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Pontiac Bonneville Owners: Meet the Members



  • marcy2marcy2 Posts: 4
    My '99 Bonneville needed struts (not ccr) and not wanting to spend a fortune on a car with nearly 100k, I foolishly replaced it with some Monroe middle of the road struts. BIG MISTAKE!!! It rode like a truck, really stiff, and I could have cried that no one mentioned that I'd lose that cushy ride. I was ticked that it was assumed I was a dumb woman who wouldn't know the difference! I couldn't afford to replace them at that point with original equipment. I still spent over $1200 and that was without all the thingys that they fit into. If you like the ride (and believe me the newer Bonnevilles or new cars in general do NOT have the smooth ride the older ones do). If a GM garage and parts people advise ccr, I'd bite the bullet and dish out the $. I'm also assuming you haven't had to put a lot of money into this car. Keep us informed.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045
    I recall some talk about Bonnevilles and replacing those struts with "normal" ones. You then disconnect the wires for the warning that your CCR is not working. Then you're home free. I'll browse in that other forum to see what struts they were using for replacement.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045
    I replaced struts on my 98 LeSabre with Monroes that had the compensation for a softer ride in normal flexing and more control in rougher riding situations. They were called SensaTrac if I recall. I love the control they give to the car. After the first few thousand miles they softened some.

    On an earlier LeSabre the tire store put on the standard struts without the SensaTrac which was new then thinking I'd never know. It was like a truck. I used to put shock absorbers on my own cars and I put on heavy duty shocks for more control. That's what it reminded me of.

    I verified the struts weren't SensaTrac by crawling under the car, and by calling the Monroe company and talking to a tech.

    I went right back to NTB and they found the right struts from another store to switch those out the very next day...

    Many stores or companies have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on tires and maybe on struts. Or if they did use the normal strut which is very stiff maybe they will switch out with the Sensatracs. The SensaTracs on my cars did have a softer ride in he middle of the up-down movement.

    SensaTrac description

    Look at your receipt to see the part number or name of the type of strut they installed? SensaTrac? #71822
    Monroematic Plus? #801822

    If they give a part number you can cross check it on the same site I linked above.
  • I am Scott: Just bought a 2001 Bonneville Supercharged from an auction. I like the car but after reading all the horror stories I am afraid I might turn around an sell the car. I love all the options it has & the looks. I will drive it for a while and see how it goes.
  • cjp01cjp01 Posts: 2
    just got rid of a '01 ssei(supercharged sedan everything inside) incase your wondering what ssei stands for, my own... just bought a '05 GXP with only 14000 miles on it, hope you found yours, as for your 01, mine had nothing wrong with it in the 5 years i had it and sold it in 2 hours for 6grand, had 126000 miles on it. Hope you have luck with yours like I did...
  • cjp01cjp01 Posts: 2
    Hi, Karen!
    My name is CJP. I am interested in knowing how rare my car is? I have a Pontiac Bonneville GXP '05 In cranberry red metallic.
    Any information you can give me would be great. Thanks
  • bryanbryan Posts: 217
    Hi cip01: I own an '04 GXP (dark gray metallic); all options except CD changer and engine block heater. Only two issues since purchased new: 1) sunroof rattle, fixed first try; and 2) intermittent a/c issue, fixed fourth try, as problem would not duplicate when I was at the dealership! Left the car for three weeks, and their top mechanic used it to commute; a/c problem surfaced, during one of his commutes; he had the scanner plugged in, and based on the code, ultimately replaced a relay switch. Flawless since.

