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Land Rover Freelander



  • I couldn't say whether that was true, I've heard no such thing. All I know is what a LR mechanic advised me about a year ago, that replacement engines were no longer available for this discontinued vehicle. He just told me to trade in or get rid of the vehicle.

    From what I've read, there's over a year wait for a refurbished engine, which are engines recovered in trade ins or from junk yards in the U.S., that no new replacement engine is available now. Carmax should really be calling LR and finding out the validity of what they are saying, including facts on what you've been told.

    I've moved beyond this mess, but not before my credit rating has been damaged and the amount of aggravation it has caused me.
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    I have not heard that either. However, I have heard that there is a class action lawsuit pending. Every person that I meet that has this vehicle has had nothing but nightmares with it. I did file a complaine with the FTSA and I think others should as well...this vehicle is the biggest piece of junk made to mankind!
  • I urge each of you to call you local LR dealer and inquire about the Freelanders that they may have for sale. I called our local LR dealer and asked if these are reliable cars. I was told "oh, yes". When I asked if there had been any problems with the engines I was told after the salesman stumbled around a bit that "two of the engines out of 4 cars had been replaced so there wouldn't be any problems with those and that they had been checked over thoroughly". The other car has a warranty but the engine has not been replaced. I then asked if I bought that car with the warranty and something went wrong with the engine would they be able to fix it. I was told that "if there is a warranty then LR has to fix it". Funny my car has been at this same dealership waiting for an engine for nine months and I have been told that there are not any engines available, but they are suppose to be making new designed engines in Japan. These vehicles only went up for sale in June and July. After I got off the phone I checked the website for this dealership and looked at the carfax report for these freelanders and there was no mention of an engine being replaced, only coolant system checked. This dealership or the carfax reports is lying to potential customers. I really think I know who the liar is though. I am just wondering if others across the US would get the same kind of response from there local dealership :( .
  • I too checked Carfax on my Freelander. Neither transmission or engine replacement was on the report. It is apparent that Land Rover dealers do not report problems to Carfax. Carfax has a disclaimer, but I would never trust Carfax for any purchase.
  • I wouldnt be surprised if Land Rover told customer's to go invest in Lehman Brothers. And Carfax should be scrutinized for not doing more to identify the failures in how they verify & obtain information on vehicles that they say they are helping protect the consumer.

    Putting the word out on forums like here is the best we can do for our fellow consumer. Whenever I see someone who owns one of these vehicles, I tell them my experience, it's the right thing to do, and everyone has a right to know the truth.
  • I don't know about Carfax. My point was that the Land Rover salesman and the rest of Land Rover is lying about replacing these engines. My car has been at their dealership since Dec. 2007 (9 months) and there aren't any engines so how would they have replaced those two that the salesman told me about. They are lying just to get them off their lot and into some poor suckers hands. (like all of us)

    I have also been told that LR is suppose to be reconfiguring a new engine for these cars, but dummy me, I must be a little slow, but why would they reconfigure a new engine for a car that has been discontinued.

    I had great news today though, Carmax and the extended warranty company are paying off our car and we are free. Let me make this clear to anyone that might be interested in a Land Rover, LR didn't lift a finger to help or offer any assistance with this matter. The Land Rover Company behaves as a bunch of thieves in the night and takes absolutely NO responsiblity in their mess they have heaped upon consumers.
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    I still owe 6000,00 on my 2002 Freelander. I recently had a gasket replaced but it is now leaking coolant again. It will need a new motor this time. I cant afford to keep making car payments on a car I cant drive. I was thinking about letting the finance comp. come and get it. I did buy an extra warrenty with the car, but its not going to help if there is not a motor for the car. If I let them repo the car will this come back to bite me later. I really dont know what to do. How did you get the warrenty comp. to pay off your car? Mine said they would not cover a new motor.
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    I am in the same boat. I already had my engine rebuilt right after I bought...I no longer have an extended warrantly. My coolant is continually leaking...and I am thinking of trading...just not sure what to do. I did file a consumer complaint and the more that file the more action the federal goverment will take. Why should you ruin your credit because LR made a crappy car!
  • That's good news that Carmax and extended warranty company are paying off your car, that is really the only way out of this debacle. Replacing gaskets, engine rebuilds, and salvaged engines dont work for long.

    The more chatter about this stuff, the better chance for some sort of resolution to every one of us consumers that have been ripped off as a result of Land Rovers design flaw resulting from them outsourcing the engines of these vehicles to China.

