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Land Rover Freelander



  • I certainly wish I had done further investigation and found this site before purchasing my 2002 Landrover Freelander 3 months ago with 53,000 miles on it!!!! What a complete nightmare just dealt with Landrover North America and they are refusing to replace my transmission...we'll see about that! I am wondering why this is not widely publicized information as of yet? People would stop getting tun into the ground paying repairs on this worthless vehicle! I spoke with an attorney and plan to do whatever it takes to get this publicized by doing a bit of research to find out some more facts like how many had transmission and other serious issues regarding this vehicle and ran into a wall trying to get LandRover to step up to the plate and acknowledge the vehicle has issues and offer some type of compensation! I for one am completely unwilling to sit idle and listen to their mantra of " its out of warranty sorry nothing we can do for you " garbage! I am looking forward to a day very soon when LandRover regrets hearing my name!
  • :lemon:
    Just chiming in with this overheating issue. My HSE has been in the shop at Land Rover-Hornburg (L.A.) 3 times in the last month. On first visit was told I needed a new radiator (clogged and leaking) and a new hose which I paid for to the tune of $1700. Temperature gage light came on within two days of receiving my HSE back. Returned to Hornburg two more additional times to only get it back and within two days have the same thing happen. Here I am now three days later after receiving it the last time with the same issue. The service manager alerted me to this issue after I paid for my radiator and this is how I found all of you in these forums and many more on numerous websites,, etc. Will be calling Land Rover North America again tomorrow as well as the lawyer posted here - Howard A. Gutman (his info at 2nd link below), the BBB, Bureau of Automotive Repair, the NHTSA, etc., etc., etc....

    Wash, rinse, repeat

    Land Rover Freelander coolant loss explained - Link

  • For those of you who want a good laugh, go back to page one and read all the posts from people who are excited about the launch of the Freelander. Quality stuff about how great the features will be.

    Too bad the Engines all fail and there is nothing you can do about it. landrover doesn't have the B@#$s to issua na egine recall. the hille descent comes on at it s own free will when you try to slow down. CV boots, rotors, pads, drive components, bets all wear out or break repeatedly and WAY before the recommended service intervals.

    i haven't seen anyone else mention this one yet.. The windows all stopped working on my wifes '03. they make agrinding noise and won't move up or down. The worst part is that they won't just stay shut. landrover quoted me $250 each. when its raining sometimes the rear windows fall down an inch or two if you hit a bump. The kids get wet in the back seat. They don't go up on their own so you have to pull over, open the door and pull them up with a hand on wither side of the glass....

    this is so fun! i am getting my car to the point where everything has the illusion of being in working order then selling it back to a LR dealership. They can suck it.
  • I bought my 2004 FREELANDER Oct 2008 with 49,000 miles as a Certified Preowned which carries the orig warranty, 7 yrs or 75,000 miles. Still under warranty until Oct 2010. The first week i had it, over heated they were nice and replaced the thermastat and gave me a loaner 2008 LR2 with 200 miles on it to ride while it was in the shop, took about a week. Then last year had a recall on the fuel pump, they replaced. Today i had to replace the front brake shoes, drove it about 10 miles and the service engine soon light came on. It has 60,000 miles, sounds like its about to do what everbody in this forum states will eventualy happen to all FREELANDERS. I paid cash for mine, so there's no issue with oweing some bank or finance company. But as soon as i get someone to take care of the light, it will be sold or traded. But the extended warranty at point of sale was $2,700 i can still purchase the warranty until October this year. But why if its going to be in the shop the whole time.
  • yea you need to walk away from this vehicle as soon as you can... i still have my 2003 discovery se7 and it now has 6 lights on steady plus it violently flashes 4 others... the abs modulator that they say fixes the 3 amigos issue is $3000 and the "certified techs" still can't fix your issues... i'm also getting approx 10 mpg now b/c i think the spark plugs and o2 sensors are shot... i'm looking at $300 to fix 8 spark plugs... $550 at a land rover dealer...

