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Land Rover Freelander



  • Stop giving them money!!! I did something similar when my 1999 Discovery II died -- I purchased a 2004 Freelander. That car died on me as well (coolant leak issue), and Land Rover totally didn't care. I ended up losing a bunch more money (about 20K on both cars combined).
    I would just sell the thing for 3K, and kick in the other 3K to pay off your loan. Then go buy yourself a Toyota, Honda or Subraru. I personally bought the Subaru Forester and it was the best thing I ever did! I'm so glad to no longer have to beg Land Rover to help me when their lousy cars fail.
  • spunky2spunky2 Posts: 3
    the dealership suggested I have a lawyer call LR of America, that would work better than me calling back. The dealer even said that anything less than 100% payment on this 3rd engine is unacceptable.
    I don't want another LR regardless..
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,667
    I don't give legal advice, but I'm betting Land Rover has more money for lawyers than you do.... Most customer service centers will refuse to talk to you, once you mention lawyers or a lawsuit. They will just refer you to their legal department. So, make sure you are done negotiating with them, before you go that route.

    Financial advice: Do whatever you have to do to get rid of the car now... If you spend any more money on it, you might as well flush it.. The financial loss has already happened... Don't throw good money after bad.

    Good luck,

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • shamfamshamfam Posts: 10
    Yes, I have an 05. I have all the same issues. It's actually sitting in my parents driveway .....undriveable! It makes me sick! My husband and I are actually sending a package to an attorney to lemon this piece of crap!
  • Hi Krystilia,

    I'm sorry to hear about your FL.

    What type do you have SE 4dr or SE3 3dr? Also, how many miles do you have and what are/were some of the prob's you have?


    ~ Jeff
  • I guess I didn't have much of a choice. no money to pay off the upside down balance and can't continue to pay for it. Mine has sat in my driveway with busted manifold, transmission issues, and on and on and on... The only good thing is that the car's body is in excellent shape (02 Freelander) Land Rover had such an excellent reputation at one time and people bought their cars based on that reputation. Now, it is JUNK! pure d junk.... My credit is down the tubes and the house that I once wanted to own is out the door right now.... I will still owe the difference on that damn car even after the repo.... Understand, I am not at all happy about this route, but I could not keep up with it... something went wrong everytime and the warranty ran out last year.... ha ha ha ha shame on me...
  • spunky2spunky2 Posts: 3
    I now have an 02 freelander sitting in my driveway, that needs it's 3rd engine and also a driveshaft....
    the car has 62k miles on it, and in great condition - along with new tires. should I sell it for parts? Sell it with the exact repairs needed spelled out? and how much should I do this for?
    thanks for all the advice!
  • dmallodmallo Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 Freelander not quite two years ago. Today I found out that it suffers from the same fate as many of the others have written about. $6500 to replace the engine. Coolant leaking into the engine. I have replaced brakes and rotors twice in the two years. I have always had regular maintenance done on the vehicle which was performed by LR at $100 a pop. It has 72,000 miles on it and probably the worst part is that I still owe $12,000 on it. Wish I would have seen this forum a few weeks ago, I would have been able to get something for it as a trade in.
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    What I don't understand is why isn't something being done about this. I have complained to everyone under the sun. I contacted the lawyer, but didn't really think he could help me. I still owe 6500...and yet my trade in value in excellent condition is only 3500. I can't believe that they haven't recalled these cars yet!
  • Have you complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration? That's where complaining counts. IF they get enough, they'll initiate an investigation. Maybe if we all start calling them as well as complaining to each other ...
  • I have a 2002 Landrover Freelander HSE. Purchased the car Dec 2007. No problems at all until 2 weeks ago. Key turns, but doesn't crank/fire up as if something is not recieving or sending something appropriately. 1st thought either battery or alternator was the problem. Called up a friend (Ex mechanic) told me none of those if the radio and lights are working. He told me either the fuel pump or sensors. Let the car sit for 15/20 minutes and started the car, worked ok. He even told me to step on the gas before turning the key to eliminate the fuel pump problem. It started right away. That left the me thinking that the sensors were dirty due to carbon build up. Got those taken care of yesterday. Went to the store for groceries this afternoon, there it was again. Let it sit for 15 minutes and turned the key,it started just fine. I don't know what the probem is, but the miles are low to be having major problems. I only have 55K miles and only used it for a little over a year.

    I have had this for sale since December due to coming up traveling plans and can't take the car with me. Now I have to deal with this disaster. I can't sell my car knowing that it has a problem.

    Have you had any luck at all on yours? Is the problem identified and resolved? Do you know if there is a lawsuit of some kind going on at the present time? Recalls?

