problem to me. Can anyone give me any insight? I would surely love to get a few opinions before going back to the dealership. It's not a huge problem but it is bothersome, and since I'm about to take it on vacation with the family, I definitely don't need any nasty surprises. By the way it has 77K miles and has never had any major transmission or engine work done. Any help appreciated!!!
  • 390bird390bird Posts: 5
    My turn, my brother in laws 1994 Jeep grand cherokee, auto trans, when making sharp turns like into a parking space starts to make very loud noises, "people turn to look" and you feel the front end kinda hop. This is even worse when in four wheel drive, like the whole front axle is binding on turns.? I have checked everything I know & to me it seems as though both tires are trying to turn like it is one big long axle or maybe the wheels are turning too far~! My guess is the right and left should "slip" independent of each other. He thinks he had all the fluids changed, but can't find the receipt so I can be sure. I was told "I thought I heard or read..." when changing the axle oil there is a Chrysler "additive" you have to put in to let the limited slip more slippery or to prevent this binding. My parts store contact thinks I was off my meds or something.

    The other is his AC doesn't seem to want to drain outside. I have pulled the entire interior and checked what I can of where I think the AC condensate should drain. The condensate drains into the passenger side rear and front. I see no draining outside. I found alot of dirt in the frame rail where I think it is supposed to drain and cleaned this & what seems to be the hose or drain hole. It worked for about a day or two then started flooding the interior again. I have tried pressure washing and air pressure. Any ideas's?
    Any ideas or input would be "FOREVER IN MY DEBT" :confuse: :sick: :( :mad:
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    It sounds like you've got a case of what we Wrangler owners refer to as "Death Wobble"; any mechanic who claims to knows anything about Jeeps should be well aware of this problem(go to any Jeep forum and search "death wobble" to see for yourself). DW can be caused by any number of things. In your case I would first check the tire balance(dynamic balance the tire/wheel assys-weights on both rim edges), the steering stabilizer, any and all rubber suspension bushings, and the front end alignment. This assumes that your mechanic knew what he was looking for when he inspected the other front end components. He might be a nice honest guy but it appears that his Jeep knowledge may be inadequate to solve your problem.
  • mservasmservas Posts: 1
    Philpomy ... I also have a 98 GC, and have had similar problems with the interior lights flickering on and off. I tested the 4 door sensors and they appear to be working properly (volt-o-meter tested), I suspect my problem is within the rear hatch sensor. Have you continue to have your problem? Any resolution?
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 837
    Best place to start is the steering stabilizer (shock absorber like). Probably $30-$60 bucks. Folks say it happens more often on Jeeps with lifts. On non-modified Jeep it is probably the stabilizer.
  • rschunkrschunk Posts: 1
    Hi...sounds like the 'death wobble'...I have a 93 JGCL that exhibited the same symptoms. Turns out that replacing the steering stabilizer fixed the problem.
  • Have you replaced you spark coil? I have had the same symptoms in the past and have had three coils go out within 115000 miles on my 94 wrangler 4L.
  • jkramjkram Posts: 17
    I have the exact same problem. My 2005 Jeep grand w/hemi is bucking and hesitating. Your description is perfect, slight grade giving it throttle. I brought it back three times. They changed the oil 'cause DCX, told them to. I am a mechanic on heavy equipment so I know it is not running right. They said give it another 3,000 miles to break in. I'll have a stroke driving it like this. Please, someone get some action on this. I literally spent $38,600 on it and I can't stand it. It is my fifth new Jeep in a row, and I never had any troubles before.
    Help, Joe
  • mdaymday Posts: 5
    how many miles do you have, i have almost 11,000 miles and it doesnt get better ,just more noticeable, other times like pulling a boat. any speed unless you can shift to 2nd gear it doesnt really go away seems like a bad coil or plug wire or in 2gears too high all the time, 35-40mph it really sucks but it doesnt get better with miles or oil changes i even did it myself once with the mopar oil and filter no change at all. mechanic at jeep dealer i used to work at thinks it is related to torque converter since it doesnt really do it in 1st or second just surges some in those 2 gears ,but said we will have to wait for a tsb or reprogram for shifts .it seems like the same thing the guys with the other transmission with the water getting in them, same type of problem but i checked the trans fluid and its not milky so leads me to believe its not that. dont you think that even a small amount of water would make it milky? well if you here of a fix please let me know i wish i could lock or unlock the converter just to see if thats it do you know how ? anyway if i hear anything ill let you know,thanks,Mark
  • wobblyjeepwobblyjeep Posts: 2
    Didn't realize there was a steering stabilizer. Searching the web for "Death Wobble" gave lots of info
    Thanks again
  • gdcgdc Posts: 2
    My 98 JGC randomly stalls at startup:
    - turn the key; engine turns over; runs for about 2-3 seconds; stalls
    - happens randomly
    - when it happens, it will continue this sequence for a random period of time then at some point later (hours or days), will then start and run just fine.
    - has been happening since February '05
    - I have had the jeep towed 3 times to the dealership
    - I have brought it to the dealership 2 other times on top of that (cause it magically started and ran after stalling out many times)
    - Also of note (and perhaps related?) is that my dash gauges randomly stop working:
    - sometimes right at startup
    - sometimes while driving
    - sometimes just the speedometer and odometer stop and the others are fine