    these guys are going to be out of a job soon...
  • I own a 2003 Freelander. Love and hate this car. The first year rear door lock would jam. It was under warranty no problem. Then the windows started getting stuck under warranty no problem. Every window has been worked on right side passenger side windows twice. I've replaced my battery 3x. Brakes ware out fast. Had to fix fuel pump because it died on me on the road when I was out of town problem warrant is out. Had to replace thermostat. Engine started knocking needed to be replaced dealership quoted me a price of 12,000. I found one for 3,000 so I replaced my engine. Now the air conditioning system isn't working engine light is on and there is a coolant leak. It has just started to make a tapping noise that used to go away when it warmed up but now its lingers. I have decided not to dump anymore money into this car. It is a nice ride when there are no problem it handles great it looks sharp its just to bad that Landrover has decided not to help their customers who in good faith bought what they thought was a reliable car. DO NOT BUY A LANDROVER!!!!!!!!!! Even if they have fixed problems with their new models, they still left alot of customers in a bind.
  • I'm a victim of the Freelander "coolant leak" issue. As with many of you, LR was of no help, and I lost a lot of money.

    I received an irritating letter in the mail yesterday from Linda Julyan from Land Rover Bellevue. She wants me to buy a new Land Rover from them. The letter starts:

    "Greetings from all of us at our dealership! In a few days you will have driven your 2004 Land Rover for five full years."

    Do they really think that any Freelander has lasted for 5 years, or that anyone who suffered for this long would be foolish enough to buy another one? They should keep track of the people that they went out of their way not to help. This way, they can significantly save on postage and trees.

