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Land Rover Freelander



  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,021
    "The '07 model will be equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 engine and will provide a much more comfortable ride and more spacious interior than the current vehicle."

    2007 Land Rover Freelander Heads to Paris (Inside Line)


    Steve, Host

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  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,614
    you beat me to it. i think it looks great.
  • I would recommend you push for the dealership to do something about it while it's still under warranty. I own a 99 Freelander. Last Thursday it broke down on my way to work. It had to be towed to LR, the next day I had received a bill for AUS $4,600 parts and $2,800 for service. My car have never been off road, have only done 52,000kms. The list of things that needs to be repaired are huge, headgaskit and clutch kit are the two major things that needs doing. For a car that is so seldom used, this should not have happened. LR is not taking any responsibilities. Even though many complaints have been made about headgasket problems all over the internet. Have a look at the attached site about someone making a complaint to the ACCC.
    Anyways good luck, I don't think I will buy another Land Rover again after this experience. Even if the car was in working order, the depreciation on them just make the car not worth buying.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    I am pursuing legal action on my 2005 Freelander based on US lemon laws. I had over 50 days out of service in the first year. The law recognizes 20 days out of service as a concern or lemon. The experience you all are having does not encourage me.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    Does anyone out there have enough miles on a US Freelander gas engine to comment on engine life? I am now at 13,000 miles; it's a baby yet. I know the LR Discovery is running over 200,000 miles around here. People seem to love 'em (Discovery).
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    My 2005 Freelander transmission was replaced for a similar issue. It "raced" btween either 1 and 2 or 2 and 3. I think it was 1 and 2. Very hard to reproduce for the dealer. So far, my time in service is 86% of the time owned.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    Loving my Freelander again. :shades: Performance is so good with the replaced transmission. I wish it could have been sooner. Only time will tell where I really am but, I am enjoying this car. Maybe, a 2007 redesign would be a good option. I am considering it. I stay with the breed and get to take advantage of the new design. The X-type Jags I had as loaners had the Ford Cleveland 230 hp V-6 and a similar Jatco transmission to the Freelander. They performed nice together. The speculation on the web is that this is the drivetrain coming. The stability control on the Jag saved me in Western New York one dark snowy night from the :sick: . It took over on the second manual correction on ice and snow. I can't say if a conventional system would have allowed recovery. I am all for stability control. Six airbags is a good idea in case all else fails..... :P
  • busta5busta5 Posts: 9
    So.....if I am reading your posts correctly, this is your 2nd transmission on this car and you are happy? Please tell me you are not paying for these! 13,000m only? I found a remedy for this problem, sell it and buy a Honda.
  • busta5busta5 Posts: 9
    #910 of 941 LR Freelander 2005 Trans Fails by lakewood Mar 08, 2006 (3:58 am)
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    I am pursuing a buy-back of my 2005 LR says NO so far. They want to be difficult. I hired lawyers now. I have had 51 days out of service in 10 mos.. After a new transmission was installed reverse is rough. They tested it. Missed a detail in testing. The dealer in Solon polite and says LR corporate won't authorize parts. Not much more to say. After over 30 days in the shop, I called an hour later for a new appointment.
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    No, we don't pay for warranty work.
  • busta5busta5 Posts: 9
    aren't you concerned that you have replaced the trans TWICE in 13,000 miles/it doesn't look good for the future. Wether you have paid for it or not, I think I would be very concerned. :surprise:
  • lakewoodlakewood Posts: 26
    Only one trans. failed.
  • cpalfreycpalfrey Posts: 1
    Hi there:

    My IRD has boken . Did landrover pay for this defect? Is there any recourse?

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,021
    2007 Land Rover - Name change (Straightline)

    Steve, Host

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  • busta5busta5 Posts: 9
    They can change the name but it is still a heap of junk. :sick:
  • My understanding is that the new Freelander/LR2 is meant to be a really good vehicle.

