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Land Rover Freelander



  • ritadanielsritadaniels Posts: 15
    I also own a 2002 Freelander and it is right now at 95,000 miles. It is currently running OK however, there is a knocking noise in the engine.. Earlier in this forum I told everyone that I had a faulty fuel pump and the car stalled several times. The mechanic had to replace it 2 times in order to get it right. It runs fine, but I really need to get rid of it before I start crying again.... I still owe, owe owe, so that isn't an option right now....

  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    Mileage on this car is lower than the 19/21 they advertise, I found it to be 16MPG on mine before it died.

    That knocking noise was a symptom of the Head Gasket Failure on my 2003 Freelander, it knocked because of the oil and coolant emulsification (or gooked up as I called it, became a paste inside the engine). I know still owing money on the vehicle has you thinking you are better to keep paying and keeping the vehicle, but trust me! when the engine goes (& it definitely/absolutely/positively will), you are better off trying to trade it in as part of buying another vehicle before that happens.

    My advice... TRADE IT IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, before you are stuck without a functioning vehicle and still have that payment. There is nothing worse than paying a payment for a vehicle that is dead.
  • dli6990dli6990 Posts: 4
    Thanks very much for the info. :)

    Sry...I'm a loyal L.R. fan...I will never trade it in for any thing, my family had seven different L.R. before, I'm not giving it up.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    Is there anyone out there who had a gasket replaced and didnt end up needing a new motor? If not I wonder about how many miles I have on the new gasket. Im hoping to pay the car down some before trade in. I put 4000,00 down and 2300,00 in repairs. thats alot to loose. I have had the car less than a year. What do you think?
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    Do you now how many complaints they have to have to issue a recall, or is it just based on their opinion of its road worthiness?
  • orca08orca08 Posts: 5
    um...I don't know for sure how long you might have left on the entire engine, but I would guess trading it in and taking a loss now would be better than a 7-10K engine replacement which would just put you much further in the hole. Why take the chance?
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    The Head Gasket Replacement issue is inevitably going to require a future repair/replacement of at minimum the gasket. The problem I found out is that the engine design is a piece of sh*t, the thermostat is located too close to the engine block, combined with the stress bolts around the Head Gasket eventually failing again. There is nothing to say that you cant get a year, 2 years or possibly more out of the vehicle with the gasket replacement, but it's like driving a depreciating ticking timebomb that only will invevitably fail. Whether its the Head Gasket Failure, Oil Pan/System Leak, or Transmission Failure, this vehicle has far too much downside to chance keeping it.

    I dont think enough people have filed complaints to even get consideration by the NHTSA for a recall. We have a better chance of someone filing a class action lawsuit (under assumption this vehicle is a luxury vehicle and would have potentially some owners with deep pockets)---- against the automaker, but probably wont see more than a few hundred $ after waiting five or ten years for the matter to get settled. I hate this friggin vehicle and dont expect anything from Land Rover, I just hope by posting these comments can possibly alert/avoid other people from ending up with a dead vehicle & just a payment book to show for it.
  • trburtontrburton Posts: 22
    Give it up. Sell it now before the auto sucks any more of your money. I am a 62 year old driver who meticulously maintained my Freelander. After the transmission was replaced at 48000 miles, engine noise developed & the valve train desintegrated at 52000 miles. I too expected more. My total Freelander experience cost me $55000. More than $1 per mile. A neighbor has 102000 miles on his Freelander, but he is on his third engine.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    Thanks so much for the responses. Im going to trade it in. I just feel bad about putting this car back out on the market for someone eles, but I cant afford to fix anymore problems. I wish everyone the best of luck with yours. If anyone is reading this and thinking about getting a Landrover PLEASE dont do it. Go buy a Toyota or a Honda.
  • revriffrevriff Posts: 1
    I've been told that the 2002 Freelander doesn't have a "dip stick" to check transmission this true...if so, when you lift the hood and if the battery is not in, you can see a hole just down below where the battery would be sitting...appears to be a place that transmission fluid has pumped out all over some of my wire connectors. Any help would be greatly appreciated...I was wondering if there was a repair manual for these ? ...I only paid $4000 for the L/R I hope I'll be able to come out a winner on this one.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    Iam not sure about the dip stick I paid big for a mechanic to flush the transmission, plugs, wires etc.... But I do know that you can get a repair mannual at ebay motors. If I were you I would get rid of it. Your $4000 could turn into $8000 in the blink of an eye.In less than a year I have put 2400 in mine and that is with a 1000 warrenty I bought. Good luck
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    I dont believe there is a dip stick for this vehicle's transmission fluid, in fact they provide no easy accessibility to the transmission fluid assembly. $4000 as the purchase price might be okay, so long as you realize to get rid of it once repairs are needed, but drive it until it dies of one of the issues noted in this forum (typically head gasket/coolant mixing w/ oil, oil leak, transmission fluid leak, and fuel pump failure), that all of these repairs cost over $1000 and outweigh the value in repairing as more repairs will be needed inevitably anyway.
  • kpencekpence Posts: 11
    Hello everyone,
    I recently received a notice in my email about the class action moving forward with a new law firm and one with the information as to how to file a complaint with NSTA and have lost them due to computer troubles.
    I have replaced my engine and... so
    could the senders email me again with the information so I can contact the atty and NSTA.
    much appreciated.
  • kpencekpence Posts: 11
    thank you for the forward
  • I had a 2004 Freelander that started leaking coolant in March. It happened like clockwork (right around 50K). I was naive and thought that Land Rover would step up and do the right thing to fix the situation. Everyone admitted that the Freelander was junk -- my service specialist, the Land Rover North America customer service representative I spoke with, even the salesperson that I bought the car from. They all told me to trade the car in as soon as possible. But when it came down to help, there seemed very little that they were willing to do. They wouldn't even talk to me about a trade-in, unless it was for an LR3. This is the second Land Rover that died on me within 3 years of ownership (I had a 1999 Discovery II before this, which died within 2 years), so buying yet another piece of junk was out of the question. I haven't even seen a single Freelander on their lot (Bellevue Land Rover) since this all began.

