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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • If safety is a concern between the SF and tek. Then I would choose the SF. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they gave a marginal rating to the tek and a good rating to the SF. Also you will get better gas mileage w/SF. The Edmunds Total Market value for this SF is $17235

    IMO: I know the Pontiac dealer is offering $4004 as a rebate. Which is good but Hyundai has not been offering any rebates and yet the SF is selling like crazy. That is something for you to think about
  • All I have to say is dateline was present during the tests. What does that mean? Well if the airbag fired late, that gas tank blew up when the Chevy truck was crash tested when they were present, coincidence? I'm not so sure, test the Tek again, lets see what happens. The RDV is equipped with the same airbag, as is the Park Avenue, Aurora, and Le Sabre. All these did fine, so why not test the Tek again, no dateline. Sorry I just don't trust them.

    According to Santa Fe owners you guys don't get as good as mileage as the Tek.

    Also, don't forget that the Tek did very well in all the other safety test.
  • I have a SF LX V-6 and I average about 23 mpg combined. I know the 4 cylinder does get great mileage and that is what she is looking at. The most complaints about the gas mileage is the slowness of filling up the tank. When I first started driving my SF, my mileage was about 17 MPG. Then I read about how to fill the tank up properly and my mileage increased. But most everybody complains about mileage
  • dgrpkdgrpk Posts: 27
    message for you in hyndai santa fe.

    I dont own either of these vehicles yet but I must say that it seems that some of the comments on these boards tells me that they're are people with very strong feelings on their vehicle. It sometimes gives me the feeling Im talking to people that actually work for the manufacturers not the owners. Lets keep it friendly folks. :)
    of course I could get my dander up too and make it interesting!,,,,,,,,,, just kidding. :) :)!!!!!
    dont get me wrong Im glad for the info but dont want to start any wars. but I will respond to comments like everyone else but just so you know, Im doing it nicely!
  • lpjxk0lpjxk0 Posts: 10
    I have a 2002 Santa Fe 6cyl 4wd, the only problem I have is a clicking sound when I first start the vehicle in the morning. I thought it was from the serpentine belt, but Hyundai service said it was a faulty air condition compressor, they changed the compressor once before and the problem came back. Now they are going to change the compressor again and the serpentine belt, they claim there is a problem getting lubricant to the internal parts of the compressor when the vehicle is first started. Has anyone else had a similar problem!
  • I have had a 2002 GLS for a month now with only 1500 miles driven so far, and today while looking under the hood, I noticed moisture around the positive battery terminal. The wet area was about the size of a quarter. (yes, the weather is currently dry and no, I didn't just go through a car wash). No noticeable driving problems yet, just wondering if anyone has noticed or has had a battery problem...
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    I haven't noticed any moisture around either of my battery's terminals.('Course the GLS has less than 1300 miles on it.)If you think your moisture is from a battery leak, check that moisture for acid.
  • I was sent a recall notice regarding the crankshaft sensor. It stated that the car could stall at anytime. You might want to check into it.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    ... info regarding this is on the NHTSA site under Recalls. It gives the manufacture date ranges, the number of vehicles affected and gives a brief description of the nature of the problem...
  • tdoctortdoctor Posts: 1
    Have had my 2002 LX for 6 months and now have about 6000 miles. Generally I am well pleased but have several minor problems. 1) Appears to have excess road noise pickup 2) Wind noise on passenger door. Had gaskets replaced and still have noise. It is not cross bars as I removed them to check. 3) Hate the inside rearview mirror, can't judge distance of vehicles at night and hard to even tell a car is behind you.

    Anyone else had the wind noise problem?
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    I have an '02 GLS. No wind noise (when the windows are closed). If you are getting wind noise from a door, that's probably where you are getting the excess road noise, too. It would be like driving with a door that is not fully closed. Keep after this dealer to repair the wind noise problem. Or you might try to locate the 'leak' yourself. You (or a friend) take a bright light - shine it around the closed door edge. The second person should be on the other side of the door looking for the light leak. This is, of course, done at night, or in a dark garage.
    Or take a strip of cloth and close it in the door. Pull on the cloth and feel for the loose area. Point out the problem door area to the service guy. Your other choice - try another dealer. BTW, have you checked the fit of the door. Is it flush, plumb and square? Might be something easy like the latch just needing adjustment.