    Blast to drive, I get about 25 mpg on the highway; 17-18 around town. Rarity? Not sure how many were built in '04 and '05, but I don't see many on the road. I'm definitely smitten with the upcoming G8, but I'm not ready to give up my GXP. Hope you enjoy many many miles of driving smiles!
  • mburkesmburkes Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2002 Bonneville ssei, with about 15,000 miles on it. When I flipped on the wipers the wind shield washer comes on and will not go off. Any ideas?">
  • corinne7corinne7 Posts: 1
    hello, i bought my bonni new at a dealership in columbus oh in 1993. iv'e been in love with her ever since!. my ex husband on occasion would pronounce that i "love that car more than he", can't argue with that ! i coddle her. i don't drive her very far, we wash, dry and wax. take her to the "doctor" for check up's. ie: oil changes on time, service when needed, and feed her high octane fuel, we're now rearing to go.........home. :) :) . we've accumulated 97,000 miles, thats not bad considering her age is it? black magic is sse, supercharged with tan leather interior, sun roof, tinted windows, pin stripping and along with my mid life crisis a few years back i had installed 12" sub woofer and a big a+@!!!ss amplifier in her trunk. we seriously rock ! ! now heres the question.... i bought her with the " gold package" i've inquired about this on other bonneville forums and i'm gonna call my main man , skip, tues to get his input. skip is the man who sold me the bonni back in 1993, he is still with the dealership and we've become friends. the bonni has gold trimmed emblems, door badges (no stickers) and gold cross laced wheels. pretty huh?? so would this be what you guys think also? and if so, does this 'gold package' deem my bonni... ummm special, rarer etc?????? thanks for being here in this cool place to share, corinne
  • docdetroitdocdetroit Posts: 4
    Hi Folks...
    I'm Kev, and I just inherited a friend's 1992 Bonneville SE. It's seen better days, sure, but he took pretty good care of it...mechanically, anyway. Runs like a top. most of the amenities still work, all that nice stuff. It's in decent condition outside, although the interior looks like he used it for a tree surgeon's business or something. But I'm not too worried about that.
    Anyway, the biggest problem is the heater core blew up. Or did something that causes it to leak all over the passenger floor. And stink, of course. Keeping the heat off keeps the car drivable, but it naturally runs hotter than I would like it to and still burps a bit of antifreeze onto the carpet, even with the heat off.
    I plan to just disconnect the core for the time being, just running the outlet from the engine for the heater back into the inlet that's supposed to come from the core. It's summer, and I won't need heat for a LITTLE while.
    BUT...Does anyone know what a horrible job switching out the core is in these models? I know it's NEVER a fun job on any car- I know first hand- but perhaps there may be some helpful tips out there? Any advice would be certainly appreciated. This has the potential to still be a great car with a bit of TLC, and I'm a poor guy, so if I can keep it alive without massive investment it would be great.
  • jayoutjayout Posts: 1
    willie from houston, just got a used 97bville sse , even with 390 gas prices, i am enjoying the car. if somebody has a minute or two i do have a couple of questons. :)
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045

    Is it the coolant smell you're talking about? Is there any chance the drip is because the drain for the AC water drip is clogged?

    Taking the hose connections into the heater off under the hood requires the sideways plier like tool to get at the snap wires easily. Then the rubber is usually melded to the tubes of the heater core. I suspect most people replace the whole heater hose pair when doing a repair because they damage the rubber getting them off.

    I'll take disagreement about the core being terrible to get out on these cars. If it's the same as the 95-99 models, the cover comes off the end of the heater box with two screws and then break loose the caulk sealer and remove the cover which has to prongs hold it into the other end. The unit is very nicely engineered for do it yourself--if you have a medium level of expertise with cars and time and enough body flexibility you can lie on your side and back to work under there.

    I'll try to get a picture for you.

    Edit: I put two in my carspace picture album.

    Go there and you'll see apicture of the heater box with the programmer removed off the end. Then you'll see the box with the end cover opened to show the heater core. The entire dash has been removed by the person taking the photos--you do NOT need to remove the dash. It can be done by removing the hush panel above the passenger's feet and removing the glovebox which is 7 screws along the bottom hinge.
  • docdetroitdocdetroit Posts: 4
    Wow! Thanks for the help! I never expected pics and all that good stuff; very helpful. Thanks to some pretty hairy experiences in the past, I always like to know what the heck I am getting myself into. She'll really be one heck of a nice 'beater' car if we can get this ironed out.
    There are other issues, too... 'Check engine' light (Big surprise there...) and airbag warning light, but let's just see if we can keep it from burning up first, right?
    As far as bypassing the core for the time being, you wouldn't know of any potential dangers of doing so, do you? Except maybe in the event of a sudden ice age or something, of course.
  • Hi guys, been looking to connect with other Bonneville owners to share pics, tips and tricks..:) I have driven a Bonneville for the last 11 yrs. I had a 1998 SE I drove for 8 yrs and when I got rid of her she had 230,000 miles. I traded the 98 in for an 05 SE. I love my Bonneville. I just put custom rims on it and had the windows tinted. Lookin good!! I do have a few things I need help with though. The headlight lenses are HORRIBLE. I tried cleaning them with some toothpaste last luck. Also, there is a rattle in my dash on the passenger side, when I'm sitting at stop lights or its idling in park it drives me nuts. Is there a place to post pictures?

    Thanks all!
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045

    Is that Ball State as in BSU? I'm an alumnus from many years back.

    There are several individual Bonneville topics in the group that shows if you click "Bonneville" in the blue position links at the top of the page. You can subscribe to the whole group by "watching" the group so you'll see any new posts. Most posts now are about problems with the H-body Pontiacs.!make=Pontiac&model=Bonnevi- lle
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