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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    throttle position sensor?
  • sn12sn12 Posts: 2
    i have a 04 santa fe - 10,000 miles bought new at dealership 05 jul 04 - no problem with that. did have a problem with the fuel gauge initially - would not register correctly - fixed at dealership shortly after purchase. did have a bump reaction when first started after sitting in drive for 30 minutes after being driven somewhere - that also fixed at dealership shortly after purchase. hope this helps
  • sn12sn12 Posts: 2
    yes - we have not every time and it goes away quickly - don't know what it might be - but i know what you are talking about
  • santafenjsantafenj Posts: 3
    I can relate. Newbie here. Needed to complain a bit, so bear with me. My 2003 Santa Fe is heading back into the shop today for the 5th time in 2 months with shifting problems and bucking. I have owned my car since the beginning, only 25 miles on it when I bought it in 2003. I still have a warranty (thank god) but it is at 27000 miles which means no lemon law for me.
    The first time they found nothing and the check engine light wasn't on. The second time it went in the light was on and they claimed to fix a valve and a gasket. Third time in they replaced the computer assembly and reprogrammed the computer. Fourth time in they replaced the wiring harness and assembly, solenoid, TCM (?), control module, relay A/T Control, and ECM harness. Interested to see what happens this time. I considered asking about a trade-in for a different car, but the loaner cars they give me have problems, too. One tucson had no air with only 11 miles on it and the other wouldn't even start so they had to dig out a different loaner. SERIOUSLY thinking about calling a lawyer.
  • anuckanuck Posts: 5
    I have my car back now. It was supposedly driven all week by varying tech to try and hear the noise. I think it was driven a whole 7 miles based on the odometer. They ended up replacing the rotors on both driver and passenger side and the caliper on the drivers side. I never had a noise coming from the driver's side. The rationale was so that both sides would be closer to the same age. ? The passenger side caliper's been replaced twice. Somehow the lead tech finally heard the noise and was able to do all of this between 11 (when I called for an update) and 3 on Friday , after nothing was heard or done on my car that I dropped off Monday morning at 7am. So far, no more noise, but I'm skeptical.

    Has anyone had this happen: Driving along at highway speeds and suddenly the car jerks, as if it's changing gears. As best I can tell, I'm putting consistent pressure on the gas, so the speed isn't changing and I don't notice a jump in the RPMs. I menitoned this to the dealer a few trips to the shop ago and was told something about it (the transmission) trying to anticipate a change and it wasn't sure if it needed to shift up or down. Didn't make much sense to me. This doesn't happen very often, but it's pretty startling when it does.
  • santafenjsantafenj Posts: 3
    For the jerking problem, see my post 961 ... same problem. They're clueless as to how to fix it.
  • santafenjsantafenj Posts: 3
    If you are serious about your problems, here is a site to file a complaint with the government:

    I had a problem submitting mine electronically, so I printed it and sent it by regular mail. I told them everything I had a problem with and said I'm not the only one. If you take 5 mins. to fill this out we may get something done. I feel that my car is dangerous to drive when it is jerking and bucking in front of other cars or not accelerating properly. Don't you agree?
  • santacatsantacat Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem. I have a 2004 Santa Fe 2.7L GLS, just turned 10,000 miles. Bought it new (22 miles on it when I took it home) in April 2004. It is now 15 months old and I have been having the same chugging/lurching problem with 1st gear. My car first started doing this about 6 months after I bought it. I start it up, put it in reverse, back out of the garage, or parking space, or where ever I am, and then press the gas. The car jumps and chugs like my old 5-speed manual did when I was learning the clutch. I let off the gas and try again and it works just fine. I have also found that if I shift from reverse to drive, and then wait 5 to 10 seconds before stepping on the gas, it has no problem. It seems that the transmission is just slow to shift from reverse to drive and has to catch up. I haven't had any problems going from any other gear into drive, but I must say that it is rare that I don't have to back up before I go foward after the car has been parked for any ammount of time. Haven't taken it to the dealership yet.. so far its just been a little annoying... but am planning to take it soon. I'll let ya know what they say.
  • nordynordy Posts: 1
    We have a 2004 Santa Fe that needs new brakes for the rear ('hey, we should probably do the front at the same time!') and we've only put on about 22K (not miles, KMs!). Going to find out tonight why a brake job is required so soon after purchase...It's not like I'm too hard on the last truck (granted, it was standard) only required 5 brake jobs over its 230K lifetime! I just find it odd that we haven't even made it a year before a brake job is needed!
  • ltimmerltimmer Posts: 2
    I generally drive with the window up and air on (before the air compressor died on me that is) but what I noticed was the same sound you are referring to. My particular noise happens when I go fast too... place your hand over the side mirror and see if it stops... that's where mine is coming from - the air blowing through the mirror joint.
  • ltimmerltimmer Posts: 2
    We have the same model, about 73k miles on it now. Our vibration started at around 65 mph and did seem to go away around 75-80. We just had the front ball joints replaced because you could shake the tired back and forth (they say you shouldnt be able to do this at all, what do I know). But I saw it and they were lying. The left side was bad enough that the inside of the tire was worn to the wire.
    They realigned the front too and well, it's only been one day but the shaking in the steering wheel is gone.

