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Land Rover Freelander



  • I still see no email from you...I'll keep checking. I have posed the question to my attorney about reprsenting all interested parties for an International Class Action and am waiting to hear back. You said you had some many people are we looking at?
  • Wouldn't it be the seal around the head gasket? I don't know much about cars, but I do know the engine design is poor and all the complaints and bulletins I have read are about fluids leaking into the engine. I'll see about the timining belts on my vehicle. Do you have that in writing somewhere that it is scheduled maintenance?
  • Have you pursued anything yet with this lawyer?
  • He said that is should be in my owner's know, that thing you read every weekend. ......right....
    Why does he tell me this almost 20000 miles after when my cars been there since around 60000....? Anyway. I don't know why the email hasn't gone through. I have sent two. You can send another with your number if you want (I know that you cannot post numbers here.) I'll call today if you like and we can get the ball rolling. Bridget
  • I did get it and just replied.
  • Kitten, I think it's about 9 of us so far, but there are other forums. Can we start a petition forum of some sort? I didn't know how to start a new discussion. This way people can see it and sign up. I don't know if they will allow that on here or not. We have to find a central point so people know where to get information. We can discuss if we get this email thing figured out.
  • I'm in. My 03 Freelander developed a coolant leak at around 45K miles and has been burning coolant ever since. Land Rover feigned ignorance about the problem although all it takes to diagnose it is a simple Google search. There is a serious design flaw with the Freelander - the cylinder liners drop allowing coolant to leak into the engine.

    As for my car, they finally agreed to put in a new engine (the same flawed design of course). Well guess what, 4 days after they supposedly installed the new engine, it's burning coolant again! My belief is they did not install a new engine - either put in a rebuilt one or tried to repair the damaged one.

    Land Rover seems completely unwilling to accept any responsibiity for selling a defective product. I think a fair settlement would be reimbursing all owners at least 50% of the purchase price. I'm not holding my breath though. And I will certainly never, ever buy another Land Rover or Ford product.
  • Hi lrjunk, if you have not already emailed me and are at all interested in joining our class action, please do is the email that I am using to organize and keep track of anyone interested. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you
  • Hi,
    I would also like to be a part of the petition/law suit. My 2003 Freelander has broken down 13 times in 18 months. Let me know what I can do? Thanks, Lora
  • Thanks, I got your email. We'll talk soon!
  • I have had a 2003 Freelander for 4 months and after drivingit for 9,000 miles I need to replace the engine due to Coolant Ingress in the engine. I think that is crazy. I don't know what to do? Anyone have any suggestions. My extended warranty doesn't want to pay for the new engine. Some one help.....
  • Well, my extended LR waruntee tried to wiggle out of paying for my new transmission b/c I got my 60000 mile check at 63000 (I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment....) I fought, kicked, screamed...really....I would not take NO for an answer....They were trying everything...suggesting I borrow money to fix it....I flipped, told them that I would loose not one, but two jobs..(which was true) and said that it was unacceptable. You need to throw a fit in the dealership.....really....this is a common problem with all Freelanders. Look at all the listings on this forum alone.....this company is horrendous! I think you are part of my list...if not, email me
    I am in process of speaking with lawyers right now.
  • Hi - I had to repalce my engine as well because the head gasket on the coolant burst and leaked into my engine (taking oil with it!) This is a common known problem, landrover UK actually issued a bulletin on this, but I don't think it made it's way to to the US or Canada. Please get on the petition list!
  • Can you find or get your hands on the U.K. Bulletin? Thanks, Dave
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    It's called
  • Hey, random question for everyone. Has anyone had issues with the car downshifting on it's own when going down a almost buck you forward??????? This has been another costant problem with my car and they don't have a clue as to what it is... :lemon:

    Please, please email me at or
    We really want to pursue a class action and need all the names we can get. Thanks.
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  • Hi-I am in the usa my engine same problem. Its at the dealer now. I am still under warrenty and LR has denied me. I have a 2003 freelander 2.5 liter engine coolant has leaked into the oil. I still owe on this car. I am fighting with them. I am going to dress like a lemon and stand out side of the dealer .I so done with LR Talking to lawyers now. I feel like bending over and telling to just get it over with then slowly wish me luck Diana
  • tpeeltpeel Posts: 17
    ask the certified land rover mechanic to check the radiator and the air flow first. if they refuse then get a lawyer then punch him square in the face.
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