    The challenge for Landrover is that they have completely alienated what could have been a loyal buying base. It's one thing for the Freelander to be so bad, but it's quite another for the company and dealerships to lose out on loyalty purchases by treating existing cusotmers this poorly.

    We leased our Freelander and turned it in with 19k miles after 39 months of use.
    Dealer: "You didn't like this car very much did you?"
    Me: "umm... no... not really."
    Dealer: "What Landrover would you like to replace this with?"
    Me: "Your kidding right?"
    Dealer: "No, seriously, the LR3 is a great vehicle."
    Me: "It might be, I really need something more reliable."
    Dealer: "Is that your new BMW out there?"
    Me: "Yep...."
    Dealer: "Oh... ok. Those are good cars to"
    Me: "Yep... and they take care of their customers"
    Dealer: "We do to"
    Me: Just Looks at dealer for reality check
    Dealer: "Yeh... ok maybe not"
  • stevenzozstevenzoz Posts: 8
    We have a 2002 Freelander S with 36,000+ miles on it and have had no problems what-so-ever. :shades:
  • ashleighcashleighc Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,
    New to the site. I just had a horrible experience from the dealership... brought in my freelander... knew the tie rods were worn, tried to tell me it was tire pressure.

    There is a lot of talk about transmissions and engines... Currently working my way through 54,000 Km (bought used only had for it for 3 months) and want to know what to look for before I run out of warranty.
    (expected in 26K)

    Are there any other key signs or symptoms that are tell tale for these two problems?

  • ianannianann Posts: 2
    If you are a US owner you have mercifully been spared the "joys" of ownership of a 1.8 litre petrol powered Freelander. Had this model been released in the US I can only muse as to whether Land Rover would have still been in business. For interest refer almost any non US forum. Head/Head-gasket/wet-sleeve-cylinder-block/coolant/circulation design issues combined to make the 1.8 K series petrol engine essentially a "consumable". For issues with your particular engine I suggest you look at the many Land Rover/Freelander Forums.
    The transmission is a somewhat different issue being common to all Freelanders regardless of engine type and size. The villain in the piece is the "viscous coupling" which is a purely mechanical self actuating device fitted to the transmission shaft between the front and rear axles systems.
    In principle it is a simple clever device which allows the car to act as a front wheel drive car on hard surfaces, reacting to wheel slippage on soft surfaces, "locking up" and converting the car to so-called 4 wheel drive.
    The problem is that especially on earlier Freelanders this coupling gradually locked up permanently and driving the car on normal hard surfaces causes "transmission windup" which causes excessive load on and excessive wear and eventual failure of the rear diff and its support structures and the front Intermediate Reduction Drive. The early symptom is a general tightening and sometimes near stall as the vehicle reverses slowly on tight steering lock. This is often accompanied by the rear tires scrubbing and jumping and not surprisingly very rough tyre wear. Tweaking the diff ratios has apparently minimized the problem but the viscous coupling seems to be inherently suspect.
    Sorry to be a bit long winded but thats my 2 cents worth.
    Ian H
  • cstoltzcstoltz Posts: 8
    Bear with me here.... As I was driving on the highway this afternoon - I noticed that my AC wasn't working too well (or not at all). I didn't pay too much attention since "little" things break down regularly on my LR. I went to the store, came out 30 minutes later and started my car.... again thinking... "I wonder why the AC isn't working". Well, 5 minutes later I notice white smoke/steam coming out from under my hood! This causes me to look at my temp guage which was all the way to HOT!!! I immediately pulled over and called the LR dealership who suggested I have the car towed. As it was 5:45pm on the start of a 3-day weekend - I full well knew that no one would be at the dealership by the time I would be towed in. I decided to wait 10 minutes or so and drive to my husband's office (only a mile or so away). Again, the cars temp guage rocketed to HOT - but this time no steam. The car will be towed to the dealership next week - but before it goes in I was hoping to get some suggestions on WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED!! By the way, I only have 34,000 miles or so AND I had my 36,000 mile service (a little early) in March. I am open to any and all suggestions as my car saavy is sadly lacking. Thanks!!!
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