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Toyota Racing Development (TRD) aftermarket parts and equipment

alex18talex18t Posts: 117
edited March 20 in Toyota
i just thought we needed a place to discuss New TRD products and other toyota mods.

Anyone have any questions or news?

Tell us about your mods. and post some pics!

>here's my question, what does anyone know of TRD coming out with a turbo or SC for the 1zz engine?

2k Carbon Blue Celica GT


  • extremerextremer Posts: 9
    I just got my supercharger installed on a double cab. The dealer said it would take about 3 weeks for the computer to recognize all the additional hp. So far it seems great. Getting about 17.5 mpg and not much additional noise....lessen I put ma feets down on dat gas pedal! Any other supercharger owners have positive/negative comments?
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    what sc do you have? what kind of car, what year?
  • persynpersyn Posts: 6
    anyone know of an aftermarket cruise control for a toyota echo?
  • iceclifficecliff Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of an aftermarket laser cut grille for the '01 Tacoma?
  • stankiusstankius Posts: 17
    I'm thinking about getting a supercharger for a 2001 4Runner. Is the installation very difficult? I know that teh top half of the engine comes off and Toyota gives about 13 hours. At 70$ an hour that's about $1000 in addition to the cost of teh supercharger. Any one out there do it themselves, and if so any thing not in the installation instructions that I need to keep in mind?

  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    How about mods for a new Celica GTS. I found a website from Australia that claims to have produced a chip:

    Don't know anything about it personally though.

    How's about a TRD quick shift kit? Shortens the gear throws.

    How about exhaust? Not for sound, but for HP gain.

  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    for the 1ZZ that is presently installed on my 2000 Corolla (the prototype). It's been in development since last August, and it runs really, really strong. They're getting ready to install the injectors from the 2ZZ next week, to get more fuel at high rpm.

    Once the kit is complete, it will go to TRD for evaluation.
  • maryjean1maryjean1 Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2001 Solara SE (4cyl) and although I absoloutely love everything about my
    new car I am a little dissapointed in it's pickup (or lack of) on inclines. I babied it during the break in period andI waited for the first 2000 miles not to push the engine. I thought that when I finally gave it all it had that it would not dissapoint me. Unfortunately, I was already getting all it had. Is there anything I can do to my car to give it a little more power?

    When I test drove it I did not encounter many steep inclines as I do in my 100 mile
    commute. Unfortunately, I learned a little too late about it's performance. I've discovered that
    if I take the Overdrive "OFF" and turn off the A/C I can actually get up the hill in a day or so(HaHa). No, but seriously, I do love everything else about my car. Inside it has the feel of a Lexus, it has a sporty yet classy exterior and I get the gas mileage of a Hyundai. My only complaint is that I have to anticipate hills in advance and get a running start......I don't think I should have to think about it.

    Any suggestions other than trading it back in and losing thousands of dollars?

  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    My suggestion is to get used to the 4 cylinder. Drive it for awhile while you save up $$$ to trade it in for a V6.
  • Try higher octane gasoline, a less restrictive air filter like K&N, remove any silencer or snorkles on the airbox...
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    What is the web address for TRD anyway?

    This may strike some as funny, but I am thinking about doing some modifications to my Echo.
  • I don't think they got anything for your echo.
  • ajacatajacat Posts: 63
    We've just bought one, really wanting a Maxima but wanting side air bags and better crash results for our daughter. So we're a family pulled in a couple of directions.

    We've decided on the Camry, but does anyone have any thoughts re which of the TRD choices are most functional--our main desires are more hp, better mileage, and better handling (less brake dive, esp). How loud-low-teenage-guyish is that muffler? They advertise that one of its features is a 'low sound'... And I see that both 16 and 17" tires can fit on it--we've got the '98 premium wheels but they're only 15". Would 16 cause a discernible improvement? And would any of the filters improve mileage? Anything else I'm missing?

    Oh, one last thing--should we go only w/TRD or are other brands ok? I somehow think I could find things cheaper, but which brands can be trusted?

    TIA-and learning all the time
  • They only look cooler and require lower profile tires. The best benefit is wider contact patch or a wider wheel.

    Lower profile tires typically show less flex under high speed turns, but that's about it.

    Walk up to any vehicle and push it back and forth across it's width. (IE. Push the driver side rear fender towards to the passenger side rear fender.) This will make the vehicle shake, and most of it will be the tire sidewall, some may be a little suspension flex.

    So keep the nice looking 15" premium wheels, and just put money into tires.
  • Anyone actually running the TRD Supercharger for a 2000 Solara v6? Pros/cons and how does it effect the warranty of the vehicle?
  • If your still checking. The TRD supercharger will not void your warranty if the install is performed by a Toyota Dealer. If dealer installed, the supercharger gets absorbed into your vehicle warranty.

    In fact, even if you self install there is a 12 month unlimited mile warranty on the parts.

    Researching for my Tacoma, in case you were wondering. I would still like to hear from folks thinking about the supercharger and their experiences as well.

  • jeproxjeprox Posts: 466
    visit this site for more info.
    many people on this site have s/c camrys and solaras.

    for myself, anyone know if there's any aftermarket parts for toyota sienna? trd or not, let me know.

  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    Does anyone know the web site for Toyota genuine parts and accessories for less? What about the aftermarket stuffs?
  • A good site is
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