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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • This has come up on other Santa Fe forums. If the person is un aware that they have their foot on the gas pedal they think the car is doing the Audi 5000. ;)
  • I had my Santa Fe's windshield busted on 21 July. Storm damage. My Insurance company made the arrangements for free replacement. My advice to anyone is to do research on the glass company before you allow them to do the work. My insurance company used a national company. I was contacted the 24th to tell me they would be out the 25th and replace the windshield. Every work day since I have been told "it's on the truck to be put in today" Well yesterday they finally came. Guess what. They have to come back today because the teenager they sent out put it in wrong. The rubber gasket is not on the windshield on the sides and top. He tried to glue the bottom corners to make it look like it was on. :mad: :cry: :sick:

    Lesson learned.
  • eviteevite Posts: 2
    To All:

    I have a 2004 Santa Fe 28480 miles on it. It has started 3 months ago to jump (bucks like when on a wild horse) when the brake is applied and the vehicle is completely stopped. It tends to happen after a long drive in stop and go situations. When taken to the dealer they never take it to that sort of environment, hence they can't find the issue or "replicate"the issue.

    Can some one provide an insight on this so I can do the work for the dealer?

  • I had a Ford once that had a similar problem. It turned out to be a defective piston in the automatic transmission. Having your transmission checked and/or serviced might not hurt either. My buddy once had transmission problems from "dirty" transmission fluid. Normally this is a routine 30k mile service anyway. Regardless, this would definitely bear further investigation since this is definitely not "routine". You might also suggest to the dealership to explore the possibility of a faulty torque converter. In the event that you cannot get satisfactory results from your dealership, call Hyundai Customer Care. They tend to drive issues a lot harder and the dealerships don't seem to like it when you get them involved. But they will pursue the problem to resolution. Good luck!
  • eviteevite Posts: 2
    :) Thanks a million for the advice. All the dealer tells me is that it ran the computer tests and it does not reflect any issues.
  • I bought 6 months ago a 2001 Santa fe and really enjoy the truck. Just recently it started to chug and sputter. I've been reading the forum before I bought and noticed that this is an ongoing problem. Well to save time I went straight to a transmission shop (I've worked on cars before computers) and he found that the modual on the tranny is failing. We are running test to make sure and it will go back into the shop next week to replace. This will apply to the bucking as well. :confuse:
  • reca1reca1 Posts: 14
    Windshield noise problem has been solved. It wasn't coming from the windshield. It seems that the black plastic molding around the hood latch was installed backwards with the lip of the moling facing forwards. When speeds exceeded 50 mph, this plastic lip would act like a reed on an instrument and whistle. After the problem was discovered, it took 10 minutes to solve. Thanks to Washington Hyundai.
  • dessiedessie Posts: 2
    Hello all,
    I am the new owner of an 02 2 litre petrol engined Santa Fe. I have noticed a sluggish feel to the engine and a noticeable lack of pick up when changing gears. It feels like a spark plug or something is not igniting fast enough. It seems to drive OK when the revs are above 4,000 rpm. i realise it is a heavy jeep but I expected more pick up from a 2 litre petrol engine. It also seems very sluggish through acceleration, like the choke is on. I have also noticed a slight chug when running idle. Only very faint. There also seems to be a highish whine to the engine when revving it.
    I brought it back to the dealer last week and they replaced a fuel filter. It seems to be a little better but the whine is still there and the acceleration is still sluggish.
    Am I over analysing the jeep as I had a Lexus IS200 before but still with a 2 litre engine.
    Can anyone advise?? Thanks
  • To all those with sluggish tranny feeling please take it into a tranny shop while it's doing it. My tranny guy and I have it down to the tranny but because I can't get it to act sluggish when I take it in we don't know if it's electrical or hydraulic. This is on the 2001 SF with 170000km on it. Let me know what you all find please and thanks.
  • Have they checked the timing of the engine? The sluggish pick up and the poor idle could be from the engine being out of time. That is what happened with mine after the timing belt was replaced. Yours may have jumped time by just one tooth on the belt.
  • 1234693112346931 Posts: 17
    See msg #1339 on this forum. The "buck" you describe, sounds like the problem I had with my SF. There is a TSB on the problem TSB #044007. sounds like you are haveing the same problem with the dalership, as I had with my dealership, until I went to a different dealership. Rich
  • joblackjoblack Posts: 11
    My engine light recently came on when driving my Santa Fe. The car showed no other sign of malfunction, although I did mention to the service people that I thought I heard a slight ticking noise while stopped at a light a few months ago, but I honestly was not sure if I was really hearing something or not. The car has not given me any trouble whatsoever. The light turned out to be a sensor and was fixed under warranty. The service people then wanted to change my timing belt "because I was approaching my 60,000 mark. I told them that I would change it, but not at the dealership. Of course, they called me back several hours later to tell me that they needed more time to look into the noise coming from my engine. I told them that I really didn't think that I had a problem and that the car was working fine. They then questioned me as to whether I have been keeping up with the oil changes because they don't have it in their records?! He then went on to tell me that if I didn't produce receipts my warranty would be void and any future engine work would not be covered. What a surprise??! The truth is that I have kept up with the maintenance and oil changes, but I may not be able to produce all of the receipts. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them in regard to warranties because I didn't keep them all and because my mechanic does not keep his records in a computer? I honestly feel that they are trying to take advantage of me.
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    Sounds like they are guessing and then assuming that it is an oil failure related cause. Make them prove their assumption and put the burden of proof on them.

