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Land Rover Freelander



  • noeshnoesh Posts: 1
    Does any one know how to reset the ABS function after the broaches has been replaced????? It is a 1999 model!
  • I am very ready. I spoke to a lawyer this weekend as my 2002 freelander has been in the shop over 25 times for a variety of problems. Not only did Land Rover install a strut backwards and let me drive away, they installed a faulty steering column as well. Right now I am driving a loaner car as my car has gone into 'limited performance mode' for the second time in two weekds (btw, both time were on the Massachusetts turn pike during rush hours 8 am and 6pm, and my life was in danger both times.....); This happening two weeks after my full transmission was replaced (which I had to fight the Land Rover extended coverage as I got my 60,000 mile fluid switch at 63,000- isn't that some bullsh**) This car and the dealerships have done nothing but cause me stress and aggravation. I believe that we can really make this work. I have media packs that I also intend to send to every reporter in the MA and RI area with all of my invoices and email to the Land Rover owner asking for help. I have a very good lawyer that we can contact who specializes in class action.
  • I'm very much interested and have a lawyer that we can use....I've gone through hell and almost been killed b/c of my car failing.....
  • msouthwmsouthw Posts: 14
    Please keep me posted. I am in NJ area and will do whatever I can to help. I would love to give u my number but I think they frown upon that here...
  • A good way to start with a major complaint would be to start a petition. Anyone know how to get one started via email .. Then we can send it directly to Land Rover... just maybe this would get their attention..
  • Hi.....The same thing has just happend to me. I have a 2002 freelander and 2 days ago at 51,000 miles This happend to my car. The bad thing is I have only had it for 5 months. Is there any recourse for us?...........Donna
  • If you are finding the engine failure before the warranty expires, you are lucky. Land Rover will fully honor the warranty up until the last day, and then drop you like a hot potato the day after it expires. (In the end I did get 25% discount on my third motor which failed 20 days after it's coverage) I'm a little concerned for you if you still have the original tranny. Not HIGHLY concerned however, because they were mainly having a problem with 2002's, and the tranny got updated. Everyone with a replacement has an updated unit that should last. Let me ask you this ......Point the vehicle up a hill and proceed from a stop. Does the vehicle shake at all? That's the first sign you have the bad version. My suggestion: even if it doesn't, register a written complaint of shaking while acceleration up hills with the dealer, that way if the tranny goes after warranty expiration, you might get some partial coverage (with a fight). Cheers, Dave
  • Hi my name is Ms. Wilson and I live in Philadelphia. I own a Land Rover Freelander 2003. When I brought my car in 2003 everything was fine. One year later the engine light was coming on. It was taken back to LR 3 times before they discovered a gas leak. He told me that the car was unsafe and he gave me a loner. I went through Pennsylvania Lemon Law and sued LR for a small amount. The Lawyer suggested that I should take the money and not worry about a new car at this point as it is still under warrenty. I took the deal. Now in 2006/2007 I am having more engine problems. The antifrezze contiues to leak out and the car overheats. I have 47,800 miles and LR suggest that I need a new engine and i should bring it in to be repaired. It will take 6-8 weeks to complete but we can not give you a loner for that long period of time.LR of Wilmington DE (thats where I brought that piece of sh***. So yes I am ready for a class action law suit. When I asked what happens when my warranty is up and I am still having the same problem what do I do. They told me that I would be out of luck at the point. I really believe that the public needs to know whats going on. I have emailed my local news station with no reply. So I think that if we get enough people and as I see there are plenty of people with this same problem we can do this people. DONT LET LR GET AWAY WITH THIS! ITS TIME
  • I have had nothing but problems with my 2002 Freelander. Everything from the transmission to the windshield wipers. Right now my SES light is on, My windshield wipers, heater, heater core and blower, windows, sunroof, and stereo all do not work. My tranmission dropped out within the first few months of driving it off the lot. I have replaced my fuel pump, starter, battery, etc. Any solutions?
  • Join us in a petition for a lawsuit! Contact attorneys. Have you seen the RIDICULOUS amount of people complaining on this site? Help us find an attorney who will take this on :)
  • I have received a contact from a lawyer friend for another lawyer who specializes in class-action lawsuits. I will be contacting him and then, hopefully contacting all of you. It is going to a be a long process, but with this, and any media attention you can try to get (I'm going to send my story along with all of the invoice copies and emails to the owner of LR-Hanover to reporters on local news stations). I think we are all in the same boat in saying that our rights as consumers (93A) have been violated in one way or another. I just don't want any other people to have to go through this abuse. I'd also like to get out of this car, but I'm stuck with it b/c of it's poor trade value. Together, this can be a successful, landmark lawsuit. I would like to have the lemon-law revamped so that car companies can no longer stick it to the consumer. I'm fired up about this and truly believe in my convictions. So pass the class action information onto anyone that you think will fit. I have created a seperate email account for all class action inquiries where I can put your emails and then, the correspondences. This will help our lawyer get organized on just how many people he is working with. The email address is
    I look forward to hearing from all of you. Thanks :lemon:
  • How does one sign up for the petition?
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    Hi guys,

    I filed a complaint with the DMV (attorney general)of New York back in December. They have contacted me and are going to contact the Land Rover dealer directly with the complaint. Seems like they are going to pursue this. I've also contacted the local news stations too.
  • My dealership instructed me to contact my state Attorney General as well. They know this model has serious issues, hence the reason it was only in production for a few years in the states. :(
  • I have to do that as well, it's the one thing that I haven't done yet. I tried to trade it in and the other dealerships pretty much laughed at me.....the value is so far below what I owe that I will never recover from this. I am currently working towards a class action lawsuit. Please email me at I am keeping all people interested in order to have a list compiled for the attorney. Hopefully we can get this resolved. :lemon:
  • Can this CLASS ACTION SUIT be international. I'm not joking, I'll head it up if necessaary. I am from Canada and have a 2002 Freelander and after 4.5 years of small to medium sized headaches, the head gasket blew out and the liner in the engine moved causing my coolant to leak into my oil and then causing my oil and coolant to leak into the engine...end of engine is gone!!! replacement value thru dealer 12K(CAD). Value of the Freelander prior to this was 9K. These cars did not do well for good reason and I don't understand how a vechile with no warning can deteriorate so quickly on a "quality car".
  • Hey,

    I tried to email u but it says "bad address". Try me if u can @
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You need to enter the @ by hand if you took the addy off the screen. :)

    tidester, host
  • I did email you at, but no reply yet. My lawyer told me we should piggy back our cases together as a Noth American Class Action Suit. Obviously they proceeding would be different, but to have the support of fellow consumers across the border would make each case stronger.
  • Oh, sorry, I thought I replied to everyone. I am glad to join or start a class action. I have about 6 other people that have emailed me expressing extreme interest. Let me know.
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