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Land Rover Freelander



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    "The LR2, disguised versions of which have been spied on test recently, will be bigger than the current Freelander, with a wider track and longer wheelbase. It is also rumored the LR2 will be available with a hybrid powertrain."

    Land Rover Could Rebrand Freelander as LR2 (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013
    "The collapse of Rover will mean an early end to sales of the Land Rover Freelander SUV in America." Note that "a new-generation Freelander is expected this fall" so don't panic unless you really wanted an '05.

    Freelander Production Cut Short (Inside Line)

    Steve, Host

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  • pjn43pjn43 Posts: 3
    My 02 Freelander SE was the worst vehicle I ever owned.
  • I've posted previous about the problems with our 2004 Freelander, so heres where it stands.

    After 3 months of fighting with Landrover Canada on the phone, we got NO where. A couple months past and we kept dealing with it, and everyone at landrover was let go...apparently their customer service was moved to the US or something. So a nice big dead end.

    SO one year after we bought the landrover we finally had it BOUGHT BACK!!!! Well a trade assist, but all we paid was $2000 canadian (stupid mileage, and 'wear and tear') They gave us a 2005 Freelander, exactly the same (black 2 door) with maybe 100kms. We are trading it in on something worth while. :mad:

    Our headaches:
    -replace IRD
    -replace power steering pump, rack
    -brakes done almost every 10000km (had 22000 when we took it back)
    -Countless Dowhill decent codes( orange and green) , engine failure codes, etc. Our da-tranny computer
    -Head valves stuck open
    -rpm motor/valve faulty
    -2 sets of intake valves (outside engine)
    -new trannysh at times looked like a christmas tree. The famous F4.

    the clencher: Doing 80km with 5y/o nephew in car...all by itself goes into Limp Mode. It geared itself down and started doing 15km, NO MORE on the highway. NICE EH.

    Each time we'd bring it home, it'd be doing the same thing or a new fun code within a week.

    Our freelander was also in the shop around 3months, off and on. Which is 160km round trip and 4-5hours each time. ya that was fun.

    They said .. oh you can keep driving it as long as none of the lights are flashing. Ya okay, cause no damage will be done. When it went into Limp Mode, you're not supposed to be able to start it again without resetting the computer. We turned ours off and it ran fine 10min later.

    TOP NOTCH BOYS :mad: :lemon: :sick:

    anyways, a year after alot of stress, we're hoping to tradethe new one in on the weekend.

    Good luck guys..... ;)
  • angryatlrangryatlr Posts: 1
    ON May 26 while driving my 2002 S Freelander the steering failed. This was only an hour after having operated the SUV at 75 MPH on the Florida Turnpike and dodging semis in the rain. I had NO CONTROL of the vehicle. It was towed to the dealer and I was told that the steering column bolts FELL OUT. I was further told that this has happened before. I am afraid of this vehicle at this point. I have been informed by the head tech at the dealer that it cannot be repaired safely in his opinion. I have had a huge runaround by the customer service at Landrover America and only after repeated arguments with them have they agreed to pay up front the rental car replacement (after running up $441 on my credit card to be paid back later by Land Rover) until it is determined if can be repaired to Land Rover's satisfaction.


  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I've never heard of that happening before but it sounds seriously scary. Thank goodness no one was injured.

    tidester, host
  • dan35dan35 Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 02 SE 4 door Freelander (green Ha ha). Need help please advise...

    My power brakes dont work on a 13k mile machine that was once in a wreck, The abs light is on and I think I may need abs sensors but have no idea what they look like or where they are (other than by the wheels) I need to buy some and need some pictures or advice on the details of instalation or if that is my problem at all. I doubt my abs pump is out but I have one of those to put on as well if need be.

    If anyone has any info at all I could use it.


  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,013

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  • dan35dan35 Posts: 2
    Surely Somebody knows something on this problem, I could really use some help, Also my airbags were deployed, I have new bags now, do I have to replace the computer as well and do I need to do anything special to install the bags.
    Thanks Dan.