    It's like a knife in the side, but still kinda funny. Let 'em waste the postage! :lemon: :lemon:
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    I just don't get it. Why in God's name has there not been a recall on this vehicle. I have had coolant leaks, I replace my brakes once a year (and I barely drive the car). I replaced the rear passenger window motor a day after I bought. Two weeks later I had cams replaced. My sunroof no longer works. My rear passenger window no longer works. My defrost button comes on when it feels like! My rear wiper motor is blown. My fuel pump has been replaced. All the hoses have been replaced as the cracked. My driver side door is the only door that unlocks with remote key; I have to unlock the other doors inside manually. I have reported to the transportation board, contacted the lawyer people posted on her...but don't know what else to do. Brought my car in last summer for the fuel pump recall and they gave me an itemized list of repairs that needed to be done...I laughed at them $4K for a car that isn't worth $5.00. We all need to get together and just keep contacting the transportation board, better business bureaus...whatever to get these damn cars fixed and off the road!
  • Why didn't I do the research BEFORE financing my 2003 Freelander 8 months ago!!! The problems have begun and they (the mechanics, the dealer, and all of the other money mongers) are ready to put me on the rollercoaster!!! :cry: It started in September when the fans were running excessively hard... the mechanic quelled that problem; then 1-month later, the temp gauge was reading "red"... the mechanic kept it for 4 days and said he couldn't find the problem... fast forward to now, March, the car is right now in the shop supposedly replacing the thermostat which I'm told is "the ONLY problem", yeah right. I spoke with a Land Rover dealer mechanic who hasn't worked on my car, but lightly expressed the "cooling system issues" with this model and that worst case scenario, I would need an engine at the whopping cost of $12K!! :lemon: I don't think so... where I go from here, I am not sure. Any suggestions are welcome!
  • moe71moe71 Posts: 11
    We all need to keep filing complaints with National Transportation Board; what I don't get is Toyota is completely under fire for there issue...yet Land Rover Freelanders have had all sorts of issues and nothing. This model needs to be recalled!! I am fortunate that mine is paid off...right now I have to replace the muffler, the breaks again (just did this in July) and the tires (which wear constantly). My windows in the back no longer work, sunroof doesn't work, locks are is going to give me a dime to trade this in.
  • katrinkatrin Posts: 1
    I have paid over $13,000 in repairs in the last year on my 2003 Land Rover Freelander...all through the dealership. After just getting it out of the shop,it would not start and now they tell me it needs a new engine for ANOTHER $12,000!!! I have written to Land Rover,complained to the dealership, written to the transportation board, what else can I do? Are there any lawyers handling cases against Land Rover over this car? I have had the transmission replaced , and had a coolant leak numerous times since April 2008. Plus, many of the other repairs detailed on this blog. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Katrin
  • ballyhooballyhoo Posts: 7
    I think a bunch of us are going with a lawyer out of NY named Howard Gutman (link below). If we all band together I think we can force Land Rover's hand. (I don't mean in a class-action sort of way, I just mean by sheer volume). Also file a report with the NHTSA( I should talk I have yet to do it. Get rid of your car as soon as possible. I used a car buying service and they gave me $6000 for my 2004 HSE. It was the most I could get. I then bought a Honda Accord. Get all your receipts together & call Howard.. Then lose that piece of junk as soon as you can. You'll feel much better: :lemon:
  • Howard Gutman does work for you. He helped me get back about $3200 for a transmission. Screw Land Rover and make them pay
  • raoul934raoul934 Posts: 1
    I knew I was driving a time bomb after reading all the problems with this car. Well at 72,000 miles the transmission went. It started giving me a F4 flashing on the dash, i thought well I have read that if this happens it the selonoids in the transmission no big deal, I was quoted $ 120.00 per selonoid, there is 2 of them and $ 250.00 labor. Of course this was not at the Landrover dealer. When they opened the transmission in front of me there where all kinds of pieces of metal, after dissmanteling some more the clutches were completely destroyed. They quoted me a price of $ 3027.00 to completley rebuild with new parts, and a guarantee of 12 months. I said "no way Jose", I then got on Ebay and bought one for $ 900.00, the labor to installed, changing the filter, new oil total $ 600.00. So for a total of $ 1500.00 I got it done. There are so many of these Freelanders blowing their motors that you can find a cheap transmission.
    To end the story, as soon as it left the shop I put up for sale, and sold it for $ 5500.00. Thank God. Landrovers you can go to hell.
  • spnkygrnspnkygrn Posts: 6
    Well, I'm the one who got this all started. I recently accepted a miniscule payoff from Landrover for all the trouble their Freelander gave me. It seemed as though even enlisting the number 1 attorney for "Lemon Law" in the country did little or nothing for my case but made him an easy $1500 for "processing " Landrover's interest in reducing the number of complaints against them about their Freelander models for peanuts. Only serious legislation the magnitude of what Toyota has recently experienced will victims have any real chance of being appropriately compensated for their loses.
  • brownaynsbrownayns Posts: 1
    I have an 03 freelander S and aside from the brake problems and overheating, we now have the F4 Error code. It stayed like that for awhile and I could still drive it. But now it only idles. No acceleration. Any suggestions? :lemon:
  • My wife purchased a used 2004 Land Rover Freelander in May 2009. The engine failed on August 15, 2010 with approximately 52,000 miles. I wrote a claim letter to LR on August 17, 2010 after doing some research and finding out about the defective engine. I received a response on August 18, 2010 from LR's customer service, referring my claim to their consumer affairs department. On August 19, 2010 I received a letter from LR's Consumer Affairs department, acknowledging receipt and informing me that they would get back to me on or before September 17, 2010. On September 16, 2010, LR offered me $6,950 for my wife's 2004 Land Rover Freelander HSE. I rejected the offer. LR increased their offer to $9,085 on September 20, 2010. I rejected that also. I am now awaiting their response to my last demand of $12,385.
  • khood3khood3 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Wow, I wish I'd found this forum a couple years ago so I could have avoided all this hassle. My 04 Freelander (74,000 miles) has been in the shop for a total of 2.5 months since July of this year as a result of a coolant/overheating issue. Last Friday it completely died with no warning & I had to have the car towed back to the dealership. After the techs looked at it for the 4th time, they announced coolant had leaked into the engine and it would need to be replaced. Some googling led me to this site & I see that this is a consistent theme with Freelanders. I purchased the car used from Carmax in December of 07 & so far, the extended warranty has covered all of the issues after the deductible, but I'm afraid they're going to draw the line here. Who did you contact at Land Rover & had you purchased your car directly from them or from another dealer? It's senseless for me to pay $5000 or more to have the engine replaced when its KBB value is only slightly more than that. If the warranty leaves me hanging, you can bet I'm going to go after Land Rover, so any suggestions on where to start would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • Sorry, i went through a similar situation. Land Rover must be government protected because sooooo many have tried to go after them. I just ran out of time to keep it a prioirity with all the other things life brings my way. I hope someone can find an attorney strong enough to get through the wall. I am definitely down for a class action suit!

    Good luck.
  • I have (am getting rid of) a 2005. Same problem with over heating, coolant leaking, etc. Its the cylinder liner coming unglued. There was a video on YouTube demonstrating it. The guy works for landrover. I tried to watch the video again but the person removed it. Rockbound rovers was the company that listed it. Maybe try calling them. They are out of California. My husband is more knowledgable on the subject than I am.
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