    Without boring you all with too much detail, it took two months of fighting with Land Rover and with Primus to finally get a new engine installed. It cost me about $1000 out of pocket, even though I had an extended warranty. (Primus is getting very good about finding things not to pay for).

    A (reputable) local car dealer was cool enough to take a trade-in on my Freelander while it was still in the shop. I lost a lot of money in negative equity on this car. I made the investment hoping that I would have this car long-term. But I figured that it is better to spend the money to get out of it now rather than spend 7-10K on a new engine a few years from now when the second engine dies and I'm out of warranty.

    My advice is to trade in this vehicle at the first sign of a coolant leak. Don't feel as though you're passing off the problem on to someone else -- you'd be surprised at the number of people who love these cars and are willing to put up with the trouble they cause.

    Land Rover is very aware of this situation, and they are very prepared in how to fight customers that are facing this. They will not help you. Cut your losses and buy a more dependable car -- a Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, or Subaru. I went with the Subaru Forester, and I'll agree with the Rav4 owner in a previous post, it was the best thing I ever did.

    What disappoints me most is that Land Rover is not accountable to anyone for the cars that they manufacture. They supposedly discontinued the Disco and the Freelander in favor of the 'improved' LR3 and LR2. If you do a bit of research you'll find that these cars are money pits just as their predecessors.

    If you've had a similar experience, write your state Attorney General, Land Rover North America, and your local Land Rover dealer. Let them know how disappointed you are with Land Rover products and service. :lemon:
  • ccadenaccadena Posts: 1
    WOW- I am still trying to adjust to the shock of the repair company telling my husband and I today that we need $10,000 to replace the engine on freelander with only 31,000 miles, we bought it used 6 months ago. This is the first piece of semi-good new as I feel a little comfort that I am not alone in this. My husband and I will be filing a complaint with landrover. I know the landsuit business is tricky, but I was was wondering about going to the media, I am sure there are a lot of other people with this problem.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    I wrote an email to CNBC about Landrover. I have not recieved a responce. Maybe if more people wrote to them they would think about it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    What did you tell them?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • The media can't order a recall of all these vehicles or compensate any of us for our expenses. The media can ruin the company (which is now owned by some conglomerate in India) but that doesn't leave any of us any better off. We might feel vindicated somewhat but we'll still be stuck with these awful vehicles and a bad conscience if we sell or trade-in the vehicles so that some other poor slob ends up with our pain. A law firm will take months to evaluate whether our case is worth their resources to fight and, IF they deem the case worthwhile (the last one did NOT), they'll likely try to settle for something that falls far short of reimbursing us for our expenses but puts a whole lot of money in the firm's coffers. The best hope for us is the US Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Don't just vent and wring your hands (or worse yet, make your problem someone else's) - use your time and wits constructively and go to to file a complaint. The NHTSA will respond to volume and seriousness of complaints. Explore their database at where you'll find plenty of company among others who've had LandRover engine-overheat, transmission, and other failures. The engine-overheat, brake, and transmission failures that plague these LandRovers ARE safety problems and we need to make that case loudly, clearly, and in great numbers.
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    That so many will have to endure this vehicle's many problems. Just, please, avoid spending too much money on trying to fix the vehicle. If you have loans on the vehicle, try dragging the car financing company into the middle of the mess, as I doubt they want to reposess these piles of scrap metal when the engine overhears/head gasket failure.

    They discontinued this vehicle and therefore there are no more of these faulty engines being produced by the Chinese manufacturer. Even if they were producing these engines, you would be better off buying a different car than wasting money on another one of this vehicle's engines with the same defect.

    I agree that trying to get the media involved is futile, it ultimately doesnt get our vehicles fixed. Class Action Suit or NHTSA action might be our best options.
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