    - the pattern of "start, run for 2-3 seconds and stall" is consistent
    - the dealer has replaced the PCM (covered under warrantee)
    - the dealer then replaced the BCM (not covered under warrantee)
    - the dealer has kept the vehicle for 1 full week's "observation"
    - the dealer really does not know what to do next cause it is random and I am tired of being stranded on the streets

    It just happened again this morning so this is my 6th trip to the dealer and I/they are lost as to what the cause is. I have read online that it could be security system related and/or fuel pump related.

    Does anyone have any good ideas as to what step-by-step process of elimination I could try as I have no confidence in the dealer anymore and this is costing a fortune in towing and service.


    Grant (Ottawa, Canada)
  • jaycee1jaycee1 Posts: 2
    Dear JAyne,
    I bought a 1989 JC Laredo 4 monthes ago that is having the same problem you describe. It seems it would get us anywhere we wanted to go it just would not get us home. :cry: It has cost me over 600.00 in repairs and it still will not start correctly. I can tell you from experience that it is not the fuel pump,the fuel filter, the ignition module, or the battery as we have replaced all of these items. I love the vehicle and it rides great. I have recently heard that the crank sensor is the problem and after reading this from you I am second guessing puttint anymore money into this car. I would love it if you could let me know what you do and if it works. Good luck from a fellow JC owner. Jaycee1/
  • jaycee1jaycee1 Posts: 2
    Hey I too have that same problem only once it gets too warm it won't start then either. I have replaced the fuel pump the ignition module the fuel filter the coil and the battery. They are now saying they think it might be the crank sensor. Did this not help your JGC? Please advise. Should I cut my losses or try this out?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    It is unwise to include your email address in a public posting as the spammers just love to harvest addresses from public places. Better to make your email address visible in your user profle if you wish correspondence from other members.

    tidester, host
  • jkramjkram Posts: 17
    I brought it back again today, 5-20-05. I can't believe they don't know exactly what is wrong! Someone at the top of the engineering chain would know right away, if somebody could explain it to him. The drivetrain experts would know in a minute!! They can't expect a dealer to have techs that know everything. If I find out the cure I will post it right away.
  • cookie2cookie2 Posts: 7
    My 1995 jeep grand cherokee 4x4 I6 with automatic transmission with 150K miles runs great but twice recently it would not shift out of first gear making it very difficult to drive. :mad: The car returns to normal if allowed to set for a while. Shifting manually into first gear doesn't help. I am a girl away at college and would really like to find the problem. The transmission has been flushed and bands adjusted. Thanks.
  • markedmarked Posts: 1
    hey guys, new to the forums, new to owning a jeep to.
    so i was off roading yesteday and my car got stuck in 1/2 meter of mud (was not able to open any doors.) as you all know a cherooke sport does not have any hooks in front or in back (what genius came up with the idea not to include hooks)
    ANYWAY long story short i dug for 3 hours in cold mud to wrap a rope around my front diffrental (i hope i wasent an idiot doing so) but i think while pulling me out i might of bent a hydroloc beside the tie rode (whis was leaking from what i saw) andnow the car only turns left and when i go to turn it right it doesent want to give if i try a bit i see the car lowering a bit whil forcing.

    can it be that hydraulic that is bent or broke? can it be more serious? and how much you figure it would cost?

    Thanks in advance
  • mfioremfiore Posts: 1
    I recently found out from a shop that my 96 GCL needs a new catalytic converter. The original design apparently lent itself to rattling to pieces. At this point I'm numb to the bad news associated with this vehicle and would love to just get it fixed. The shop (known for it's good ethics) told me that the Walker replacement part plus installation (shop rate) would come out to somewhere around $460.00.
    When I looked up the part on Walker's website they list it at $119.00. Is it really that hard to put in a catalytic? Is this something I can put in myself?

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