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Land Rover Freelander



  • Those affected by the Freelander Head Gasket problem should visit and
    for more information and advice. Those Freelander victims in Australia: Let Land Rover know how you feel by writing to:
    The General Manager, Land Rover Australia, Locked Bag 2214 North Ryde NSW 1670.
    You should also complain to the ACCC and the Office of Fair Trading in your state.
  • cestantoncestanton Posts: 2
    Elmor posed the exact questions I've been trying to find the answers to. The LR dealer assured me that the company's reliability problems were a thing of the past. I'd like to believe him, but I think it's prudent to take his statement with a grain of salt large enough to fill the back of the Freelanderar he wants to sell me.

    Does anyone know whether, thus far, the 2005s are faring better than earlier models? Elmor, have you been able to find any useful information?

    Also, I'm confused about the quality of the Land Rover brand in general. Over the years, I've heard horror stories like the ones here and others associated with the Discovery. And J.D. Power's 2005 long-term dependability ratings (based on three-years of original-owner data) rank the nameplate second to last, with 395 problems per 100 vehicles. Yet none of the major reviews I've seen of LR's various vehicles have detailed any long-standing quality issues with the company. And with the number of them I see on the road, their reputation among consumers can't be *too* bad. Also, the LR3 was named 2005 Motor Trend Sport/Utility of the Year.

    So what's the story with this brand? Is it as simple as them making their top-of-the-line models pieces of art, while neglecting their lower-end models so badly that they wind up being pieces of trash? Or have all of their models been plagued in one form or another?

    I'd also be very curious to hear: Those of you who rue the day you drove out of the LR dealership in your new Freelander (or other), what were your impressions of the brand before you bought it? Did you subsequently find anything out about the brand (not solely through your own terrible experience) that you wish you'd known before you made the purchase?

    I'd greatly appreciate any insight (or resources you could point me to). Thank you.
  • godhelpusgodhelpus Posts: 2
    It seems quite obvious to me that the '02 Freelander was junk. I bought a brand new '05 freelander yesterday. On the ride home from the dealership, I noticed the Interior lights of the vehicle would not shut off. Currently, the car is in the driveway, battery draining and all. Obviously I will be bringing the vehicle into my LR dealership tomorrow. But has any one else had this problem? and has any one had any problems with ANY OTHER year models? Primarily an '05. Thanks.
  • Just for the record, the 2002 Freelander was named Automobile Magazine Small Sport Ute of the year. That's what swayed me in the direction to purchase and also what made me cancel my long standing subscription to that magazine.

    The testers don't have the cars long enough to run into many of the problems reported on these boards. Also, I believe that if/when the testers do have issues, LRNA is right there to fix things quickly and easily... very opposite to the dealer experience that most of us have had.

    As a sidenote, when I've complained about my service experience in the past, the regional service manager told me "we treat all of our customers equally bad, regardless of whether they bought a Freelander or Range Rover." You'd think he was kidding, but he said it dead on so who knows....
  • i just bought a 2002 freelander for 15,0000 from a jeep dealer who said it was fine all checked out,,,,i drove for 3 days lights kept comeing on,they told me to bring to landrover so i did well it needs a new transmission ,,but the best is the only reason i bought this is because there was only 19 thousand miles on it and its in excellent cond...the transmission was covered ,,but the dealer wont take any money off the sale its final....but they will set me up in a new jeep,,,or work something out with afraid to keep this car with that little miles what will be next.....i only bought it to give my daughter my 2001 crv,,which i never had any problems with
  • i bought a freelander for 15 thousand dollars with only 19 thousand miles at a jeep dealer i had for 3 days the jeep place told me they replaced the brake pads thats all in needed,,well light kept going on i called they told me to bring to land rover ,,they told me it needs a new transmission so its been there for a wk, now ,,i want them the jeep dealer to but it back,,,they wont,but they will get me into something else and work out the figures im afraid what will be next with that low milage why would a transmission go,,,noone has a answer i only bought it to give my child my honda crv 01 that i had no problems with ever,,saw this ad thought it was to good to be true,,but the car is in great cond,,,but i a little wary now of keeping it can anyone help,,,does anyone have problems with there freelander 02
  • i have trouble also with the one i bought from a jeep dealer had for 3 days lights on freelander says transmission,,,,,,its been there a wk. 19 thousand miles 15 thousand dollars i paid they wont buy back but will get me into something else please advise how i get them to buy back or lemon law in ct. thanks
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,898
    It is a used car.... lemon law doesn't apply.. be thankful that you are still in warranty..

    Your best bet is to drive the car until it is nearly out of warranty, then sell it for whatever you can get... If the Jeep dealer won't buy it back, then quit dealing with them... anything they do to get you into another car will just be more money out of your pocket..