    Good luck,

  • joblackjoblack Posts: 11
    Thanks. Since the car was in for the engine light, I think they know exactly what is wrong with the car. They told me that I will be asked to give them $200 upfront if I bring it back to them, so that they can look into it further. I would then be asked to produce my receipts if there was a problem. Depending on whether or not I had proof, they would either ask for more money to fix the problem or give me some money back. Wouldn't they put my car on the computer to find out the answer to both of these problems? My mechanic suspects it is a valve and suggests I live with it because it would not be dangerous.
  • nifty56nifty56 Posts: 279
    What year is the vehicle and what engine size? For others that post please identify what you have.
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    I still think they are guessing based on your reply about them looking into it further. They are trying to shift the burden of proof to you so you'll go away.


    1. Take it to Autozone and have them read the diagnostic code. They will do it at no charge and only takes a minute.

    2. Take it to another dealer.

    Best of luck,

  • joblackjoblack Posts: 11
    What is Autozone?
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    A national discount auto parts chain in the U.S.. If you don't have one near you, try a similar chain that is local to you. Others that come to mind are Oreilly Autoparts and Advance Autoparts.

    Here're some store locator links: cator

    BTW - Where are you located?

  • bw3bw3 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had the problem with a shudder seeming to come from the rear end of their Santa Fe?
    I get a extremely hard shudder at 37-40 mph and it shakes the entire car. Two dealers had different ideas... balance tires, oil seal, road force balance, lower front ball joints, but nothing stops it from happening. Not all the time, but often enough to require attention.
    Now I'm going to Conrads to have the tiers rotated and re-balanced.
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    I would suggest getting a Four-wheel alignment. Not just front, but all four wheels. When you have that performed you will be assured that everything is set correctly and within proper wear tolerances.

    For example, I noticed my Ford Taurus (with only 15,xxx miles) was pulling to the right and exhibited vibration/shudder around 70 mph. I took it in for an alignment and the dealer informed me that there was excessive wear (slop, looseness, whatever you wan to call it) in a lower ball joint to perform the alignment. I had both lowers replaced and re-aligned and the dealers expense (warranty).

    Also check for uneven tire wear. They'll do some strange things if the alignment is out and wear the tires unevenly.

    Good luck,

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