    As to your hate of the rearview mirror - all I can suggest is buy another type of mirror.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    I felt (well, also currently feel) that the SF is quieter or as quiet as any of the competition out there...certainly quieter than the Tribscape. I DO get a very faint high pitched noise from one of the mirrors at times.... might have to do with oncoming wind as I hear it only rarely. If it gets annoying, I'll ask the dealer about it, but its no bother right now. Otherwise, I feel this is a quiet vehicle.
  • gsogymratgsogymrat Posts: 97
    I just purchased a 2002 LX also. I have not noticed excessive road noise in normal driving but I have noticed when you drive through water it sounds louder in the wheel wells then my Jeep Cherokee. I have not had any wind noise problems and the self-dimming rearview mirror seems normal to me. My only problem so far is that it seems to be a bird magnet. I don't know whether it's the pine green color or new car smell but they keep sitting on the roof rack and crapping all over it. I have 4 other cars in the driveway which remain untouched.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    I have Pine Green also... I guess I'd better park it in the garage, now that spring is here!
    The roof rack probably makes an ideal perch. Hopefully we won't wind up walking to our Santa Fes in the morning and wind up looking like some scene from "The Birds"! I guess I should've gotten Merlot! ;-)
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 259
    I heard that the Toyota.... OOPS, I mean the Lexus RX300 has engine sludge problems. OOOHH, too bad.
    That's funny because my Hyundai Santa Fe now has 13,500 hard driven miles on it and I haven't had even one problem with my SUV. And you Lexus RX300 owners thought that our Hyundai Santa Fe's were nothing but junk. Maybe it's the other way around.
  • jeffmust2jeffmust2 Posts: 811
    Wow - did Town Hall's probation period end already? How time flies...

    More to the subject...better check your VIN with Hyundai Central, buddy!

    Lots of them Korean V-6s put together last year in the Santa Fe seem to be blowing metal pieces all over the road - and without notice according to Hyundai Corporate. I guess most of the Bad V-6s were in a factory lot about the time the ol' GTGTCobra-Mobile was being assembled, too! That that WOULD be a shame if it was YOUR ride...

    As for your "no problems"...I seem to recall one or two of your last posts before Probation...something about your Santa Fe's paint rusting out on the way home from the dealership on Day #1 of ownership. Hey, nothing a 99-cent spray can can't take care of...

    As for oil sludge in the Toy/Lexus...not a problem for owners that actually spend money changing oil & filters on their vehicle two or three times a year AND have great dealers for support...whoops, I forgot, you have NO idea what I'm talkin' about.

    Final question - is that Mercedes of yours close to 3 million miles yet? Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Forgive me if this has been addressed before.

    After seeing a few post about shake/vibration at about 60-65mph I thought I might post about our experience.

    We had the same problem(With our 2002 LX) but with more of a vibration than a shake.
    After having the tires balanced three times and rotated one time the problem continued. Three different Hyundai mechanics found no problems, one even told me "Oh well, Hyundai's are all like that. Live with it".
    I finally took to Manly Hyundai in Santa Rosa,Calif. and found a great Mechanic named Steve. Steve went for a ride with me and after 2 minutes said it did'nt feel like a tire problem, but like a drive shaft balance problem.
    After waiting for a couple of days (They provided a very nice rental car while waiting) for them to find a new drive shaft that matched. The Santa Fe was returned to me without the vibration.
    I was ready to start looking for a new car, but these guys restored out faith in Hyundai and in our Santa Fe.

    So...If you live in The Northern California Bay Area and need a good Hyundai Service dept. Try Manly Hyundai in Santa Rosa.

  • losthat1losthat1 Posts: 93
    At first my dealer told me I was imagining things. My radio buzzes when on AM if I open a door, turn the wipers on, get near a red light, etc. Reception is poor. Dealer refered to Hyundai USA who refered problem back to them. Now the dealer says all the Santa Fes on their lot do the same thing. They have offered to replace the radio, but I'm not sure that will help. Has anyone had the same experience and found a fix for this? Thanks
  • txsantafetxsantafe Posts: 25
    At the same dealership, ask if you can test drive another Santa Fe and check the AM radio on that Santa Fe. If the sound is the better then get a new radio. I know that I do not have that problem with my radio.

    From the shores of Lake Grapevine, TX
  • fordeifordei Posts: 3
    Is anyone experiencing problems with the CD player in the Santa Fe 2001.
    Mine does not respond when switching from radio to cd & vice versa. And sometimes the cd will not eject!!
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