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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • youn0813youn0813 Posts: 28
    Oh man exactly same with the "roughness" too. I can feel it on my right arm from the armrest (the CD container). I don't turn the wheel all the way though..
  • My son drives a 98 jeep grand cherokee ltd. . For the last 6 months on occasion, the power options will act up and do strange things. then all will be ok again for a while. Also on two occasions the jeep will not start . We have taken it to a dealer and they cannot find the problem. Then next thing you know it starts ok. Any similiar experiences /fixes?? thanks
  • psudhakarpsudhakar Posts: 2
    I have a 93 JGC laredo and had the exact problem. After 1200 $ and changing many sensors ( which did not fix the problem), I realised IT WAS THE CAP ON THE HT COIL COMMING LOOSE DUE TO HEAT EXPANSION (THE HT COIL SITS ON THE SIDE OF THE ENGINE, REMEMBER). ALL I DID WAS USE A TIE WRAP AND BELT BOTH CAPS ON THE HT COIL TOGETHER. ALSO CHK THE engine is not heating beyond 110 deg C.
  • psudhakarpsudhakar Posts: 2
    This is a simple problem which I solved by changing the HT coil and TIE wrapping both caps of the HT coil.
    This is what fixed my issue after changing a bunch of sensors @ 1200 $.

    Presently I am dealing with the Death Wobble.
  • this is exactly what ours is doing. it used to stall at stop signs and lights, but after the crank shaft positioning sensor and cam shaft sensor were replaced, it stopped. but now it still stalls while driving down the interstate. the only thing that hasn't been replaced at this point (it's been going on a year) is the computer. i'll buy one if that will fix it, but trying to chase down the source of the stalling has cost a fortune. it's a 97 grand cherokee. after it the engine cuts out we'll coast to the side of the highway and usually the engine will come back to life.

    we've blown out 2 mufflers from backfiring. now, we just tolerate the noise because it isn't worth replacing the muffler anymore. it backfires every time at least once or twice. mechanic said replacing the cam shaft pos. sensor should have fixed it, but it hasn't.

    we're to the point where we're ready to ditch it or hang ourselves. can anyone please help?
  • this is what we've replaced so far:

    spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor, distributor cap, ignition coil, fuel pump, fuel filter, map sensor, distributor (which included the cam shaft sensor), catalytic converter and muffler (twice), crank shaft sensor, ignition coal again.

    this is in reference to my previous message, #1427
  • don23don23 Posts: 2
    I have had this vehicle for 7+ years and have had to replace the ignition coil on a regular basis. It started out every 6-8 months and has gotten worse. Changed two today! My wife can even do it now. We carry at least one spare at all times. It was running real bad at 1900- 2100 rpms. Changed wires, distributor, plugs, etc and thought I had it. Wrong! This is a 5.2 liter and a snapon scanner shows no codes but a big analyzer indicates low spark from the coil. I have had numerous suggestions, anybody got an idea?
  • tnadertnader Posts: 1
    I'm having a similar problem- did you ever get it resolved? I've had mine to the dealer three times now- they keep replacing the bulbs, but the same problem occurs- when the headlights and running lights are on, the running lights and brake lights don't light when the brake is applied
  • sresendessresendes Posts: 1
    I have the same front end problem on a 95' Cherokee, my neighbor seems to think it's the universal joints in front. Not so sure about that. Have you found out what your problem is yet? My guess is that we both have Chrysler products.

  • jk56jk56 Posts: 2
    Hi, My 1997 Grand Cherokee,4.0 auto transmission is having problems between shifts. Sometimes it drives normal and then sometimes it's as if it's in neutral. The vehicle must be brought to a complete stop turned off and then start over until the next time which might be 5 minutes. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks jk56
  • i'm interested in knowing the result (#1357). i'm having the same problem.
  • fjs007fjs007 Posts: 2
    HELP ME PLEASE!!! my trans is over heating. sometimes it'll get so hot the overdrive is turning off. its been doing it for a while. i had some radiator problems. had to replace that. then the water pump. everything seems to be going good there now. but trans is still getting to hot. foaming up. tried a additive supposed to lower temp. 57 degrees. stop foaming. its not helping at all. i think i'm going to have to flush it now. but i've done that before. and still over heats. ANY IDEAS?
  • Hi,
    This is a warranty repair. I have had the evaporator on my 97 GC replaced and it is working fine now. Unfortunately the repair shop (St. Louis, MO) made such a mess of my dashboard and AC system that the case is now in court (2 years after the fact). It cost $900 to have another shop replace the items they messed up.
  • i have a 97 JGC laredo and i've been having a problem that isn't necessary to the car's function but very annoying to the person getting in and out of the car. on the back right-hand side door and driver door the locks stay in place when i use the stock keyless entry remote, but not when i manually move the lock. the rear one seems to make noise because of the motor trying to do it but the driver side dosen't make any sound what-so-ever. i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and provide with some insight on this problem and maybe no how to fix it.
  • I jsut purchased 6/14/05. In less than 48 hours, hole in the radiator. My dealership was world class, they removed a radiator from another JGC on the lot and fixed me up and in teh process let me borrow a Chrysler Crossfire. Nice car. Now the only remaining issue is the passenger-side airbag light keeps going on and the red light indicating such, on the ddashboard, stays lit for about 10 seconds and turns off. ANy ideas about that one issue of the air bag light turning off and then on again with no passenger on the seat itself.
  • jtb1jtb1 Posts: 1
    Hi All,
    Anyone know what is up with a 2001 JGC where the headlights decide to flash when the vehicle is turned off? It can happen at anytime day or night, when it decides!!! Please give a clue to the problem... :confuse:

  • chumpchump Posts: 6
    i have a 94 jgc with a 4 litre 6 cyl. sometimes when strarting whether it is hot or cold , the engine revs up to 2000 rpm and stays there forever or until you put it in gear and drive. anyone ever had this problem or have any suggestions
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Your airbag light is working as intended.
    The '05 JGCs have an OCS (Occupant Classification System) in the right front seat. Basically it is a weight sensor that determines if someone is in that seat and whether it is a full size person or a car seat or child.
    The airbag will turn off unless there is a full size person in that seat.
    Whenever you start your car, the system goes through a self check and the light will light for 10 seconds as a bulb check.
  • I know about this system. It's just that when there is nobody sitting in the passenger seat, I will be driving along and both lights turn on. The amber colored one turns off first, the red dashboard light stays lit a bit longer then turns off. It gets annoying because of the chime that aloso plays when the lights turn on. I think it may be a sensor. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and what it really took to remedy. Since I have a business, taking it to teh dealership in Tacoma is a little time consuming for me, but I have scheduled a check. Just wondering if someone has found a pattern of this on the new 2005 models of the JGC's.
  • My '97 Jeep is giving me a "coolant sensor bad" message on that display unit. It is blinking a square under the hood. My temperature guage did not go up but maybe this is a warning? I have fluid. Is this about radiator or ac?
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