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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • davismandavisman Posts: 1
    i had similar problem with my 99 jeep.... ended up being electrical... the electric fan was not coming on (mechanic said something about a relay or modulator or something like that)... check your electric fan to be sure it comes on as the engine temp goes up...
  • smiley3smiley3 Posts: 3
    Can anyone tell me how to get statistics on 2005 Grand Cherokee Jeeps that have had a gas petal stick causing the car to leap, increase speed and go out of control? The accelerator stuck on my 2005 grand Cherokee while I was in reverse, I was propelled over a hill and down a ravine nearly rolling 3 times, all while going backwards. Has anyone had problems with the accelerator sticking? Who do I contact about this defefct? Thank you for your response.
  • mstoverinkmstoverink Posts: 22
    I know a lot of people have had a problem with this and this is the most common/best fix I've heard of. There is a picture attached (hopefully it works)...sorry I can't remember who sent me the picture, I've gotten so many emails about this. Anyway, good luck.

    Pull back the top of the carpet under/behind the glove box of the front passenger floor board. You should not need to remove any molding for this. You should find a black/grey plastic piece with a circular shape at the bottom with a V shape coming out of the top (as shown in the picture). Drill a hole through the center of the lower circle part and you will be looking straight out the front (through the firewall) where the drain ends. You should be able to run a wire of some sort up through the drain hose to try to dislodge any blockage. Once any blockages have been removed, repair the hole that you drilled with some type of moldable rubber, plummers putty, or silicone, but make sure your make-shift plug doesn't block the inside of the drain tube.

    I hope this helps. Good Luck. -Mark.

  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Did it get caught on the floor mat?
    You can report the problem at
    I will caution you on this however. There was a huge deal with Audi several years back and it was determined that people were pressing the gas pedal and brake pedal simultaneouly resulting in "unintended acceleration".
    This problem has been reported on numerous different vehicles since then and no vehicle has ever been found to have a problem.
  • we already checked the battery and its good. i dunno what it is i'm thinking the starter but i maybe wrong but thank you 4 the advice. hopefully i will find out soon. its driving me crazy.
  • mdaymday Posts: 5
    it is not the oil changes, or maintainance causing this problem i have had the oil changed at the dealer every 3000 miles, i even did it myself once with bottled dealer oil, i used to work at the dealer, and the mechanics said this is probably a computer program issue, and to wait until they fix it, i now have 13,000 miles the missing,surging is always there under even the slightest load just driving, one thing is i cant seem to get it to do it at all in first or second gear in all the 13,000 miles, and it only seems to get worse when its hot or when it rains dont ask me why just what i seem to have noticed.
    there is a different air sensing system on the 05 i dont know if this has something to do with it its not a mass air flow sensor its something else thanks for your input, although the people that do have this problem have already been through the oil issue thanks, mark
  • smiley3smiley3 Posts: 3
    Thank you Paule, I will keep your comments in mind. Thank you for the email address of where to send my complaint.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    You're welcome. I hope everything turns out ok for you.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    It could be the starter. The reason I mentioned the battery is that it is not uncommon to put a meter on the battery terminals or do a cell check on the battery and it will appear fine but you could have corrosion between the terminals and the cables and it will cause problems even though they look fine.

    Man, how's that for a runon sentence. :P
  • yea we did that its all clean. i dunno what it is. all i know is that when i leave home 2 go 2 a store i'm always praying that it will start back. thank u again. i apperciate the help :P
  • mellis1mellis1 Posts: 12
    I have a 2002 Jeep Cherokee, select-a matic. The issue I have with my jeep is that when after starting the engine and letting it idle. I shift it in reverse and I hear a clunk. I am not sure but it sounds like a bushing or a mount. Because it only does it in reverse, and not when I put it in drive. The trans, shifts good on the road, so I am reluctent to believe it's a bushing, that could be weak when the engine torque is in reverse. Has anyone ever experienced this with there jeep, and what was the cause. Because I am going to take it to the dealer and ask them, about it. I would appreciate it very much if someone could give me some insight to this issue. :confuse:
  • no, scoppus5, we have not found a fix. we purchased an ecm from a salvage yard off another 97 jeep gc, but when we installed it the jeep started and immediately stalled. it wouldn't run with it. the numbers were almost the same but we were told the single letter that was different was irrelevant. o'reilly's auto parts said a new one will be $270 and take 10 days to order, but won't need to be flashed. the dealer says it does need to be flashed. o'reilly's says the other computer may work if we reset it after it's installed, but disconnecting the negative wire from the battery did not reset it. not to make it work, that is. we've replaced the crank and cam sensors twice, the o2 sensor twice, the iginition coil, the fuel pump and all the other things i mentioned originally. we can't imagine there is anything left other than the ecm, but we hate to drop yet another $300 on a part that isn't faulty.