    ps - You can save a little over a hundred bucks by buying two tires are Costco
  • wperlawperla Posts: 3
    New 2005 Santa Fe -- Accelerates slowly (acceptable) and then takes off very quickly. Had it to dealer after only 3 days and they say there are no service bullitins about this condition and that it is "normal" for the 3.5L throttle by wire engine. They did have a tech drive it and he verified the condition as common on this engine and that we would just get used to this condition over time. Anyone else experienced this problem? It does not seem dangerous but is annoying and once you know this sudden acceleration is there, you do compensate; but it just does not seem right. Any ideas??

  • bb32152bb32152 Posts: 9
    I am new also. I just started having battery problems I have a 02 LX Santa Fe 2.7 liter with 93K miles. Have just started having the battery drain down to nothing when the key is on ACC. It seems to charge back up when I drive and then I have no problem. It has drained down 2x in the last week. I am taking it in to the dealer and will post the outcome.
  • anuckanuck Posts: 5
    Thanks. It's nice to know I wasn't imagining this happening or causing it to happen because of something I was doing. It sounds like you've had everything replaced - what a hassle. My car doesn't do the jerk very often, but it sure startles me. It only happens at highway speeds, I've never had it happen after backing up like some of the other posts. Thanks again for the info.
  • kodos7kodos7 Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 LX with the 3.5 L. I think this is just an idiosyncrasy of the Santa Fe. The gas pedal is fairly soft, rather than firm, so it's easy to press harder than you intend.

    Although I am still getting used to it (especially since my previous car was a 1.9 L 4-cyl), I have found that the best way to accelerate is to depress the pedal just a little bit, then freeze. The Santa Fe will continue to accelerate without you needing to press the gas further and further down (until you reach a steady speed of course).

    I think this has to do with the electronic throttle trying to make less work for the driver. One thing is for sure - a slight steady pressure will give you far better acceleration and a much smoother take-off than pressing the gas hard from a standstill.
  • pmriggspmriggs Posts: 3
    I have an '03 Santa Fe with the same thing that occasionally happens. It acts like I tipped it to gear down and then back up really quick.
  • pmriggspmriggs Posts: 3
    I've noticed that my '03 SF just takes a while for the auto transmission to decide to engage. It doesn't race like the mechanics are having trouble or anything. It just waits to perform the task like it's thinking about it for a moment. I think the controller processor chips is slow or the software program that it runs isn't written very well.
  • pmriggspmriggs Posts: 3
    I've had a High pitched wind whine on my '03 Santa Fe. It turned out to be the roof rack bars that go from one side to the other. I just store them in my trunk when not in use now.
  • codata99codata99 Posts: 123
    Hyundai updated the TCM program.
    TSB No. 04-40-007
    For '01-04 2.7L Santa Fe(produced through Nov. 24, 2003) w/ automatic transmission
  • Passenger in back had to point out the noise to me, I am an old artillery man so those sounds are way below my threashold of hearing. I live 15 miles down a gravel road and there is a nasty little rock trap just infront of the outboard disk brake assemby in the rear. It has happend twice now as I now have two polished rings around the hub . Look through the spokes of the wheel to the top of the disk brake pad to see if any small rocks are, or have been, there. Hope this is clear.
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