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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • zeusmemzeusmem Posts: 1
    My friend has a 2004 Base 2.4L 4cyl Automatic. She was parking her car in a garage when it suddenly lurched backward into a cinderblock wall (her foot was on the brake). She thought she had probably put her foot on the accelerator instead of the brake. However, when she went to put the car into drive and made certain her foot was on the brake, the car lurched forward again. She caused some pretty major damage to her car and minor damage to the others. When she called Hyundai, she was told that they never heard of this happenning with any other Santa Fe's. However, in searching this forum, I've seen a few similar, if not identical, problems. Has anyone had some similar experiences? ANy assistance is appreciated.
  • sarrat25sarrat25 Posts: 2
    Hey just wanted to say that I went to the site you listed. I took that information to Hyundai, and they put in the information that my car needed; and well now my car does not shutter!!! THANKS for listing the site. I believe that site fixes the problem that people have with there 2001 Santa Fe shuttering between 30-45. :D
  • edr4edr4 Posts: 2
    I also had an 02 and bought a new 04 last December. I just noticed this same thing when returning home from the dealer after service for one of several other issues. It seems to me that any time the AC is On, the light should be On, I just assumed it was one more electrical problem (Cruise Control and Heated switch indicator failed) and that I'd be taking it back to the dealer one more time. I will call and ask my service dept. their opinion.
  • slukeyslukey Posts: 3
    Update Information on lunging problem with 2002 Santa Fe:
    Dealer cannot find problem after performing computer checks, line and fittings inspections, and pressure checks. They have no idea what the problem is and have now offered me a new $3000.00 transmission to be installed in my Santa Fe. (Warranty job). Hopefully, this will solve the problem.
  • paulukpauluk Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 TD Santa Fe which has an engine rattle at 2500rpm. This rattle only occurs when the engine is warm and with the air-con off. As soon as I press the air-con button the rattle stops for a few miles and then comes back. The car has 30000 on the clock and has done this from about 10000 miles. The dealer has had the car back on many occasions and has replaced a short motor, air con pump belts etc but nothing seems to cure it. A friend has said it could be something as simple as a tensioner. Can anyone help?
  • lpjxk0lpjxk0 Posts: 10
    Thank you for responding to my question, I now believe that function is working correctly, by not being on, according to the manual every time you use the climate control and ambient temperature is 32 degrees or higher the ac will automatically be on. I guess hyundai feels if the ac light was on at 33 degrees everybody would be complaining that something is wrong with the climate control. Hyundai service dept told me it was a function that was eliminated in the 04 models. Another difference from the 02 Santa fe is the way the ambient control works, in the 02 when pressed the ambient switch it would show the outside temp then default back to the set temp on the display, on the 04 santa fe when you press the ambient switch the outside temp stays on the display until you turn it off.

    Thanks again
  • earltashearltash Posts: 2
    Just bought a new one, and love it. Put 1000 miles on it in 4 days. Checked gas milage today on back roads at 50-65 MPH. Average of 26 MPG. I have the 2.7 L engine with the 4 speed tranny. Hooked it up to my double ATV trailor to see how it tows. Great!!!! Hardly know the trailor is behind me. Oh it may have to shift up big hills, but it will work just fine. I'll keep everyone posted with updates on how it does in time.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Your friend may be right. I had a 2.7L that started rattling to high heaven, especially when idling. It turned out to be a bad tensioner pulley bearing. The tech diagnosed it the "old fashioned" way, using a stethoscope.
  • paulukpauluk Posts: 2
    Just got Santa back from dealer complete with new tensioner and old rattle. We have had a 'steth on it and the rattle is coming from somewhere around the tensioner area but can't pinpoint it. Guess I'll just have to invest in a louder radio!!
  • debellidebelli Posts: 7
    :) Anyone have a "creeking" noise near the windshield towards the dashboard edges?

    I also posted on the other Hyundai SF board I most frequest a question if anyone else had problems with any of their tire lug nuts rusting, it's just one, so I know it's not normal. Also notice the "frames" around the fog lights are pitted.

    Radio reception stinks too - and I'm in a major city.

