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2015 Acura MDX

ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
edited April 19 in Acura

Apple CarPlay will improve the MDX Infotainment System experience, but won't arrive until the 2015 MDX arrives

The 2015 MDX reportedly will hit dealer showrooms around September of this year. Since it is widely documented that the 2014 MDX Infotainment System is not very user friendly, Acura's partnering with Apple CarPlay and integration of CarPlay with the native MDX's head unit will make phone calls, verbal text messaging, navigation and music/tunes much better/more user friendly and safer.

Check out the following links and Apple CarPlay (ACP) demo videos from the 2014 Geneva Auto Show and the 2014 New York Auto Show to get you up to speed with ACP (if you are not familiar with it), and what to expect when it finally arrives in late 2014 or early 2015 on the 2015 MDX. My best guess as to what it will look like, and how it will interface/integrate with MDX's native head unit is more like that of the Volvo's ACP demo that follows.

I am an iPhone fan (like you couldn't already tell!) and plan to get an iPhone 6 in the Fall. Reportedly, ACP will require that you have an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s or later version for it to work, and it will require your wired Thunderbolt connection (Bluetooth wireless will not work, at least initially); iPads will not interface with ACP (perhaps later). I have been so impressed with the ACP demo videos from the Geneva and NY Auto Shows that I will hold off buying an MDX (I will be cross-shopping the 2015 MDX Tech AWD w/ACP and the 2015 Highlander LTD/Platinum AWD w/ ACP) until it has the ACP feature factory installed, which probably won't be until Q4/2014 or Q1/2015.

Apple CarPlay description on Apple's website (page down to see Honda/Acura's partnering plans for ACP): (http:// "")

ACP demo video on 2015 MB C-Class (at 2014 Geneva Auto Show): (http:// "")

ACP demo video in Volvo Concept Estate/and soon to be released 2015 Volvo XC-90 (at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show): (http:// "")

ACP demo video in 2015 Hyundai Sonata w/CNET staff (at the 2014 NY Auto Show): (http:// "")

CNET's take on ACP, and future ACP competitors (ie, Google/Android, MS tiles?, and Mirror-Link): (http:// "")

What do you think?



  • upnorth85upnorth85 Posts: 12

    Android is by far the largest operating system in the US and also world. In the US Android market share is 52% and iOs 42%. Blackberry is 3.1%, less than even windows phones at 3.4%. Acura has always been on the wrong side of popular smart phone inter connectivity. Right now, only old Blackberry phones (3 in all) integrate for SMS bluetooth on the MDX. I have an Android and would be very disappointed if Acura again decided to go with the runner up operating system. Regarding the 2015 Acura, dealers are currently ordering 2015 models for June delivery. I do not know where you go the September date from?

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited April 20

    Apple CarPlay vs Android in the Car (Open Automotive Alliance) vs Mirror Link for Cars

    Ouch! Seems like I touched a sensitive Android nerve upnorth85, by showing my enthusiasm for CarPlay in the upcoming 2015 MDX. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Yes it's true many folks use Android phones and I and my family use to use them too. However the reason we switched from Android to the iPhone was reliability and durability issues. The initial cost of the Androids were cheaper for my family, but we had lots of reliability issues from Samsung and HTC, and my kids kept breaking them (even with thick cases) so it ended up costing me a lot of money to keep replacing them . When discussing this with several of my friends who had similar issues with Android phones, they and their kids had much a better experience regarding durability and reliability when they switched to iPhones, so my family made the switch 12-18 mos ago and we haven't had those problems since, and the iPhones still get dropped a lot by the kids. Also, I prefer the Apple ecosystem much more than Google's Android ecosystem. I live on the west coast and iPhones outsell Androids by a factor of 2+ to 1, and in some areas by 3 to 1. I think Samsung and HTC make great phones and a lot of folks like them and buy them; they just didn't work out for my family.