    If you feel you want to sell the car now, you'll just have to sell it for the most you can get, and take your lumps...

    If you read back over the last couple of years posts, you'll see that your experience is not unusual, and is not likely to get better...


    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • steve41steve41 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2005 Freelander in May. It has all the options. Really nice and reliable so far. Have 3000 miles on it, and no issues. The vehicle seems to be pretty solid and well built. Traded in a Lexus RX300. The Freelander is no Lexus, but the RX's are now around $45K, while the fully loaded Freelander was just over $30K. I really have enjoyed the vehicle so far, and hope it continues to be trouble free.
  • sdmvasdmva Posts: 1
    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you that took the time to post your issues with the Freelander. After reading through all forty plus pages of messages, I decided not to purchase a Freelander.

    This was no easy decision I can assure you! I have wanted a Land Rover for as long as I can remember, and the Freelander seemed like a great start. In addition, it was at first quite difficult for me to connect the information provided here as applying to ALL Freelanders.

    Well, it really does seem as though the majority of brake, electrical, power, and transmission issues are almost universal for this particular vehicle. In fact, after reading this forum I finally reviewed the Consumer Reports scores. I am sure many of you are now aware that the 2002 Freelander failed miserably in the above (and other) categories.

    Good luck with your Land Rovers...hopefully I can join the club when they work out the more serious problems.

  • jons1jons1 Posts: 3
    Its not a warranty matter The overheating & failed HG is the result of a design fault which is not detectable during servicing.
    I'm UK based but I believe your consumer laws are similar in that you cannot sell a vehicle, even a second hand one, that is not fit for the purpose. So any owners out there have got a claim. Type in Freelander head gasket problem & wait for the hit but if you own one, be sitting with a stiff drink.

    Good luck
  • jons1jons1 Posts: 3
    No they haven't cured their problems type in Freelander Problems then wait fo the hit. Be sitting with a drink!!
    We are UK based but we do have a OZZY members who join through an OZZY website. You'll find it in these posts under the name of Junklander.
  • jons1jons1 Posts: 3
    Yes you probably have a blown HG this could be caused by the garage not refilling the coolant as per the manufactures instruction thereby leaving an air pocket restricting the flow of coolant with too obvious results. Get it checked ASAP
  • elmorelmor Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies to my question regarding the 2005 model Freelanders. I've decided not to proceed at this point after reading the past entries and the current model's end. High hopes for all those with Freelanders.

    Thanks, Elmor
  • Motor vehicle complaints
    It is widely accepted by 4WD mechanics that Freelander K-series 1.8lt engines are known to drop the cylinder liners into the block. Because the liners are steel and the block is alloy, the liners being harder, work their way into the block. The bad news is; If the liners are too low, the engine needs to be replaced - this is fact, confirmed by Land Rover. In some cases engines have been replaced several times, at average intervals of only 50000 km. That's not just bad luck.... that's a design fault.
    Just a reminder to all "Land Rover Freelander Head Gasket Failure" victims in Australia. If you have made a claim against Land Rover Australia and are unhappy with the response, you should put your concerns in writing to the ACCC office in your state. Go to for postal addresses.

    The ACCC is now collecting data on this issue and will pursue the case if there are sufficient complaints indicating a pattern.
  • Those living the Freelander 1.8lt petrol headgasket failure nightmare are urged to visit the following web site for further information and advice:
  • Thank you very much to all who responded with their insights on Land Rover in general and the Freelander in particular. Like a few other recent posters, I've decided against getting one. I feel for all those who've gone through the kinds of problems I've read about here. If it's any consolation--and I'm sure it won't be much--sharing your experiences is most likely saving several others (including me) from having to suffer the same kind of aggravation. So, thank you.
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Do edmunds or other real car review sites post articles on really bad vehicles? This freelander forum is full of nightmare stories from almost everyone who posted?

    While it could seem like brand would be refreshing to see something like...This vehicle has had major problems and potential buyers should review service contracts, etc in the pros/cons section.


    Pros Excellent on-road handling for an SUV, permanent all-wheel drive, still capable off-road.
    Cons Expensive for a compact SUV, tight on cargo space, V6 engine on the weak side, no side airbags, SE3's hard top is hard to install.

    Even something as light-handed as (insert website here) cannot endorse this vehicle due to problems reported? Consumer reports got a lot of flack for negative press, however the truth you can uncover in forums is never accurately represented in articles.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,968
    For another data point besides the editorial side here and the forums, check out the Consumer Reviews and Ratings. There's a link at the top of the discussion with 22 current reviews listed.

    Steve, Host
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297 reads like people really like its design and feature set...however the overall negativity doesn't seem equal to what has been in this forum.

    For the record I don't own one, but like the concept and have read this forum since inception...I have steered many people I know away from the vehicle based on what I read here.
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