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Land Rover Freelander



  • I too had this issue. The heater core was leaking coolant into the heater fan motor. One cold morning I went to turn on the heater fan and nothing. Turns out the fan finally burned out due to all of the coolant that had dripped into the fan. It was under warranty and the dealer replaced the blower motor and the heater core. I asked the kid behind the counter what it would have cost me if I did not have the warranty, he said somewhere around 1K.
  • I bought a 2002 freelander with only 18,000 miles and I was quoted $4,000 for extended warranty up to 100K. Any similar experiences?
  • Joey:

    My Jatco transmission slips between 1 and 2 in the normal mode. It worked poorly the first 500 miles, then became intermittent again at 11,500. Is this the common problem people are writing about? It is unnerving to do a right turn on red and then...coast while slipping.

    Other issues:
    -seat belt warning light wants to be on sometimes
    -replaced leaking rear light

    Good stuff:
    -underbody rails protected me once from a hidden ceramic --pipe in a grassy field
    traction is wonderful

    Better than he average Ford but, that trans is making me nuts. The dealer can't get an error code so, no repair. Contacted LandRover corporate. I am letting them think I want to exercise the Lemon Law to get some improvement. I really want the car, if it will go reliably.
  • Dear deadlander

    I have just read your message about the f4 error and a problem with the car changing from 2nd to 3rd...I have exactly the same issue...could this be linked to the throttle body on the the computer seems to think that the throttle body is faulty? did you solve your problem?....many thanks!!
  • After 5 trips to the service department since June of 2005 and the last one December 30th I asked Land rover corp. Customer Resources to buy back my 200 Freelander SE. It still under warranty @47K miles and all the service up to date. It has broken down on the California freeway at night and 4 other times with overheating/coolant issues (as they describe it at the service dept). At his point they have replaced about everything related to the overheating issue and want me to basically have faith that I won't break down again. Its pretty crazy having a supposibly luxury car that you have to carry a bottle of water just in the event of not if but when it will break down. I feel its a malfunction of the design and cannot be corrected. I'm currently pursuing the California dispute settlement program and then the lemon Law. California is a 3 strikes out for the same problem and the y have struck out 5 times.
  • gensadgensad Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Freelander SE, and its been nothing but headaches. The Service Engine light comes on on a routine basis. The rear passenger windows have gone off track. I've had it serviced about 7 times. I have 2000 miles before the warranty expires and am in a race against time to trade it in for another vehicle, another brand. I think all I actually paid for the was Landrover insignia.
  • Hi, I bought a 2002 used. I just replaced the battery and now it's saying, enter security code. Anyone know where this is? I called LandRover and they don't know.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,650
    The security code is for the radio.. Hopefully, the prior owner put it with the owner's manual... or wrote it down inside... Once you lose power to the radio, you need it to get it operational again...

    If you can't find it, you might try the original selling dealer... they may have it on file... otherwise, you'll probably have to pull the head unit to have it reset..


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  • I have had nothing but problems with this vehicle which I purchased new. You will need the warrantee more than ever the more milage you get. Endless issues. One day the transmisson just went, F4 error message on the dashboard, no reason. I never ever drove off road, nothing. I have spent over $15,000.00 on services and repairs. Once the vechile hits the 45,000 mark WATCH OUT here comes the service fees, this will cost you lots and lots of money. I would seriously consider putting that money towards another vechile. I love the way the vehicle looks, but it just is not manufactured very well, sad to say.
  • I have a 2002 Freelander. Just found out from dealer that it will cost $10K to replace the long block assembly. Started out as losing coolant, then replacing thermostat, now this. I am at wits end.
  • I made the same mistake everyone did here. I bought it because it looks great (and it really does) but since the day I got it home, I visited the service center 5 times!!! It's just not worth it. And worst of all, the transmission was slipping and the LR mechanic insisted that its ok. And the smell coming out of the vent was disgusting,again, the mechanic insisted that's how a "Freelander" smells. Its unbelievable! I am happy to say that I am a exfreelander. got myself a nice 2005 Pontiac Vibe and very happy with it!
  • Has anyone experienced the following. Burning smell emanating from under hood. Multiple problems after 45 K of normal use? Electric locks fail; throttle assembly failure; transmission problems? LMK what is out there



    PS It has been in service 3 times this last year and we have have all the recommended service performed :cry:
  • rvrmsrvrms Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 Freelander. I bought the car at the Wilmington (DE) Land Rover and was more than pleased at the service and courtesy always displayed. The car has had only minor problems and those were handled efficiently and immediately by Wilmington LR (I cannot say enough positive about the dealer there!)...