    One of the reasons Android has been taking market share away from iPhone is because Apple has been reluctant to adopt a larger form factor/larger screen, which has been a concern of mine too, and the Asian market (China) where those folks prefer more screen real estate than Apple has been offering in the past. But that is about to change with iPhone 6 and I plan to upgrade my current iPhone 5 with an iPhone 6 in the fall as reliable rumors have the iPhone getting bigger to better compete with Samsung S5, Note 3--> 4 and HTC One.

    Here's a video of a concept rendering of the iPhone 6 (actually this was going to be the concept for the iPhone 5, but they decided to hold off for a year and bring it out as a 6; just a little typo) increased size 'advantage': (http:// " ")

    This iPhone 6 concept is probably closer to what we will actually see, bigger but not too big: (http:// "")

    Regarding the 2015 Acura MDX coming out with Android in the Car (as a member of the Open Automotive Alliance), and/or Mirror Link (Honda/Acura also supports this tech, which reportedly will interface with both iPhone and Android) , these systems will probably happen in the MDX some time in 2015, but perhaps upnorth85 you may have some input regarding that time frame roll out/adoption? BTW, regarding when the 2015 MDX starts arriving in June vs September question you posed, I received my info from the sales manager of a high volume MDX dealer on the west coast; if you are correct on ETA, my source may have meant when the MDX would be on dlr lots in decent volume.

    The following videos help describe (a little) of what to expect from Android in the Car, and Mirror Link when they arrive in the MDX:

    Android in the Car (@ CES 2014): (http:// "")

    CNET's take on Mirror Link: (http:// "")

    HTC phone using Mirror Link in a 2015 VW Golf GTI: (http:// "")

    Hope this helps alleviate concerns for those using Android phones.


  • upnorth85upnorth85 Posts: 12

    Thanks for posting the links. I have nothing against the iPhone. I use my phone as a workhorse. With the Swype feature, I can rapidly input text compared to the slower text input in an iPhone. Additionally, I get free unlimited Wi-Fi calling from overseas back to the US on Android phones running on T-mobile. But not iPhone. So for me without these two features there is no way I will buy an iPhone. I do use a MacBook Air for the great hardware, but run only in the Windows environment. I also use an iPad Air but miss out on the swype feature of android. I am keen to get the basic ability to send SMS using voice on the 2015 MDX. My dealer has put in orders for the 2015 model, but I believe 2014 model orders are also open. I was told to expect the first 2015 model to hit in June.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited April 21

    Thanks for your comments upnorth85. Those are great points you make regarding Android vs iPhone. Have you heard if there will be any changes to the MDX on the 2015 model?


  • upnorth85upnorth85 Posts: 12

    I was told that there will be some improvement in the navigation system, because currently only 3 old Blackberry phones (no one uses the curve and bold models) are compatible with the SMS bluetooth feature. So that upgrade is long overdue and that an upgrade their is expected, but no information on other features.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited April 21

    2015 MDX Changes that would make it Better

    One of the features I would like to see on the 2015 MDX, in addition to CarPlay, is the Surround View Camera System that is currently on the 2014 MDX in Canada on their Elite Pkg (link: (http:// "")). The 2014 Infinity QX60 has a similar feature on their lower trim Premium Plus pkg, called Around View Camera System (Interior Features) (link: (http:// "")), and even the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder and Rogue models have the Around View Camera System (link: (http:// "")). Check video link: (http:// "")

    I would like to see Acura add the Surround View Camera System safety feature on all trim levels, but if not all trim levels then at least as part of the Tech Pkg. The reason this type of camera tech is so important is that it helps parking in tight locations, but more importantly it can act as a security measure to check around the vehicle when approaching it (especially at night) to avoid close encounters with the 'bad guys' to protect our families when the camera tech is activated by your smart phone as you approach your vehicle.

    To further increase fuel efficiency, I'd like to see the MDX go to an 8-speed AT (like the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 2014 Dodge Durango) which could increase fuel efficiency by another 1-2 mpg. Also, I'd like to see Start/Stop tech added to all trims to the engine/transmission to improve fuel efficiency in stop and go city traffic, like some German (BMW) and other Asian mfgs (Hyundai) utilize. This Start/Stop tech could further increase fuel efficiency by another 1-2 mpg.

