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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • santos3santos3 Posts: 1
    I got a code on the OBD-2 pointing to the MAF as the problem on my wifes santa fe becuae it had been sputtering. So I took it off cleaned it put it back on and when I tried to turn the car on it wouldnt turn over all that would happen was the lights would go dim and flash. Has this ever happened to anybody because Im really at a lost. Could really use some help.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    are you sure you didn't drain down the battery? Make sure it's fully charged. And make sure the maf is dry before you try to start...
  • otto595otto595 Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe that had the same problem. My mechanic said that this is a common problem due to the poor design of the evap system. The problem occurs when your fuel tank is overfilled. The gas is too high in the filler neck thereby causing fuel to flow into the charcoal (EVAP) canister. A defective refuel and/or fuel cutoff valve would could cause this problem. It's possible that your charcoal canister was saturated with gasoline too so that may need replaced.
  • ahmal1ahmal1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe with 97000 miles on it. My check engine light went on last week and I took it to the dealer. They told me I had a cracked manifold and needed a new O2 sensor. I had to pre-order the O2 sensor $150. I went on vacation and took the car in today. It had not been driven the past week - and was acting weird as I drove to the dealer. It was revving at 5000 rpms before it would sift around 20 - 25 miles (it is an automatic). I mentioned this to the dealer, they hooked it up and found out I needed a new catalytic converter. They quoted me at 2400 for parts and 3100 with labor for the catalytic converter - and I still 'need' the manifold and O2 sensor. This sees outragous to me- any ideas? Does this seem like a lot?

    I should also mention this past spring I took it in for revving issues and they 'took' care it by replacing the spark plugs and something else. n

    I know I should take it somewhere else but I worry about driving it - Think it will be ok to drive slowly somewhere else?
  • Hi there,

    I'm new to this website and forum, but I've got nowhere else to turn with this creepy problem. I have a 2001 (or) 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe... can't remember at this time. I bought it used at a not-so-professional "dealership" close to a year ago. Until now there have been zero problems with my vehicle and its functions.

    About a week or so ago, I unlocked my car with my key fob (as usual) to retrieve something from my passenger side. Almost a split second later, my car locked itself back up. I had successfully unlocked all four doors and the hatchback before this had happened. At first I thought it was my imagination and let it go. Then a few days later I went to unlock my car to get in and the doors locked a few seconds later; it turns out it wasn't a one-time thing. I had told my Dad about this issue and he seemed stunned, to my suprise. He doesn't really have a clue about what this could be, or what the cause is. And I must say, he knows a lot about cars.

    Soooo, I thought the problem was just a willy-nilly thing that happened on occassion, until it happened again today but this time while I was DRIVING! My vehicle is not programmed to lock when it reaches a certain speed. It only is supposed to automatically lock after the twenty seconds or so that I unlock it and don't open any doors, for safety. Today I had been driving for about three minutes and was at a steady speed of 55. All of a sudden my doors lock and it scared me half to death. It frightens me to think that my vehicle could lock itself at any moment, including while I am in it. Not a very good safety habit it has learned I must say.

    Could this be a problem with my key fob or my electrical/mechanical system in my vehicle? I'd love to know so I can hopefully have this problem adressed and solved. Thank you for reading!

  • ella1128ella1128 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Sante Fe and recently it has started making this loud ridiculous sound like as if the engine is about the explode, it wont accelerate when its making this sound and after a few miles of driving through the sound it just stops. Im also having a problem getting up to speed, if I come to a stop or try to accelerate quickly it really lags and takes about a mile or two to really get up to speed. It also makes this LOUD ticking sound when I first start my car and after its been driven a few miles that sound goes away. My Dad replaced the power steering pump thinking that was the problem but its just seems to get worse and worse every day! It has 145,000 miles on it, I bought it used 2 years ago with 100,000 and drive a long haul to work. Has anyone else had this problem or even heard of anything close to what I am explaining???
  • randys42randys42 Posts: 5
    The 2004 Santa Fe has a 100K warranty on it if you kept up up scheduled maintenance. Mine acted similar to yours although it was running at almost no power. The shifting problem was transmission related and covered and it needed two manifolds. One was also part of the power train coverage but the more expensive manifold was about $1600. I also had a bad O2 sensor. The sensor and manifold cost about $2500 total. The manifold part was about $1100. I'd call other Hyundai service centers and see their prices. The catalytic convertor shouldn't affect the transmission not shifting.