    I recently moved to Cape Cod MA and had a very sour experience with the dealer there. The service manager was totally arrogant (and i am not a "finicky" customer) in my opinion and acted like he was doing a favor for me to put me down for an oil change appt. Moreover, they charged me to put on the front license plate bracket (which should have been on the car to begin with, but never insisted as did not need in DE--I brought it with me--MA requires front and rear plates).....I cancelled the oil change appt. and have not been able to find a local garage to do it.

    I am experiencing now some quirks in electrical system--the wipers will sometimes not come on right away--the alarm system will blink sometimes when open the car with remote entry....and I am worried about all the complaints I read on this board.

    I have been looking to replace the car as warranty is near its end (I have about another 6,000 miles left).. Choices--TOyota (Highlander)...looked at Honda CRV and it definitely is much smaller than the Freelander for passengers and driver and handles a lot differently (I do not care for it).... The Honda Pilot is too large..and I do not wanna go American...Wondering if I should look into extended warranty for the Freelander--does anyone know what it costs and what it covers exactly?

    Also, I heard that the "new Freelander" is to be called the LR2...and inside news as to quality, what is changed, etc? I was satisfied with my Freelander as long as everything is under warranty...but am fearful of what it will cost when that has expired.. :confuse:

    Sorry to be so long-winded...Hope to hear some thoughts..


    The car
  • My 2002 Freelander has changed my life. The best part about owning my Freelander is that I have come to know many North Metro Atlanta Freelander owners who hate their Freelanders as much I do mine. We meet pretty regularly at Land Rover dealerships, most likely Northpoint in Alpharetta. Northpoint LR has a very homey service department lounge which has become more familiar to me than my own living room. My Freelander has consumed three radios, two cruise control units, a handful of “check engine” sensors, two heating or air-conditioning cores (I forget which), two sunroof motors …
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    I just gave up on the BBB process and contracted with a lawyer after many failures. I lost patience and did not want to attend the arbitration alone. Lawyers would not go. So far, it looks like I would need to truck my car as the rules require bringing it. It is supposed to run before the canceled hearing but, I decided to make a decision now as only 3 days were left. I did not want to bear the expense of trucking it to the hearing. I can't take digital pictures of a transmission not shifting from 1 - 2. Out of service is now over 45 days. How did you get them to buy it back through the BBB process? I have a 2005. I love the styling but, I am sorry I bought this car.
  • busta5busta5 Posts: 9
    :lemon: Bought my Freelander new in 2002. From the beginning had electrical problems that had windows frozen and the radio not working. The back window would go down on its own for no apparent reason. Wheel components visible from the hubs rusted and look hideous as did the rivets in all four wheel wells. Brakes had to be replaced THREE times in four years. The back folding single seat got stuck in the folded position twice and the dealer was in no hurry to schedule a repair, leaving us without the use of the back seat for over a week. The service dept at the dealer in Solon OH act like they are doing you a favor by looking at any problem outside of something you have to pay for, and the service manager is rude. The agreement when buying the car was the use of a car and delivery of one when service or repair was needed seemed null and void when actually requested. You would think I was using the service managers private vehicle! Trying to get the dealer to honor and repair for recalls OR warranty issues was impossible. Sent the car in for an oil change and recall and the car was returned without the recall being done and I only found out after several frustrating inquiries. After four years of vigilant service on my part the car motor went south. Got tired of putting up with the arrogance of the land over service personnel so I sent the car to an independent mechanic. Was told that the motor was failing and after two additional opinions was advised to get rid of the vehicle. I called Land Rover service to inquire as to why on earth a four year old car would need a new motor, and you know what the ever fabulous polite and professional service manager had the nerve to say to me? "Have you been changing your own oil?" Really, he actually asked me that. I have put more money into this car than I would like to admit, had a Mitsubishi for 13 years and did not put that much money into it. Between the poor craftmanship and the wash my hands of you attitude of the service dept, I would advise anyone against buying a LR product. NEVER AGAIN. Got rid of it and if you are looking at Freelanders..........BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    I am pursuing a buy-back of my 2005 LR says NO so far. They want to be difficult. I hired lawyers now. I have had 51 days out of service in 10 mos.. After a new transmission was installed reverse is rough. They tested it. Missed a detail in testing. The dealer in Solon polite and says LR corporate won't authorize parts. Not much more to say. After over 30 days in the shop, I called an hour later for a new appointment.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    My 2005 has been in the shop 51 days in 10 months. Pursuing buy back. LR says NO. Replaced trans.. Digusted.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    Is there enough interest out there to attempt a class action lawsuit? I am interested. My 2005 is a disaster. Enough is enough. LR is refusing a buy-back so far.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    Most lemon laws stop at 18,000 miles. You are in a pickle.
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