    I purchased a 2002 Freelander S in November 2002. I though I was buying a decent vehicle. In the less than 3 years I've had it, I've chewed through 2 sets of brakes, 2 sets of tires, switched out the throttle body twice, has the on-going TC/HDC light issue, leaking gasket around the rear glass, broken shifter cable, new thermostat - and now, after 72K+ miles, the dealer is telling me I have to replace the entire engine due to a 'dropped cylinder sleeve'.

    Land Rover N.A. refused to acknowledge that there is a major deficincy with their engines, and said there is nothing they can do. Dealer offered $1,000 discount on replacing the engine (Total cost $6700!) A vehicle this age, consistently highway driven should not have an engine failure. I am amazed that Ford PAG (premiere auto group) has allowed this to continue on all modeles '02-'04

    As it stands right now, this vehicle is going bye-bye infavor of a Toyota or Jeep. It was great when it ran right, but in past 12 calendar months it cost me close to $2500 in repairs

    Things to watch for:
    • Continuous loss of coolant - cracked coolant reservoir, possible head gasket failure or dropped cylinder sleeve
    • Sluggish/no acceleration - VIS/throttle body problem
    • Vibrations - need wheel alignment, bad front end, or worse yet - trans or rear seal gone
    • Excessive brake wear - loves to eat brake pads and rotors
    • 72,000 Mile Timing Belt Replacement - Quoted $2000-$2500 to replace 3 timing belts & water pump
    • Thermostat replacement issue - $700-$1000 - and to do it, exhaust manifold has to be removed

    For an entry-level SUV, the price is great, but the maintenance and construction of this vehicle leaves something to be desired..... What a :lemon:
  • Hi, I saw your post re: Freelander,

    I purchased my Freelander second hand at 6months old and still under warranty. It had issues right from the start…had it towed 3 times. Landrover Australia said that they will not assist because it is out of warranty. (And apart from that I had it serviced by Toyota instead of Landrover…like that makes a difference!!...its just their “get out”).

    Here are my thoughts …..

    Now that I have traded my 2000 Freelander(for $A10000.00 or $A3800.00 net - after repairs)I would like to add my story to the long list of outraged Freelander owners. Firstly I would say to any prospective Landrover buyers...Don't !!! For any Freelander owners ... get rid of it NOW!!! My 1.8lt petrol Freelander blew its head gasket right on que at 60000kms. I was told by a mechanic that the problem was a design fault in the cylinder linings, and there is no repair procedure. My only option was an engine replacement. The car was "offroad" for 6 weeks and the ordeal cost me $A 6200.00 in repairs and I lost another $A 17000.00 in depreciation over 5 years. The re-sale value of this car is appalling. I asked a Landrover dealership mechanic if this is a common fault with this car..he said "no more common than any other car". I then spoke to a salesman in the same dealership and asked for a trade figure on my Freelander in it's current state and he said..."The trade value will be low because the engine in this model has some reliability issues". Landrover Australia washed their hands of the problem saying that the car is out of warranty and they will not cover ANY repair costs. I have been told by several mechanics that the 1.8lt engine fitted to Freelanders has a lifespan of between 50000 and 100000 kms. Because of the design flaw they will ALL fail and the only option is replacement. Landrover should face reality and take responsibility for this poorly built motor car. Spread the word and take my advise, don't by a Landrover, and if you have a Freelander, get rid of it !

    I am now rid of my Freelander, but I had to take a personal loan of $A10000.00 which will now take me years to pay off….. all thanks to Landrover !!

