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Nissan Altima



  • Went to the dealer yesterday and put $100 down for delivery next week. I saw the brackets you mentioned and had the dealer take them off and wash the car so I could check for damage. There were tiny, barely visible scratches but they claim they will be fixed by delivery. I'll ask for the touch up paint - thanks. We're getting a 2.5s convenience plus in Sononma Sun w/ blond. Woohoo!
  • I am seriously looking at buying a 6-speed SE-R. It is code red with side airbags/Traction control, splash guards, fllor mats, protect kit, Sirrus radio and sun roof delfector for $29,039 with 1% 60 month financing. I too would like to remove the sunroof deflector. It significnatly detracts from the cars looks.


    The other car I am cross shopping is a 6-speed accord coupe with navigation. It is priced about the same are all the options mats, spah guards, fender and body sige molding and cargo carries.


    Which is more relaible?


    Which has better milage?


    I test drove both and both are responsive. It seemed you could overpower the SE-R on take-off and second gear.


    I wasn't impressed at all with the SE-R Bose radio.


    Did like the sporty sound of engine and taut ride.


    Which one should I buy?




  • As a matter of fact, the ONLY reason I didn't get an Accord coupe is because I am a college student how needs all the extra room of a sedan..and I just happened to NOT like the styling of the Accord.


    The Accord has the better interior, the higher resale value, and is probably going to be slightly more reliable and have fewer rattles and creaks...


    Gas mileage I am not sure about, it should be about the same I would think...


    But if it were me, I'd go with that Accord coupe because they are SWEET!!!, plus you get the added benefit of Navi in the Accord, which is ALSO superior to the Nissan unit.


    I just hope you aren't planning on paying MSRP for these cars..cause you siting MSRP should be able to do WAY better than that...
  • A friend of mine is shopping for a car. At a nissan dealership he found an 2003 Altima 3.5SE with no options, 25k miles, an extended warranty up to 100k miles. Asking price is $17k. The only issue is that the dealer says the car has a 5-speed automatic. Was 2005 the first year of the 5-speed auto in the Altima or did they offer it back in 2003?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    " Was 2005 the first year of the 5-speed auto in the Altima or did they offer it back in 2003? "

    The 5-speed automatic was not available in '03.
    - Ray
    Drove an '03 automatic 3.5 - and an '05 . .
  • Espeically considering that the NEW 05 Altimas have rebates of $1500...

    If your friend is good at haggling and doesn't mind driving to a large city, I'd be willing to bet you could get a new one for about $21K.

    $17K seems too high for a basic 03 SE model.
  • I am talking about a 3.5SE.
  • Thanks for the info. When he asked the dealer about the transmission again, they still told him it was a 5 speed automatic. With that said, he left the dealer and isn't in a rush to go back.
  • Thanks maxamillion, he decided he would look out for a better deal on a different car at a different dealership.
  • tradkitradki Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 V6 Altima. It is not garaged. When I start the car in the morning it seems to make a grating noise for about 10 minutes. Is this because of the cold or is it normal? Should I take it in?
  • brickersbrickers Posts: 12
    hey guys i just bought my Altima today and i'm very happy with how the deal turned out. Very little stress on the buying process.

    Altima 3.5 SL
    MSRP 28,530 Invoice:26,650
    Paid: 24,400 +TTL
    this price is with the rebate
    but car did have 3000 miles on it, allowing a increased leverage for bargaining on the price.

    the car has traction control, floor mats and sidesill option and tinted windows(i really didn't care for). Any ways this car is awesome, handles well and it is fast.

