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Toyota Sequoia Meet the Owners



  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020

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  • The only complaint so far on my 2003 with 6800 miles is the VSC lights staying on. More in cold weather. The exhaust smell. Other than this I love the vehicle. Blows away the Domestics in ride and overall quality. Does anyone have the same two problems? Also, I have a small mooroof sqeak in cold weather. Once the interior warms up it goes away.
  • mannyboymannyboy Posts: 12
    To all Sequoia with 4wd where do I shift the high and low gear for 4wd's? or do I leave it at neutral?
  • i'm 6'4" tall and have been quite uncomfortable in my 03 4 runner despite it's size increase over the previous models. I'm looking to trade it in for the 05 sequoia.

    the sequoia seems substantially larger inside, and the seats have many more adjustments than the 4runner does. any other tall sequoia owners with thoughts on this?
  • aliminalimin Posts: 67
    Last week I traded my '02 Highlander for an '05 Seq SR5 and drove about 900 miles (it is now broken in!) in temps ranging from +5F to -22F. I knew the ride wasn't going to be the same as the HL - but I was very surprised at how good it is. A bit more road but a lot more vehicle! Thanks to the other forum members who's postings helped me decide to upgrade to the Seq.
  • kumarkumar Posts: 22
    is there a off-road play area suitable for Seq near Washington Oregon states?
  • tonimtonim Posts: 6
    Buy the extended warranty. Many of Sequoia love their trucks, but they do have problems.
  • Hello Karen,

    I recently purchased a 05 black limited after totalling my 4runner in an accident. i have had my ntrl_mystic as i call it for one week and i am completely happy with it so far. big hand clap to my local dealer where i purchased from in waldorf, maryland. it was a very pleasant experience doing business with them. i am looking forward to participating on the board and hopefully getting and providing additional when and where i can
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Welcome to Edmunds!

    Congrats on your new ride. Please be sure to stop by theToyota Sequoia: Prices Paid topic and tell everyone about your purchase experience. :shades:

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  • yazzieyazzie Posts: 1
    I just got an 05 Seq and also own an 01 Camry-which I LOVE, it's a great car! My husband and I are questioning the A/C in the Seq it doesn't cool as fast as the Camry and being in the Arizona weather 100+ degrees we need the rapid cooling. Anyone in the valley having the same problem? This is my dilemma: We are doing the "a/c/ test" taking turns with vehicles, I park my car and Seq in an open parking lot, no shade. By the time I leave work, the days I've taken the Camry the a/c cools within a 1/2 mile, the a/c in the Seq takes about 3 to 4 miles to cool and it's not as cold as the Camry. Anyone??? please advise. Thx "> :confuse: ">
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    First, keep in mind that you have about 5x more volume to cool in the Seq than in the camry. Second, check the rear A/C controls and make sure that the fan and temp controls are set to cold and the fan is set to high. Lastly, try using the recirc. button on the dash for the A/C. It often cools much faster as it is cycling the already cool air rather than trying to cool the hot outside air.

    Hope this helps.

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Not sure on the 05's but here on edmunds, they sat that there is a TSB out for the AC unit. Not sure what the dealer does though,.
  • I just bought a 2006 Sequoia limited and have 1000 miles on it. I am experiencing the same a/c issue. I too live in Az. It doesn't feel like it has an adequate volume of air coming from the vents. I plan to take it to the dealer. Did you get your problem resolved?

    Just got rid of' my 2004 Lexus RX330 - to upsize to the Sequoia. I also get a vibration in the gas pedal if I don't turn off the overdrive. Do you get that? I'm also not very impressed with the horsepower. My 6 cylinder Lexus kicked this Sequoia's butt in acceleration. Also - have you pulled anything with yours- I towed 2000 pounds uphill ? Again, I'm not impressed.