    Terry Edwards.
  • cb4cb4 Posts: 1
    I know you wrote that you don't want personal experience info on the ' 02 freelander, but here goes. My brother bought an ' 02 freelander and liked it so much that I bought one. His then went in the shop for a new transmission. Mine went into the shop for a new trans after 20K miles. I liked the look and size of the truck so much that my original plan was to buy the truck at the end of the lease & keep the truck for thirty years. The guys at the dealership told me not to buy the truck because the truck has turned out to be a nightmare for them & the consumer. They told me the transmissions are no good
    When I see someone on the street getting into or out of their freelander I ask them about their experience with the truck. So far, every single one has responded negativeley. My dealership is very good. Can't say the same for the truck. Get rid of it. P.S. I think the heat/AC is inadequate.
  • My 02 Freelander is currently back at the dealership for this very problem! I took it in for an oil change and told them about the lights coming on. Anyway, they took a look at it and found that BOTH springs on the front had come loose and you could grab them and shake them so they'd move. I don't know for sure, but it sounded like from what the mechanic told me everything (sensors, ABS, HDC) are all in that area. They told me they wouldn't let me leave with the car as it's dangerous.

    I'm now waiting for a phone call to come pick it up. I expect the bill to be around $1200. I would recommend you check that both front springs are fastened in place securely.
  • lrownerlrowner Posts: 1
    I just had my 48,000 service completed. My freelander has an odor of exhaust / gas mixed with coolnat coming from it. Any ideas what this could be and what may have happened during the 48,000 service to start this?

    I see alot of head gasket postings, what are the symptoms of a head gasket going bad?

  • Like many here, we good faith...our Freelanders only to find out about all the "normal" little problems. My vehicle currently sits in the parking lot...once again... of the dealership awaiting yet another repair...the transmission. Of the ~1250 days that I've had this vehicle, almost 100 days have been in the shop (~8%), and I've not been off-roading unless you count a country dirt-road.

    I've also had the problem with the front disk brakes, every 20K miles or so, but managed to get one of those "life-time" brake pad guarantees, that includes labor if it's less than 2yrs/24K miles between brake jobs. So far that's paid for itself.

    The current state of my vehicle is DOA of the Jatco transmission. Even though I brought the vehicle in before the warranty expired complaining of the engine "racing" when it shifts between 2 & 3 gears, they found no "unusual" probem found a told me to drive it until it's reproduceable or a service light come on so they can get a computer code. Well, now that I'm just out of the warranty, the problem is reproduceable...with a 4 & F flashing in the odometer. After almost two weeks, I'm still waiting to hear from LRNA Customer Service as they evaluate "the vehicle problem history" to determine what they plan to do next.

    With an estimated repair price of ~$4,300 (rebuilt) to ~$7,500 (new), they still have not told me WHAT is broken in the trans (gear, control board, belt, etc)....only that it doesn't work and that it needs to be replaced. To make matter worse, there are no "certified/authorized" repair companies outside of Land Rover according to both LRNA and Jatco Techechnical Hot-line. So there is no one I can go to for a second opinion, isn't that considered extortion?

    Received vehicle
    Check engine light code T1000 - unknown code
    Rear view mirror vibrates
    Check engine light code P1000 - loose wire on coolant sensor
    Rear view mirror vibrates - parts on order
    Car unlocks at time by itself - unable to verify
    Mirror still vibrates - replaced
    Only one key will start the vehicle
    attempt to repair ignition key problem
    LRNA Recall - diagnostic ground wire
    LRNA Recall - hard shift software upgrade
    LRNA Recall - thermostat monitor software
    LRNA Recall - electric window fuze upgrade
    LRNA Recall - A/C hose rerouting
    attempt to repair ignition key problem
    attempt to repair ignition key problem
    LRNA Recall - diagnostic ground wire install
    attempt to repair ignition key problem - fixed 04/29/2003
    Coolant resivoir low - replaced thermostat
    Coolant resivoir low - replaced hose
    Check engine light - unable to verify
    Service Engine Soon light - VIS motors replaced
    Service Engine Soon light - performed technical alert
    Service Engine Soon light - worn gasket - replaced filler cap
    Replace left rear tail light
    Replaced driver side mirror
    Traction Control/Hill Decent light problem - replaced brake switch
    Inspect HVAC drain tube - Service bulletin 122
    Perform tech bulletin B294 ???
    Left mirror delaminating - replaced mirror
    Passenger mirror delaminating - replaced mirror
    Interior smells of fumes - broken cam cover/pcv hose, replaced
    HVAC fan not working - replaced fan and heater matrix
    Revs before shifting 2 to 3 gear when cold - no unusual problem found
    Throttle body inspection and replacement
    Jatco trans sensor updates - inspect only
    Right rear window lifter not working - replaced
    Replaced A-Pillar trim - safety recall
    RPM's jump really hight, no acceleration - Need to replace trans
    Flashing 4 and F in odometer

