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Land Rover Freelander



  • The problem was caused by a faulty brake switch (seems like it's on national backorder). In any case, it's fixed for now & I'm disposing the vehicle.
  • I have an 03 Freelander S. So far it runs like a clock (knock on wood) 3800 miles. Very solid feel. Drives unbelievably.
    Here's what I've done so far....
    1) Factory stereo is terrible, but the speakers are good. Replace the head and you'll wake up the speakers.
    2) Do your own maintenance if you can. They want $100 for an oil change. Do it yourself. Very easy.

    My only compaint is the parts and service dept. I put a tow kit on mine and I called about 5 dealers for a quote on the parts and ended up with 5 different quotes (diff between high and low $100). Sounds ridiculous to me. I put it on myself with the electronics and once again saved $$$. Very easy. OK, I would avoid the dealer at all costs!

    Towed 1500-2000 lbs about 700 miles Very smooth ride. In summary, great truck, although I have found parts/service to be quite questionable.
  • I have an opportunity to get a 2002 frreelander SE with 10K miles for 20K$.
    We test drove one and my wife is convinced, and I was pretty happy with it.
    I realize that YMMV is always applicable, but given the price, which I think is great, am I nuts thinking this is a fine vehicle for the money? This one will come with maintainance includeed, ,so that means free oil changes every year....
    Only problem is... it is white. I can live with white, but I wish it was an uglier color.
  • That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I purchased my 2003 SE with 7k on it for $24K, sans mainainence (make sure it is the maintainence, not just oil changes...maintainence is ~$250 a shot, oil is much less). You will love the truck, that is for sure.
  • What is different between Maintainance and just oil changes? I talked to the sales guy and he said "maintainance" I will give him a call and find out what that really means. He did say it included Tranny oil changes and such, so it seemed like it was the whole shee-bang.
  • Oil changes are ~$100 at the dealer, maintainence is done at 3K (~$150 locally), 12, and every 12K after that. The maintainence is $250-$350 depending on which one.
  • I have an opportunity to get a 2002 frreelander SE with 10K miles for 20K$.

    Not a bad deal. I bought my '02 S for $18k (but also upgraded to aftermarket leather which was better than factory). I could have spent $500 less and bought a '02 Ford Escape but I needed a real off-roader. $20k is a good deal for a SE. Could even get a better deal if they have the '04s on the lot.
  • Well,
    I was all set to buy this white 2002 Freebie, but after test driving it, there were a few things I didn't like about it. They sound trivial but first off the entire dash was black. So in the summer it is going to be very hot, second, the seats were a solid tan leather that just looked, well, old. That plus the white...So we told them forget it.
    Well, I get a call back the next day, and well, to make a long story short, I am getting a Silver 2003 FL SE with 7k miles on it for 22k. Beatiful light grey and charcoal interior.

    I can't believe what a great deal I am getting, end of the quarter must be driving them. The blue book on this is 27K!

    I am giving it to my wife for her birthday. I brought it home and put balloons on it with a big banner...she was thrilled.

    It has these really cool looking rubber mats throughout, anyone know where good aftermarket parts are for these things? Preferably an online dealer?
  • retlefretlef Posts: 17
    I have a 02 Freelander SE. It has spent many, many days in the shop since I purchased it. There is an intermittent electrical problem that basically turns every failure light on the dashboard on. This has occurred multiple times when driving the vehicle. On several instances when this catastrophic failure occurs the transmission will somehow mysteriously shift from a high gear to a low gear will at freeway speed(very scary). To make a very long story short there are no error codes stored on the internal computer so the dealer cannot even trouble shoot the problem. The dealer has taken the vehicle and road tested it but cannot replicate the problem. I CAN’T REPLICATE IT-IT JUST HAPPENS.. I think the dealer is trying their best to resolve the problem but they cannot replace anything on the car unless they can replicate the problem. As of about 3 weeks ago the transmission has began to shift really hard from gear to gear. Another dealer visit!!! There is something horribly wrong with my car. As I type the vehicle again is in the shop, I had to resort to caring a digital camera in the car so that I could photograph and record the problems as they occurred. I have in turn given the dealer moving video images of the problem in addition to still shots to prove that the car has significant issues. After several trips to the dealer with proof they have decided to replace the transmission and a control module. The transmission has 23k freeway miles and it has failed! I recommend people contact the as I have and file a complaint you can also call 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236) to file a complaint.
  • We own a 2002 Land Rover Freelander. Along with several other minor problems, we have encountered a transmission/electrical problem that the dealer has not been able to fix. All of our dashboard warning lights will turn on and our vehicle becomes stuck in 4th gear. This has occurred in the dealer's possession. They were unable to decipher the codes. The first time the problem occurred, the dealership replaced the PCU module, which took over two weeks to repair. On the way home from the dealership. it occurred again. They have had the vehicle for the past 26 days trying to replace the transmission. My wife and I tried to trade it in at the dealership and they offered us only 14,000 to trade in for a Discovery. We called Corporate for a buy back assist and they refused. They said they would extend our warranty, but they won't give us this offer in writing and they are saying we have to contact the dealership and work it out at that level. The dealership says this is a Corporate issue. My wife and I are preparing to bring a lawyer into this matter and we were wondering if anyone else has had any luck with a buy back assist.
  • retlefretlef Posts: 17
    Just got mine out of the shop today with a New Transmission and Transmission Control Module. In addition, the back seat middle seat belt failed(it had never been used) the dealer had to completely replace the belt. While the dealer was working on the transmission they informed me that my front brake pads needed to be replaced--the car only has 23k on it. I am fearful that the car will continue to have problems. My camera will continue to be at my side to document any and all problems. The dealer I'm working with has bent over backwards to help me get the car fixed. If anyone wants to include me in some sort of group discussion with Landrover, please feel free to email me at
  • I posted a few msgs ago about all my troubles with my Hippo. There have been more sice then!
    LR is buying back mine for what I paid, no $ lost. (After all the problems I have had & the way my dealer has treated me, I did not want another LR). I am taking my $ and buying reliable! (Lexus or Acura!)
    My advice would be to write them a clear & concise letter of what the problem is & the resoloution & get the BBB involved. I was set for arbitration but have now come to an agreement. Or, simply file as a lemon under your state's lemon law. LR will most likely settle before it has to go to court.
    Please feel free to email me if you would like to see a copy of what I wrote to them. Good luck.
  • Hi - I'm in the Los Angeles area, and it's now time to get the brakes done. Very expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions on mechanics OTHER than the dealer?

