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High Performance Hatchbacks - Any Opinions?



  • socal007socal007 Posts: 23
    How about a US delivery.....
    When will they make it here ????
  • Every body is talking about hot hatchbacks but are using the Honda/Acura and VW as the bench mark, when in fact a FWD performance car is an Oxymoron. The Subaru WRX and the Audi are barely in the fold (Audi 50-50 torque split and Subie a little better with 45-55). When you try to put that much power to the ground with a FWD vehicle, weight transfer unloads the front wheels inducing wheel spin (which looks cool) and loss of steering control.

    Since the AutoUnions (Audi) of the '30's there has never been a purpose built racing car with front wheel drive. (Now, I'm not talking about production cars that have fwd that are raced in sanctioned events, ie SCCA classes) The reason is that FWD is not the most efficient way to operate a high performance vehicle.

    The BMW Z3 coupe (IMHO, one of the ugliest cars available, but still a candidate), the MB C230, and the Corvette are the only true high performance hatchbacks for sale in the U>S>
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
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