    Additionally, I'd like to see Heads Up Display (HUD), and auto-dimming/electrochromatic side view mirrors added to the tech pkg, like we see on the 2014 Lexus RX 350.

    What changes to the 2015 MDX would you like to see?


  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited April 22

    Upnorth85 since you use an Android phone, you may be interested in the open-source QNX Car Platform for Infotainment, which Ford recently decided to go to when they dumped MS (link: (http:// "")) because of all the problems Ford has had with Sync and My Ford Touch which MS designed and implemented for Ford (Consumer Reports rated Ford Sync and My Ford Touch it's lowest rating ever: (http:// "")

    If you go to the following QNX link you will find that it partners (click on their 'ecosystem' sub menu) with Apple and Google/Android; reportedly Honda/Acura is already (?) partnering with QNX; however, I don't know if QNX is embedded in the current MDX infotainment system now. Do you?: (http:// "")


  • sonyhomesonyhome Posts: 4
    Could 2014 get upgrade to support carplay as well? I would think this capability is more software enabled and leveraging existing hardware.
  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited May 21

    Probably won't know answer to this question for another 3-6 mos. Dealers don't have much info about MDX/CarPlay as Honda/Acura and Apple are probably still working out contractual and implementation issues.

  • nenad985nenad985 Posts: 1

    I doubt that model for 2015 year will get new Infotainment System.

  • upnorth85upnorth85 Posts: 12

    Now that the 2015 MDX model is announced with pricing (extra $275), anyone know any features which are different?

    @ushy66 said: Probably won't know answer to this question for another 3-6 mos. Dealers don't have much info about MDX/CarPlay as Honda/Acura and Apple are probably still working out contractual and implementation issues.

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited June 3

    Upnorth85, thanks for your link regarding what Acura has in store for the 2015 MDX , and aside from price, there don't appear to be any significant changes. I think CarPlay may still be coming to the 2015 MDX but as a late arrival, perhaps Q1/Q2 2015, or it may be pushed out to the 2016 MY.

    BTW. you mentioned in an earlier post that one of the reasons you would not get an iPhone was that it lacked a more efficient/faster swype/text keyboard feature (currently available on Droid phones) which is very important to you. Apple announced today at the 2014 WWDC that it's new mobile device operating system, iOS 8, which will be available in the fall for iPhones and iPads, will incorporate a new keyboard called QuickType that adds SwiftKey-style predictive typing, and if the user doesn't like the QuickType keyboard, iOS 8 will also make third party keyboards available for the first time, like SwiftKey, Swype and others. Ckeck it out:(http:// "").

    Now if T-Mobile would only come thru with iPhone unlimited overseas wi-fi calling! Perhaps iOS 8 will help you with that too; check it out: (http:// "")

  • upnorth85upnorth85 Posts: 12

    Ushy66, thanks for info on Swype feature coming to iOs. Interestingly Tmobile just announced that Apple is also introducing Wi-Fi calling as an option for wireless providers and Tmobile is going to add Wi-Fi calling. As an existing user of IPad and MackBook air I am thrilled I will be finally able to use an iPhone. In the interim I am hoping Acura may have updated their software to allow more cell phone compatibility for the Bluetooth feature. That is the main reason I delayed buying the MDX Advance. I will know this when the new model hits the showroom next month.

  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 41,938

    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208
    edited June 26

    Android Auto in future MDX's for Android users

    Google just announced Android Auto, which will compete with Apple's CarPlay for your MDX in-car infotainment experience with lots of voice controls to minimize driver distractions, but we probably won't see it in a new MDX until the 2016 or 2017 MDX.

    Check it out: (http:// "")

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 208

    Excellent 2015 MDX Video Review

    Check it out: (http:// "")

  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Posts: 145

    @ushy66 said: Excellent 2015 MDX Video Review

    Check it out: (http:// "")

    Well right off the bat he is incorrect concerning the Fog Lights. Acura LED fogs ARE available as a dealer installed item. Acura web site states the lights are $500 plus installation.

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