    For what it's worth.......
  • In my Freelander I had the same smell. It was the a broken cam cover/pcv hose leaking exhaust fumes into the cabin and the heater matrix and fan motor because of a crack leaking coolant in the cabin and being circulated by the fan. In my case the coolant was dripping on the fan a shorted it out. I also noticed a slight fog on the windshield when I used the defroster setting on the vent.

    Hope this helps.
  • calycaly Posts: 3
    We have owned our 02 Freelander for a little over a year. We have almost all of the issues discussed on this board and it was purchased with less than 30,000 miles. It has been in service more than we have had it on the road. It was in for 2 months and the transmission and harness were replaced. After the car was returned it went back in and had the lower stabilizer rod from the engine to the frame replaced because of severe front end shaking. We are so frustrated with this truck we want to know the best way to get rid of it. It is only a matter of time before the next problem occurs and the warranty will be expired. We could not afford all of these repairs if it was not under warranty. What is the best way to get rid of the car? I feel bad selling the problem to someone else. Should we buy the extended warranty and transfer it? When the buyer sees all the repairs will they run ?? The other route is to trade it in and take a big loss. Any suggestions or information from your own experience would be appreciated. Thank You Chris
  • elmorelmor Posts: 3
    In reading most of the post here, I've noted the recurring issues for the early users of the Freelander (i.e. 2002, and some other years.) So I'm certain that I would not purchase any of these models. Sorry to hear that issues have popped up for the owners.

    I have not seen issues regarding the 2005 model and was wondering if similar issues were popping up. Also have noted that the model has been discontinued and that a newer one will be coming out. From the pictures that I've seen, it looks too big for my needs even though it appears to be slight in changes.

    I'm interested in this model as I'm looking for a change in autos though I certainly don't want to get myself into what many have described, hence the question of the '05 model. Have the issues been cleared up or are they just waiting to happen?

    Wish I could figure out what it is that makes me desire one of these knowing its background. Thanks for your help.
  • bainesbaines Posts: 1
    We own a 2001 Freelander TD4 SE. On July 7 2005 it sounds like we experienced the same fault. Investigation the next day showed both main steering rack bolts fell out I first noticed this evening before on the motorway. The steering needed 1/2 turn before anything happened. I managed to get the car home. I ordered 2 new bolts from Land Rover, but I am unable to get them in, after reading your letter I guess the old ones must be sheered inside. Not sure what to do next? What was the outcome of yours?
  • Well, I've owned my Freelander since new in 2002. I have 51,000 miles on the vehicle. It has had problems, although I thought minor until now (water in the tail light, new battery, faulty starting problems). Guess you can tolerate a whole lot more when it is under warranty. I have had all of my service done at the same Landrover dealership I bought the car from on the North side of Houston.

    I was driving the car last Sunday from Nacogdoches back to Houston and along the way, stopping at a stop sign, something happened! I began to drive and the yellow light came on, check engine soon and the blinking F 4 that I am now realizing is so infamous! I had it towed all the way from Lufkin on a flatbed truck to the dealership. We have made 2 calls to Landrover customer service department and are awaiting a response on how our transmission will be handled. Of course, we are being told they are UNAWARE of any transmission problems!

    Seems like there would be an attorney somewhere that would want to handle a class action suit against Landrover for these faulty 2002 models. Anyone know of a class action suit pending???? Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the transmission repaired under warranty?
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