    Other than the things mentioned above, I absolutely love it!
  • :mad: As a new owner, I purchased a 2005 Sequoia in August of this year. I now have 3523 miles on it and am still having problems with a front end vibration between 60-65mph. The dealer has, supposedly, rotated all the tires(Dunlop) with a re-balance of all. Also a front end re-alignment as the steering wheel was not centered and it tended to wander off the right side of the road. The dealer wanted to blame it on the crown of the road, however, I checked it in a mall_level_ parking lot with the same results, veering to the right. Also the gas gauge went to empty despite the fact that the tank was 3/4 full. Knowing electronics as I do, I know this will happen again. I know the problem is the sending unit in the gas tank but that will require a major job. I have had the vehicle back to the dealer twice and a third visit is in the wind. Should the tires be the problem then I will contact Toyota Customer Relations and if they don't address the problem then it's on to NHTSA as it could be another "Firestone" type problem.

    My only regret is that I traded a 2003 Suburban with 11,142 miles on it with NO problems whatsoever. BIG MISTAKE!! MY take on the Toyota Sequoia is that they are highly over-rated and highly over-priced. No wonder they have fairly good trade in values, as they are highly over-priced to begin with. The new 2007 Suburbans will be out this summer and I'm sure I will be going back to a Suburban.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    My 2002 Sequoia Limited has 69,000 trouble free miles. The Toyota dealer did the $1,500 brake upgrade and replaced the lower ball joints, a $1,600 job, all at their initiation and under warranty. I replaced the original Bridgestone "whatever's" (noisy tire with no traction) at 49,000 miles with the new excellent Michelins.

    I run Castrol 5W30 synthetic, 6000 mile changes, Bosch 4 prong platinum plugs and K & N intake system. At 36 psi tire pressure I pull 18 mpg around town (Phoenix) and 20+ on the highway. 70 to 75 mph on highway. I do my own maintenance for fun and satisfaction.

    The Sequoia has made several cross country trips Arizona to Colorado to Minnesota to Texas to California etc. Wife loves it, daughter and son-in-law love it and grandkids with all their gear (6 of us) travel with all gear aboard and hangin out the back rack.

    For real travel (and hauling, it works as my personal pickup) with the whole family it is much more economical than driving two cars, flying etc.

    I'm ready for the next big one with the Toyota Hybrid drive while the 02 gets passed on to the kids.

    The only thing I need to know is how to disable the TracControl that cuts out engine power in loose sand and mud. I can shut it off with the switch, but it re-engages at about 18 mph. A nuisance and as it stops forward momentum and next thing you know your stuck. Living in Arizona I do not need 4WD or want 4WD. Higher maintenance and lower gas mileage. Thanks.
  • chihchih Posts: 4
    my friend, i can feel for you.

    but, my family currently owned 7 toyota and lexus and i owned about 4 different toyota including a 2004 sequoia without any problem. this truck had high trade-in price for a good reason man, but not a reason that you stated above. you are paying overprice my friend, not the truck is over price. here is a trick, do not buy a truck when i first come out. be patient, wait until the dealer knock out 3 to 5 thousand lower than msrp then go for it. SUV is very highly competitive market, how do toyota sell their car and truck if their product were overprice. If your Suburban so good, why GM lost so much money, market share and shut down their production left and right. Dude, good luck with your 2007 Suburbans and hope that GM still #1 on the year to come.
  • rkasperrkasper Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Sequoia and it has been the best vehicle we've ever owned. Never had a problem until recently with the gas gauge. It sounds as if you have the same problem. It reads empty and the gas light is on, but the "distance to empty" reads that there is gas in the tank. Did you ever have it fixed? If so, what was wrong with it? Any info you can provide will be appreciated.
  • bigboytoybigboytoy Posts: 6
    We purchased a new SR5. We have had 5 Acura's, a Blazer and a Durango lately. Here is my concern. We are getting 12 mpg overall, half town and half highway driving. Our Durango go 16 mpg overall. The best I did on freeway travel was 18 mpg. I only have 650 miles on the Seqouia. We have experienced no problems with the SR5. It sits most of the time. We will use it to drive to the desert in the winter. We have daily drivers. My only concern is the gas mileage. Will the mileage improve once I get the SUV broken in? :confuse:
  • jerrydockjerrydock Posts: 29
    My Sequoia began to get over 18 mpg after 12000 miles
    It now has over 100000...yes we drive it a lot. and it averages 18.4
  • bigboytoybigboytoy Posts: 6
    I guess I will just need to put a few more miles on the SR5. It is now getting 12. This is an improvement over the 10.4 that we started with. ;)
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