    i can find several sites on the internet where people are asking the same question and not one person has ever supplied an answer. our jeep has 175,000 miles and retiring it is not an option right now. we've just come to accept that we will stall while driving 65 down the interstate in downtown houston. we lose complete power and don't always make it to the shoulder if traffic is thick and houston has a tow law. if we leave it, they take it.
  • my crank sensor was replaced twice. no luck. jeep still stalls while driving down the interstate. we've noticed, though, that it takes about 15 miles. we're thinking it's an engine temperature thing.
  • mborinmborin Posts: 1
    I have a 95 JGC that is taking in water on the front and back floorboards(Passenger Side). It can't be from the A/C though, it only happens when it rains. I took it to the dealership and they said there was no problem and the rubber seal on the doors were fine. Anyone have a problem like this?
  • mstoverinkmstoverink Posts: 22
    Check out the picture in message 1550. Find that circle/V shaped thing and see if there are any cracks around it. I know you say it can't be from your A/C, but that thing goes right through the firewall and has been known to be cracked and to leak. It is a drain from the A/C, and it may be connected to the vents infront of the windshield which could explain why your floorboards get wet when it rains. To be honest, I really don't know, but others had wet floors and fixed a crack there and no longer had wet floors. Use silicone caulk or something similar if there is a crack...good luck.
  • steve279steve279 Posts: 7
    Fan failure on 99 - 00 Jeeps is common. Disconnect your battery cables and carefully bypass the relay with leads from the battery to the fan. You can access the fan leads at a connector on the passenger side of the radiator. Chances are the fan will start slowly, if at all. If it doesn't start, remove the shroud and fan and manually spin the fan. When you spin the fan, it probably will not spin freely and if that is the case it should be replaced. A new motor is about $100 wholesale.

    Note that the relay is bolted to the passenger side inner fender low on the inside of the fender. Access to the relay involves either removing the headlight assembly and/or the battery and battery tray. It is fairly difficult to get to the relay.

    I completed this repair just three weeks ago. The fan has started normally since then. The repair was complete at 115K miles on a 2000 JGC.
  • steve279steve279 Posts: 7
    I have this as well on my 2000 JGC with 115k miles. When new, the noise was not as audible but then developed over time. The noise is probably due to the driveline taking up the lash in components when you change gears. (Components wear over time introducing some additional clearance in gears and other parts)

    Back in the days when most cars were rear drive, it was not uncommon to hear such noises. Unless you start hearing some grinding or howling from the back end, it's not likely that you will need repairs.
  • wdg01wdg01 Posts: 2
    Whoever replied that it may be the crankshaft sensor is dead on! Sounds exactly
    like what was happening to my jeep.YES it was intermittant,YES my jeep did the same thing. I did the test that the Haynes manual suggested and my sensor failed miserably. It can be done at home if you are mechanically inclined, but as the other reply didn't tell you was that you have to do this under the car. It is located
    above the transmission bell housing on the left side of the BACK of the block
    (as you are sitting in the drivers seat). A swivel socket on a very long 1/4 inch drive ratchet would have made the job a whole lot easier!
  • wdg01wdg01 Posts: 2
    If your Jeep has over 100,000 miles, YES it is a good idea to replace the radiator if it is plastic. A plastic radiator will always leak about this age. This goes for other vehicles as well (Honda cars) If you want to get it replaced, make sure the one you get has METAL tanks on the side (or top.) They, (in my experience) seem to last longer. When you replace the radiator DO flush the system first. DO use DISTILLED water only! (it has zero metals/contaminates) it will make your cooling system last longer. I own a 94 Cherokee.(just plain Cherokee) I will never trade this vehicle. 106,000 miles and still strong! I'm also particular, as I am a mechanic, no one touches my Jeep other than the guys who align my front end, or change and rotate and balance my tires. Timing belt or no? A quick glance in my Haynes manual tells me I have a timing chain. I have a in-line (or straight) six cylinder 4.0
  • mellis1mellis1 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the information. I went to the dealer today 7/8/05, and he tells me it is common to hear that from a jeep. He also told that his liberty jeep does the same thing. I don't get it, it confuses me. That this squeak or clunk is normal. I did some research, on another web site W.J, and found out the (squeak or squawk as they call it) noise is probably from the front or back stabilizer bushings. On this web site they also give TS . They mention in one of their suggestions is to lubricate the bushing, it seems that jeeps between the year 1999 thru 2003 only need lubrication. But 2004 need to be replaced. I am going to try and spray some lubrication lube on the bushing and see if that fixes the squeak or clunk. Because it's a little hard for me to believe that a 2002 jeep with 57 K would give a wear problem in the trans. I will let you know the out come.
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