    I didnt have the extended warranty, so the "come and get it" financing company was my only option. None of this has been easy, and I pray that someday Land Rover has to pay for it's mistakes Ford & Chevrolet never screwed over consumers this way, why should those manufacturers have to suffer, while Land Rover sits back and counts the money and caused us financial harm.
  • I gave up on this car, everytime there is something else going wrong on it... I will just let the repo folks have it... Yes, this will have an effect on my credit and I will repair it, however, I can't deal with this LR anymore... Mine happens to be a 2002 Freelander as well. I have another car already and I can't afford 2 car payments. Enough is enough.... They can sell it at an auction, I doubt if any takers... so the amount they sell it for will be jacked.... No more headaches - I want it out of my driveway so I don't have to look at it..... no more!!!
  • Everything started escalating after Labor Day when we found the car sitting on LR lot unlocked with the engine inside the passenger compartment. We took pictures and took them to Carmax (where we bought the car and the extended warranty). Carmax was not happy about the condition of our car. They made a visit over to LR the next day and then took this situation to their (Carmax's) corporate offices and they also talked to LR Corporate (that got them nowhere). The fact that the warranty co. had already agreed to pay for the motor and the length of time we had been waiting (9months) and Carmax had been providing us loaners all this time helped them come to this decision. Did you buy your car from LR or from someone else? If someone else go back to them and see what they will do. If it is LR try them too but I doubt they will do anything. I also call LR Corporate and spoke to a person named Andrea, she wasn't any help, in fact quite rude, but it was someone to complain to. She needs to hear the complaints because she said that she had only heard about this from me and one other person. When I needed to complain about Andrea, I spoke to Kathleen, Andrea's supervisor, 1-800-637-6837. She was suppose to get back with me, but in the meantime Carmax came through. Carmax has been great to work with. Don't spend anymore money on it, it won't make a difference in the end. LR still says that new motors are coming but I don't believe a word they say. I would never buy any type of LR again. Land Rover doesn't do anything to indicate that they care about the people who buy their cars. Good Luck, I know what you are going through. It is so unbelieveable that any business would not take care of those who are doing the advertising for them. My advertising from now on will be Negative for LR.
  • Carmax plans to sell mine wholesale. They said someone would buy it. Maybe you can try that route before ruining your credit. Call around or even call Carmax maybe they would buy it as is for something.
  • After 3 years of complaining about the coolant smell in my car LR finally figured out that I needed a new engine because the coolant was getting into the engine. They replaced the engine. I picked up my car and 20 min later had a tow truck take it back to the dealer because I lost all power. LR told me that the new engine had the exact same problem as the first engine so now they are going to replace this engine. I live in Vancouver Canada and am wondering where they are getting these engines from? As far as I can tell people seem to be waiting for engines that are not available. My second issue is how reliable this next engine will be? I constantly drive children around and do not feel safe with this kind of unreliability. I have never spent this much time at the shop with a car. I think LR should step up to the plate and either buy back the car or replace it with something reliable and SAFE. When I lost power I was on a very busy road with fast moving traffic. Im very lucky that my child wasnt in the car and even luckier that I didnt have an accident!!!
  • If the car is sold by Carmax at wholesale, what happens to the balance owed on the car to the finance company? Also, is this consigment? Carmax doesn't pay the car off if there is still a balance owed unless you are buying another car where the balance is just added to the cost of the new car. Has anyone heard of the "Lexington Law Credit Repair?" They are worth looking into because they clean up your credit report and has been able to remove repossessions, bankruptcies, charge-off's etc.., I know this is an extreme measure but I am looking at all avenues. A lawsuit can still be utilized, but the car has to go one way or another....
  • "Lexington Law Credit Repair?" I question they can do any more than you can do yourself. If you have a repossession it is best to declare bankruptcy as soon as possible. You must pay the balance owed unless you are able to do a Chapter 7 bankrupcy. If you do decide to declare bankruptcy, be careful, a lot of unscrupulus firms exist. The attorneys can charge you more if you do a Chapter 13 & will steer you that direction, so they make more $.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Some of you may find the tales in Repossession Stories and Questions to be interesting.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I talked to a person today who informed me that the engines on the 02 Landrover Freelander are really made by Ford- they are either the Ford Taurus V-6 engine or the Mazda Tribute.... I am not sure if this is true, however, the person sells import engines out of California... Anybody want to look into this- they should check with their dealers or mechanics.... Just an FYI
  • rgunnrgunn Posts: 17
    If my Landrover had a Mazda Tribute motor. I dout it would of broke down at 80000 miles. I wish It were that easy. I should of bought a tribute instead of the LR.
  • sripleysripley Posts: 39
    You've been absolutely lied to, in no way did Ford produce the engines on the 02-05 Freelander. I have done extensive research on the matter and you will find that these K-series engines were produced in China/Asia.

    The LandRover brand/line is produced in England, that these engines were subcontracted to Asia following Ford's purchase of LandRover from BMW in 1999-2000.

    These engines all have a fundamental design flaw, and former Land Rover mechanics have commented in these and other forums about the problems, including the Head Gasket Failure as a result of the location of the thermostat too close to the engine block, position/design of the engine, and more.

    Dont believe an import dealers quick answer, I doubt he has researched or is aware of the problem as much as you could do, or any of us can. Ford is useless at this point, it's Land Rover North America that knows about this problem.
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