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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • elleonelleon Posts: 4
    The gauge in my honda jumped up to the H and went down again. It's done this a couple of times and I've seems to have stopped now. The water level in the radiator is fine. The car has about 70K miles on it. Any idea what could be causing the irregular fluctuation?
  • My 2002 JGC's A/C has been acting up lately. It frequently stops blowing for about 10 seconds at a time and then mysteriously comes back on. I think it's the fan as I can still hear the A/C running. I saw some previous posts reference a resistor problem, but I believe their blowers were completely dead. I assume mine is starting to fail. I figured I would run it by the dealer first in case there was any kind of extended warranty on it, but I by no means trust their word and would then go to my trusted local shop.

  • I just bought an 05 GCL 5.7 and have a similar problem. Smells like gas from an oven when i fire the engine up or decelerate coming off of the highway. Am calling the dealer tomorrow. What have you found out?
  • Wow, thanks for the detailed reply as what to check. I can see where i have parked it there are oil spots a plenty. I guess i will have to have something done to fix that but that boy still loves gas..


  • edu1edu1 Posts: 1
    I have 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I made the mistake of connecting the battery backwards and now I am trying to assess the damage. The engine runs fine but the "check engine" light is on. The temperature measuring gage is not working and the battery gage shows the needle at 25%. Radio is blown as well.

    I would appreciate if anyone has experience with this type of damage. It might not be worth fixing if too costly.
    Thanks for the help!
  • I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It won't start. I thought the problem was the battery, but I have replaced that and no luck. It is trying to turn over but acts like it is getting no gasoline (yes it has gasoline in the tank). Any ideas on what to check from here? Where would you start? I'm afraid my skills are limited. I used to change out starters, etc. years and years ago but well.... that was years and years ago. It's a 6-cylinder, two-wheel drive.
  • i'd check either the alternator or the starter. then maybe the fuel filter.
  • anyone have any idea why my fan would be squeaking. it's a 95 jgc.
  • The only thing I can think of is a loose wire to your guage in your dash. But it could possibly be the thermostat sticking and then opening back up. The thermostat, not sure about on a honda, isn't an expensive part, and isn't that hard to change.
  • IF and only IF it is your fan then your fan clutch or water pump would be going bad. But I would take the belt off and check the Idler and tensioner pulleys first to make sure its not them. You can tell if they are bad by the way they sound, basically if you can hear them turn then the bearings are going out, you will hear a sound like a metal ball rolling around in a can. Check or have this checked asap, b/c if it is your water pump it can leave you stranded. I found that out the hard way.
  • Hmmmm... I don't think the fuel pump would be going out on a jeep this new, but I could be wrong. Did ever act up before it quit completely? Check your plug wires, one in particular, the coil wire, if that isn't hooked up, or its bad, it will turn over but not start. And like tdad1302 said, check the fuel filter too. Oh, when you turn your ignition on, not trying to crank it, do you hear a whine or whirr? You can also have someone stand at the back of your jeep to listen for this. If they/you don't hear anything then there is a chance your fuel pump is bad.
  • thanks. i'll have to check that out. sounds like it's a pain in the butt. and i don't care if it dies. i don't drive it much. i can't stand driving around with that sound. i feel stupid.
  • jac4jac4 Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 JGC. In late August '05 I had the fan and fan relay replaced. 2 weeks later I noticed a rattling that comes and goes when the fan is on. Took it in and they stated the fan was defective and replaced it (no cost). Left the dealer, still making the noise. Took it right back and they said it was the tensioner. Replaced that. Left the dealer tonight - rattle starts up when truck heats up and fan turns on. You hear it more against a wall/drive through space (as noise hits the wall and comes back). Any ideas?
  • jac4jac4 Posts: 2
    I had this problem with my 1999 JGC. It wouldn't turn over. Turned out to be a seal between the fuel pump and the line - let air in and it wouldn't start.
  • My '97 JGC 4.0L has a strange problem when driving at a steady speed.. the RPM surges (small increases but no decreases) so the car kinda kangaroos along the road. The idle is steady and acceleration smooth, but once the speed gets to 80kph / 2000rpm this surging starts. Has anyone had this problem or any ideas how to fix? Thanks for any help.
  • how can you test to see if your water pump is bad?
  • Ok...up under the water pump is a "weep" hole or a vent hole. If the pump is going bad coolant will leak from there. You can check for another sign by rocking the water pump pulley up and down. If there are signs of coolant leakageat the weep hole and/or the pulley moves up and down then you know its time to replace the pump.
  • chumpchump Posts: 6
    i have a 94 jgc with a 6cyl. 4ltr. motor. I have developed a miss and the engine light comes on and stays on even when the miss seems to go away. It idles very rough but will eventually start to run smoother but the engine light will stay on. Also does anyone one kn ow what is involved in removing the injectors and cleaning the carbon deposits. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I would say your plugs and wires are to blame(this is consistant with it running smoother as the engine warms up), and if you have changed them make sure the wires are all going to the right plug and post on the distributor, and even make sure the distributor cap isn't cracked or corroded bad inside, along with the rotor button. About the only thing I know of to do for carbon deposits on the injectiors is to get some fuel additives that are made for that.
  • i had the same problem, someone loosened my oil filter and the oil pressure would drop,my mechanic nor the dealer could not find the problem. My question was did your engine block get destroyed or was it the heads that broke. because in my car the lister if that is the correct name, became loose, no pressure in one of the spark plugs.
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