    Anyone else have any problems with their '05 2.7 FWD? Mine are slight, but still, it's annoying - only have 1800miles
  • dmccarthydmccarthy Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe which we love. EXCEPT for the paint. We had hood and roof problems with the clear coat and bird droppings and now we have "fading" on the tail gate where the magnetic stickers "We Support the USA" are. Everyone has these stickers/magnetic. Service rep says its because the sun can't get to that portion of the paint? However, it does not do it on any of my other vehicles nor my co-workers vehicles. The color is Merlot (I call it maroon). Can any one shed some light on my problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Fading will not occur as a result of sunlight not reaching the paint. Most likely it is caused by heating. The stickers, exposed to sunlight, get hot and may damage the paint underneath. This is the article I linked in reply to your other posting.

    tidester, host
  • albourgalbourg Posts: 1
    has anyone out there been having this problem? I bought a used 2003 AWD Sante Fe in Nov 03 with 6,000 km on it. No problems at first but after about 40,000, noticed that the transmission was shifting hard at lower speeds. Almost as if it shifted into one higher or lower gear depending on if i was accelerating or decelerating.Ignored the problem for a while until one morning while backing out of the driveway, the car seized up and would not drive forward. No problems driving in reverse but would not drive forward, only reved the engine. Brought it to the dealer and they completely replaced the transmission. One WEEK later, the same problem started up again, shifting hard. Only this time when it stalled dead, all the lights in the car were flashing and it rolled backwards to a stop. I was also unable to turn the wheel and the engine would not start up again. Took it back to the dealer and they said it was a computer problem with the speed sensor. So they fixed that and I was on my way. Well, the hard shifting problem resurfaced again. As well, here it is 5 months later, and the transmission goes again. I was towing my very light 14 ft aluminium boat on the highway when all of a sudden out of nowhere, the car just lurches forward and starts kicking. I pulled over and was unable to restart my car. It now has about 56,000 km, just short of the 60,000 powertrain warranty, and is out of town at another dealership. I am seriously frustrated about this, not only because of the car but because the dealership where we have been regularly servicing our vehicle is giving us the run around. Where do I stand and what should I do???
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I srongly suggest that you trade that puppy in before the waaranty expires. Sound to me that you bought a problem SUV.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    Are they replacing the tranny ECM when they do the swap? I'd assume they would, but if not, that's your problem I'll bet.

    Your last incident almost sounds like a cylinder liner slipped and you got a locked up engine. Does the engine turn when you try to start it?
  • eddiedaddyeddiedaddy Posts: 2

    Any one please tell me how you are maintaining proofs of the services you ever had are all hyundai certified?

    My Santa Fe (2002, 32,000 miles) is being fixed for 11-th days, eventually an advisor informed me that I should have a paid transmission service, otherwise the power-tran warranty would not cover it anymore. His explanation is I should have a service by Hyundai dealer, otherwise I am responsible to prove that only Hyundai certified fluid, and parts had been applied, when transmission and engine need to be replaced.

    To keep the warranty alive, are you actually using Hyundai certified parts only? and keep all the receipts?

    Thanks in advance.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144

    Don't let the dealer con you. Transmission service is not required until 60,0000, according to the Maintenance schedule that came with your SF. UNLESS, you have used it under what are considered Severe Service conditions (towing for long distances, especially up hills, operating in very dusty conditions, frequent sitting in stop and go traffic in temperatures over 90 degrees, mostly short trips (under 5 miles)and so on).

    I had my dealer do a full vehicle inspection as required by the Maintenance schedule as well as replace the air filter and flush the cooling system, all of which you MUST do at 30K. That way, I have proof that I have met all warranty requirements. I also keep all my receipts for oil and filters and write the service date and mileage in the Maintenance Schedule booklet. The dealer, naturally, suggested I flush the tranny, replace spark plugs, and so on, but these are neither necessary nor required for my vehicle. As long as I'm getting 24-26 mpg on the HWY and the tranny fluid is clear and doesn't smell burnt, the former are all just added revenue for the dealer, at your expense.
  • jlittererjlitterer Posts: 39
    Haven't been on this site in a long time. Dealer informed me that my 2004 Santa Fe GLS 4wd needs a transfer case reseal under a Hyundia technical service bulletin. Anyone got any info? Thanks Jeff
  • markytamarkyta Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe with the 3.5L engine and the 5 spd automatic trans. I love the truck with the exception of the fuel economy. It gets like 11-12mpg in the city and 18mpg on the highway. It is gently driven. I was wondering if any one else gets the same results. Thank you.
  • mpaz1mpaz1 Posts: 1
    I am new to this so if this has been answered already I apologize. :confuse:

    I have a 2004 Hyundai 2.7 litre, that hunts for a forward gear when you intitially start out and press on the accelerator. If you let off and get back on it, it quits stuttering around, seems to be in gear and won't do it again until it has set for an extended period. I took it in to the Hyundai dealer and they allegedly updated the computer program. I still have the same problem.

    Has anyone else had this same problem? What solved the problem?
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