    Any info is greatly appreciated
  • shamfamshamfam Posts: 10
    Well - here's some info that may be useful to some LR owners. My mom was talking to her car insurance agent. I guess you can file an application with the Bureau of Automtive Repair (B.A.R.) and they have arbitrators hash it out and try to come to a resolution for you. Her agent's daughter just did it and got the sticker price of her car back. I think it's awesome! I just starting filling out my paper work last week. A few more things to add to it and I'm sending it in. I'll keep you all updated!
  • driver68driver68 Posts: 3
    I live in Utah, the BAR that I pulled up on the website is out of Sacramento, CA. They directed me to Division of Consumer Affairs in Salt Lake City. I did not get alot of information from the person whom answered the phone, she sent me to one of the investigators and I was told to leave a message. I have talked with this investigator numerous times, when I initially had the problem with my freelander and replacing the engine. LR told the investigator that it was customer neglect and that he had never seen, so much sludge build up. The LR mechanic even went as far as to send pictures of the parts of the FL that had the sludge build up. Im going to try again, to see if I can get anywhere with this. I just turned the FL over to the bank last week, still owing $8500.00 on the original loan and $4000.00 on the engine. the engine total came to $10,000.00 that was for the repair cost and the cost of the rental car for 8 months. Thank you, for any information that you post. I just wonder how we can get them to conform and see that we have all had the same problems. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Has anyone purchased an extended warranty for their Freelander - from the dealer or via private warranty company? Has this covered repairs? Any experience with these warranties would be appreciated. I don't really want to sell mine as it's paid off but the factory warranty expires this summer and I don't want to get stuck like so many other people with these expensive repairs.

  • I purchased the extended warranty for my 2002 Freelander when I purchased it Certified Used from our local Land Rover dealership, and let me tell you, it was so worth it! Of course, at the time I was told the extended warranty was much cheaper than now (I purchased my car in late 2005). I was lucky and was able to trade in my car for $5,500 last November. When I added up all the receipts from the numerous times I had to take the Freelander to be repaired, it turned out to be $30,000. The dealership's extended warranty covered just about everything. I just had to pay my deductible of $100. You will just want to make sure that you keep your oil changes up to date. They adjusters ask for that when the engine has to be replaced.
  • shamfamshamfam Posts: 10
    I just faxed in as much information as possible today. I included a few pages from this site on drivers experiences. I'm hoping they will do a little research and see that its not because of poor maintenance. We maintained our car as you should. I will keep you all posted. I am crossing my fingers that this works!
  • msouthwmsouthw Posts: 14
    I can't believe I am here agian! About to find out that the engine needs to be replaced AGAIN (2nd time). Actually, I can't say I'm surprised because for the past 3 years the complaints have continued to come in about this car but I can't afford a monthly payment for something else. So frustrating!

    How long did it take to get the issue resolved through BAR? Is this only in California? I am about to google them! Thanks for the info.
  • brown339brown339 Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 2002 freelander in 2003 (it was a year old) and had them include the extended warranty to 100,000 miles. It has been a lifesaver. I had my vehicle serviced at the dealer, so the records were up to date and there were never any arguments. Later in the vehicles life I had some work done by a non-landrover mechanic and they covered that too (it took a little longer for them to get things set, but it was covered.)

    Read through the horror stories on some of these forums (personnaly - trans, water pump, 3 windows, sunroof, one caliper, tie rod and some other minor issues) and you want to have a warranty. Mine now has 109,000 miles and it has generally been a good vehicle, but I now consider it a grenade (the sunroof just died - this one was only 2 years old) I will drive until it kicks.
  • awise003awise003 Posts: 3
    Hello - I recently noticed a fluttering noise coming from the engine compartment while at idle, but even more so when accelerating. The Land Rover dealership assessed the issue and diagnosed the problem being with the upper intake manifold being internally worn and that my vehicle needs an upper intake manifold plenum. The quote to fix the issue was $1900, which seems extremely high to me. Has anyone had any experience with this? Do you think a qualified mechanic could fix the problem for less? Thanks so much!

    2004 Land Rover Freelander HSE
  • I had the same problem with the manifold needing to be replaced, however, at the same time I was told not to put anymore money in my 2002 Landrover Freelander because the transmission was also on it's way out. The costs were going to be well over the value of the vehicle. I just couldn't afford putting more money in this junk when I know there were going to be other things to follow. I work for an Auto Parts company that took the car and did their own diagnostics and confirmed that it was not going to be to my advantage to fix the car.... So, I ended up returning the car to the Dealership and they sold at an auction for $3100.00 (now owe the balance of $5,000) and yes, I now have a charge-off on my credit report. I plan to pay off the charge-off, however, the headache is gone. So, with the way the economy is right now, I have a lower credit score and am working on getting it back up--- it will be a while before I see 700 ever again, but it was worth it...
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