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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • bcuddbcudd Posts: 1
    I bought a 2002 Sante Fe new and have owned it for four years. For the last three years I've had the same problem with the AC fan. It just stopped again today and now the local Hyundai dealer is trying to make it sound like it is a different problem. The first repair was under warranty. The second cost me almost $500. Now I've got to get the thing repaired yet again. Has anyone had any luck with Hyundai stepping up to the plate and taking care of what appears to be a trend??
  • Same thing happened to me on my 05 Santa Fe about 1000 miles in. It ended up being that my rotors were out of round. They fixed it for me, even though it took 3 hours, but I didn't have to pay. Hope this helps
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 813
    we had a 2003 sonata that did almost the same thing. after having to bring it back to the dealer 5 times we called customer service. the transmission was finally replaced. we had the input-output sensors replaced 4 times.The dealer was excellant and went out of there way to try to fix it. It would work for awhile and then do it again. they told us to call customer service to see what could be done.good luck. we got free loaner cars while they fixed it each time.
  • I need your help! Right now my 2003 Santa Fe is once again in the dealers and they are telling me they can't find anything wrong with my car. As I am driving down the road and speeds from 15-45 mph the car will act like the transmission is slipping or the car hesitates going into the next gear and jerks ahead that it almost feels like you ran something over. The check engine light does not come on. I also was driving down the interstate in traffic, going about 15 mph and the car cut off. It did turn back on after a few attempts. I am sick to death of the service manager telling me it doesn't do it for him or that there isn't a code for the problem. Help me please. Does anyone know what the problem can be? Thanks, Patty
  • karenekarene Posts: 1
    Patty, I have an 03 Santa Fe and am experiencing the same exact problems. A clunking noise in the transmission as it feels like it is slipping either accelerating or slowing down. A couple weeks ago it stalled on me as I pulled into my parking spot at work. I do not have any lights come on either. I have not spoken to the service manager yet about this problem, I thought I would check online first. I will definetly let you know when I contact the service manager and let you know what happened, may be next week. Karen
  • joykeljoykel Posts: 1
    The same things has happened to me. I have a 2003 Santa Fe, which has been an angel up until 2 weeks ago. I noticed the problem while driving on the highway. The car seemed as though it was having problems changing gears (it's an automatic). It happened again today. I was getting off the highway, decelerating and the car seemed as if it was having a problem, it "skipped a few beats". It also turned off on my husband and started up ago after a few minutes. I called the dealership and they had no clue what I was talking about. I am bringing it in Monday and they have to have an answer for me and a way to fix the problem. Has anyone had the problem fixed on their car? Please help!!! :confuse: I will let everyone know what the dealership says.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    These types of problems where the auto trans doesn't seem to be shifting correctly can sometimes be attributed to a faulty VSS or vehicle speed sensor. It is external to the transmission and can be replaced relatively economically.
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    what is faulty part in message #1333
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    what are tranny parts (out put speed--in put speed sensor?) is there a way to tell if they are bad? are they warranty items?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    It is a POTENTIAL faulty part and it is the vehicle speed sensor. How do you know if it has failed? take it to a Hyundai dealer who has the OBD II scanner and the means to decode the fault codes stored in the engine management computer...if any are stored.
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    targettuning thanx for the help & please excuse the short message I posted. I am on web tv, not a computer, so the forum boards come up as a split screen, with ads on one side & messages on the other, with no capeability to move screen left or right I have scheduled a dealer appt, for 7/3
  • karenykareny Posts: 1
    My 2004 Santa Fe started making a whistleing noise on the way home from the last oil change at the Hyundai dealership. When applying the brake it stops. I have an appointment to have it checked but would appreciate any information anyone who has had this problem may have. Thank you.
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    I took the vehicle to millennium hyundai, in hempstead new york. they said they found a TSB on this problem number 044007 and damper clutch shudder transmission control module reprogramming instructions tey performed the suggested repair. and so far the vehicle seems like new. I might add, they wereextremely careing & hospitable. this might be the answer to essages1315--1330 (patty)--1332
  • I have a '03 Santa Fe which I bought new. I have only put 20,000 miles on the car. My problem is periodically when I am braking, the car slows, then all of the sudden the engine seems to race, as the car picks up speed, and the ABS apparently kicks in (I hear the noise the ABS makes), as I'm pushing like heck on the brake pedal to stop the vehicle. This is a dangerous problem, but since it doesn't happen every time, the the dealership is stumped. They have driven the vehicle and can't seem to find anything wrong with it... Has anyone else come across this problem?
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    there are roughly 53 TSB bulletins on the 03 santa fe, a number of them cover brake problems. you can read up on them , on another part of this site, for "maintance". I would go back to the dealership, or call them and have them read up on the bulltins.. if they are being unreceptive, II would call hyundai consumer affairs and open a "file" on the vehicle Hyundaiconsumer affairs, were very resposive & helpful in my case.
  • auspinoauspino Posts: 3
    I just bought my Santa fe 2005 and the only problem is the cd(mp3) player. It won't play discs with mp3 on it :confuse: . Has anyone else had this problem? I also noticed that its a bit sluggish on take off and I've been told to upgrade the chip to get more power and that true?
  • Thank you --

    Again, after having my car in the shop for 3 days, and the dealership could find nothing wrong, I drove the '03 Santa Fe home with no brake problems thus far. But I really can't count on it.

    I'm going to the "maintenance" site now... And calling Hyundai consumer affairs to "open" a file on my vehicle" make sense...

    Thank you again.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I cannot address the audio problem but on the Hyundai Sonata site there have been comments on the inability to play MP3 discs and someone there cited a "warning comment" in the owners manual concerning these. You might check your owners manual audio section to see if this also applies to Santa Fe.
    If you have the 2.7 liter 4WD version it could be perceived as being slightly sluggish but consider that it has about 173 hp to move 4000 lbs of SUV. The 3.5 liter version has no such problem and spins the front tires easily. I would not spend the hundreds of dollars for a dubious chip "upgrade" by some after market programmer/company that may disturb other functions and certainly may affect that wonderful warranty in a negative way.
  • My Santa Fe is 30 months old with 25,000 miles on the clock. The clutch was slipping so I took it to the dealer. The receptionist said that Hyundai had problems with some clutches where the flywheel caused premature wear and it was probably covered under the warranty. When they took it apart they said they could not identify any manufacturer fault and it was down to me. I had to pay £1000 (Sterling) for the new clutch and flywheel. Has anyone had a similar problem or any good advice on how to proceed. I've owned at least 30 cars in my lifetime and never damaged a clutch yet.
  • auspinoauspino Posts: 3
    Maybe I will change the engine to the 3.5 ltr or I might just leave it as is. ;)
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