    For what's it's worth, we seem to be having the minor version of the warning lights problem. They flick on and off radomly. Sometimes its the HDC light, sometimes seatbelt, sometimes brake. We mainly ignore it.
  • retlefretlef Posts: 17
    I've posted several times and once again(8th) time my Freelander is in the shop for the HDC error light issue. Spookypff please send me your letter I can be reached at
  • kbowenkbowen Posts: 58
    I posted a similar message on the Discovery site. My son owns a 2002 Freelander with 16K miles. While his wife was driving it, it began to make a roaring metallic noise. The dealership told her that the front brake pads were so badly worn that they had "ate" into the rotors and have to be replaced at a cost of $600 plus. She is adamant that the pads never made any type of squeaking noise to indicate they were low. The only prior problem was that the brake warning light kept coming on, but the dealership could not find a problem. They never told her when it was in the shop beforehand that the pads were low. And 16K seems awfully low mileage for total brake pad/rotor failure. I have a 2001 DII with 37K and the pads are only about 1/2 down. I read that there are problems with some Land Rover rotors that are being fixed under warranty. Does anyone have any info or suggestions?
  • retlef: I will email you the file on Friday, I have to get it off my home computer & I am on business right now. Make sure you have everything documented & copies of all your sevice records. Also, look at what the lemon law requirement is for your state. Some states require you to file with BBB Autoline before bringing a Lemon Law suit, some don't. You have more leverage if you can file all 3 at once!

    bigshotla: If you live in Orange County I might have a good place.PuuuuurfectAuto in HB (stupid name, but they are good). However, every place I went wanted the same or MORE than the dealer wanted to do the brakes. There aren't any aftermarket pads for the FL yet. And you will probably need new rotors, LR uses the crappy throw-away rotors that can't be shaved/turned. I had to do my brakes at only 20k. $575 was the deaer cost, & I got Puurfect auto to match that. DON'T IGNORE YOUR WARNING LIGHTS! At least get it into the dealer and document it (my personal advice and experience).

    kbowen: Some Fl pads are defective - too big of metal in the pads. They eat into the rotors. LR will not do anything about this. You can argue till you are blue in the face. I had 1 dealer admit to the problem, but LRNA will not recognize it, no matter what I did I couldn't get it covered. Putting new brakes on the FL every 15-20k is considered "normal wear and tear." I filed a complaint with NHTSA over it. I still had to pay to get new brakes. Mine gave no prior warning either. Good luck!
  • retlefretlef Posts: 17
    I too had to replace the front disk brakes at 23k with no warning other than the dealer telling me the pads needed replacement.. I found some after market pads which I ordered from The pads are made from Kevlar and are called Kevlar EBC's and apparently last longer than the OEM PADS. I did the brake job myself and noticed the rotors were also bad. I brought this up with Landrover and they could care less. I also recommend looking at this site for information on how to change your own pads(it was pretty easy).
  • retlefretlef Posts: 17
    Take those lights seriously!!! Those lights have led to a new transmission, control module, entire shifting assembly and a wiring harness in my 02 SE with only 23K freeway miles on it.
  • Thank you for the concern, at first we did take it into the dealer for every flicker, but it got stupid. Every time was just some minor electrical thing, and half the time they'd just shrug. (Oh, if we could only charge for our time spent....). Case in point is that the car is fine, except for needing the brakes fixed.

    I'm not sure I've got the ability to change my own pads!! And, if we're under a lease, can I actually use those kevlar pads? Thank you so much for the advice. My husband found Land Rover mechanics that will do the brakes for under $500 - I'll post which one we use after we check it out.

  • who makes the engine in this vehicle? is it just a dressed up ford? i know the twin is a ford escape....but how much of the content in the land rover is actual british content and how much is detroit?
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