    Are you sure you aren't covered by your power train warranty?
  • randys42randys42 Posts: 5
    I never had any responses or clues as to what may be causing my electrical troubles. They get worse as the weather gets hotter.
  • mas15mas15 Posts: 2
    Ask them to show you the crack in the manifold. When they messed with the cables/linkage that traverses over the manifold, It is likely they did not reconnect them properly. This would cause your your vehicle to run at high rpms. Based on your reported issues and description of what the dealer said...I would be highly suspicious of their ethics and competence or both.
    GET another diagnostics from a different unaffiliated source.
  • mas15mas15 Posts: 2
    Check the FOB first. Use a small coin or flat-tip screw driver and gently pry open the Key Fob. There are two indentions along the side seam for this purpose. Once open, inspect the battery and button contact points for corrosion, dirt etc. Clean off any rust or debri. Slightly bend up the three battery contact prongs.
    Remove the small circuit board from the rubber gasket/button piece. Clean the rubber piece thoroughly. Make sure there is no water or noticeable debri/dammage on the backside of the circuit board. There are two tiny contact switch buttons. Gently press them with your finger nail. They should make a soft click, if not, replace the Fob. Reassemble, and test.
  • Hello everyone today is my first time in this forum. I have a Santa Fe 2006 it has 48600 miles in it and I have to say that up until today the car has been great. It survived a head on collision 6 months ago and I think the car's structure helped out a lot in me not getting severly hurt.
    But my question to all Santa Fe owners is this; How much meintenance do you give your cars?
    Today I went for the 45000 meintenance service that cost me $435.00, I also got a list of recomendations from the mechanic that involves another $ 500.00. Services such as flushing the oil in the stearing wheel, cleaning fuel injectors, drive line fluid service and ihrutte service. Now, in this economy I can't afford all that work, I would like to know if anyone out there has done all of this work to there cars, the car is in good condition and hasn't have any problems. I think that the dealer is taking me for an expensive ride. If there are any mechanical sabbys out there please help me.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,983
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide will tell you what Hyundai recommends be done on your Santa Fe and how much it should cost.

    The service department typically works on commission and will try to upsell you stuff you may or may not need.

    Confessions From the Dealership Service Department
  • hmarksterhmarkster Posts: 4
    You can also check the Hyundai website for maintenance schedules. You can find that here:

    I wouldn't bother doing anything other than what is on the list for your car's year and mileage since this is what is recommended by the manufacturer unless you are having a specific problem. I hope this can save you some time and money.
  • randy102randy102 Posts: 1
    My wifes car did the same. I went to the HMA website and they stated that the most common problem is the fuel pressure regulator. Sometimes it would smell like gas also. The instructions were, take off the hose that runs from the fuel pressure regulator to the manifold. Check the end of the hose to see if gas is leaking through, if it is, it is the fuel pressure regulator going bad. I checked this on my wifes vehicle and it was as described with fuel leaking out the end that attaches to the manifold. I bought the part at the dealer for 79.00 and replaced the old one in about 5 minutes. The car starts right up on the first turn and no more gas smell. This is a common problem with 2001-2003 Santa Fe's
  • eterrieneterrien Posts: 2
    Thanks! Finally someone who offers something informative.
  • 02 santa fe-108K mi. In the past year I am getting a whining noise is the steering and when in park/neutral turning the wheel produces a lower pitched whining. Does not happen on start-up. Dealer could not reproduce noise. Transmission/power steering unit ruled out as causes. Hyundia tech thinks it may be the steering pump. Anyone ever have this problem? thanks
  • radde4radde4 Posts: 1
    I just took my 2004 Santa Fe in for this very same problem, waiting for the bad news, because I'm not the original owner. I bought it off my parents last year. Hyundai said that makes the warranty null and void. Ugh!
  • The problem with mine was the Vehicle Speed Sensor. It is located under the battery box on top of the transmission. Once I figured out where it was it was an easy fix and a lot cheaper than taking it to the dealer. My Santa Fe would shift very hard (almost a loud clunk sound) and then would not change gears. If I turned off the engine and start it again the check engine light would be on, but the transmission shifted normal... until the next clunk. Relaced that part and it has been fine since.
  • my 02 hyundai santa fe (140k miles) runs beautifully until it gets to about 50 mph, then chugs out, deaccelerates, and settles back to about 40. any suggestions?
  • hn78hn78 Posts: 1
    Hi all,
    This is my first post here on the boards, so thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out! My car is an '04 Santa Fe with a little over 109K miles on it. Just a few days ago I was on the highway when suddenly the engine just seemed to freeze up. I couldn't accelerate no matter how hard i hit the gas, and the car slowly dropped speed the whole time. All of the dashboard lights came on, and the steering wheel felt like it locked up too. I was able to still keep the car running long enough to get to the side of the road, and then I just shut the engine off. I waited about a minute, started the car back up, and I was able to drive off without any other issues.

    I'm dropping my car off on Monday for a regularly scheduled oil change, so I mentioned to my mechanic what happened and they're going to take a look at it. In the meantime, I just wanted to get some opinions of what could have caused my car to stall/lose acceleration like that. I've been noticing a general sluggishness in acceleration for a little while now, but this is the first time something like this happened when the car just stopped running while I was driving. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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