    I do have one question, the dealer mentioned something about the 3.5SL's suspension being more luxury tuned, hence absorbs bumps better and has better sound insulation compared to the 3.5SE or the 2.5, I did drive both and couldn't tell the difference too much. Any thoughts on that? thanks
  • ben72ben72 Posts: 2
    I'm having trouble with my overdrive. Whenever I use it on the highway I can see and feel (in the pedal) that my RPMs are jumpy. It seems to drop/jump about 300-400 RPM. It only seems to happen (or maybe its just more noticeable) at speeds over 60. I hoping its not the transmission because the fluid smells/looks ok. I think it might be some kind of sensor/electrical problem. Anyone out there with any experience with this?
  • twitch2twitch2 Posts: 1
    I have a '96 Altima GXE and it won't start. Check engine light is on...reads that the cam position sensor is bad...I have replaced both timing chains and the timing is @ top dead center. Also replaced plugs and distributor. The car started several times in a row and seemed to run fine. The next day I drove it less than half a mile and it started dieseling and died. Now it won't restart. Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?
  • Hi, I'm a new owner for 3.5SE MT, and so far I'm loving it. Yet I also share the same complaint about the car being a little on the noisy side due to those crappy tires. (dealer also f'd up the inspection check, as one of the tires didn't have a pressure stem on it. when i opened the cap a cpl days later, air just started leaking out. i guess they didn't have time to fix it during the time of our purchase, it was a rainy rainy night. they fixed it, but i just thought this was an odd problem for a new car w/ only 4 miles on it. way to go tire company!)

    Anyways, coming to the boards here, I think I might have overpaid =(. All you guys who got in with around 22K 3.5SE with sport package+options, you guys got a great deal. Too bad I bet many of your cars isn't MT. (We all know that MT is faster.)

    The reason I'm here is I would like to get an audio dash kit similar to this guy's for my car.
    I tried asking him but no response. If you guys know where, I can get this type of clean audio kit for the car, that would be great. I don't want the generic black ugly looking ones.

    Also are there any more pages dedicated to altima discussion? I haven't found that many. I am interested in replacing the speakers and adding a sub, along with changing to those angel eyes/xeon lights. If anyone knows where to get more information about any of these topics, let me know! thanks
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    For more Altima discussions, check the Owners Club link at the top of the page. Also you can look them up using the Browse by Vehicle search on the left side of the page.

    You might want to use the keyword search to find discussions on audio topics. And/or you might want to check out the list of discussions on our Aftermarket & Accessories Board.

    Hope this helps!
  • First time entering the board. Am contemplating purchasing one of the above. Really like the handling/performance of the SE-R, and engine audio/pipes.

    Discovered the same complaint about road noise in the SE-R which others have commented on which doesn't seem to exist in the Max.. Different tires or extra insulation from the factory in the Max.? Saw the previous entry by the person who added the "dynamat". If you see this, how hard was the job?

    Really like the exterior design of the SE-R over the Max., and the interior dimensional spec's. only seem to differ by about 1/2 inch. Living in Florida, the perforated leather is a must for me, which can only be had in the SE-R. Seems to me, Nissan is missing the boat here.

    To cut to the chase, has anyone else out there been in the same quandry?
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Does anyone know if there are aftermarket tail light assemblies for the Altima? I am not a big fan of the Altezza tail lights and would like to see if there is something else available. I currently don't own an Altima but may consider one as a replacement for a lease. I just want to know all of my options before I get into a vehicle.
  • john55john55 Posts: 4
    I'm very interested in the SE-R - but concerned about its ground clearance in the snow. Any thoughts?
  • Hello all, I just purchased A 2005 Altima V6 SE and according to Nisan its suppose to get 20 mpg city, and 30mpg highway. The trip computer is saying that on the highway doing about 60mph in cruise control for about 34 miles I am only getting 15.7 mpg!!! thats horrible! The dealer told me the mpg would improve as the mileage increased at around 5000-8000 miles is this true? any help would be great as I am very unhappy with this. Otherwise I love this car!

  • gerapaugerapau Posts: 211
    15.7 would be bad. I can't see the mileage improving that much with break-in (maybe 3 or 4 miles per gallon). That said, don't trust the trip computer. Calculate your mileage the old fashion way. The trip computer can be way off over short distances.
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