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2014 BMW X5

ushy66ushy66 Posts: 277
edited May 2014 in BMW

Post your experience, comments, questions and thoughts right here for the complete makeover of the (3rd gen) 2014 X5, more of an evolution rather than a revolution of changes.

Here are a couple videos of the 2014 X5 XDrive 35i to give you a taste of some of those changes:

In the snow:

With some mild to moderate off-road use:


  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 277
    edited May 2014

    Excellent video review of the 2014 X5 by Alex Dykes, including embedded X5 Child Seat Review and BMW iDrive Review: (http:// "")

  • ushy66ushy66 Posts: 277
    edited May 2014

    2014 BMW X5 Safety Camera Tech Options: pricey, and a work in progress

    Back-up Camera: Should be included. For a $60 + K vehicle, BMW should not be gigging BMW buyers ~ $400; it will be mandatory in 4 more yrs (long overdue): (http:// "")

    BMW Surround View/Top View Camera System: gives 270 degrees vs 360 degrees available on competition (Infiniti/Nissan, Mercedes, Audi, Acura-currently only in MDX in Canada, Lexus/Toyota-soon to be released), a work in progress, with Infiniti/Nissan Arround View Monitor with Motion Detection currently the best: (http:// "") and: (http:// "")

    BMW Night Vision Option: Pricey at ~ $2,500 and not ready for prime time. It does not work well in fog, dawn/dusk situations (when animals/deer are more active), and the alarm(s) both visual and auditory should be more pronounced. But, this tech definitely shows promise; check it out: (http:// ""), and: (http:// "")

    If you live in a rural area with wildlife on or near the road at night, and/or with people/kids walking/cycling after dark on or next to the road without proper lights/reflective tape, it may be worth the cost.

  • ufo007ufo007 Posts: 4

    I'm in the process of configuring a 2014 X5 xDrive 35i. I'm need assistance in deciding between the options below. It'd be great if anyone could shed some light or share their experience. Is it worth the extra bucks? I understand the experience could vary from person to person, but is their substantial difference in performance or experience? Thanks

    • 19" M Light Alloy v 20" M Light Alloy - $950
    • Standard suspension with M Sport v Adaptive M Suspension + rear axle air suspension - $900
    • Sport Seats v Multi-contour seats - $1,300
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