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Nissan Altima



  • tim_hooligan,

    I would you saw bad quality from the Camry because it is one of the first built.

    I'm sure if you go back in a month and look, quality will be much better.
  • "I hope the VQ engines are better than the Pathfinder's"

    The VQ is the best engine that Nissan makes. That's the one that keeps winning all the awards @ Ward's World. Nissan knows how good this engine is and that is why it is going in just about every V6 car. Pathfinder, Maxima, Altima, the upcoming 350Z, Infiniti I30/I35, and supposedly in the G35 too.

    Do yourself a favor and drive a Nissan car with a VQ, the engine is a gem.
  • barnonebarnone Posts: 118
    if only all the other parts of the car are as good as it's VQ engine, i would have purchased a nissan.
  • exzaveexzave Posts: 16
    Almost had to launch on you until I re-read your post. You said "pre-240 hp......" Yes earlier, Pathfinders were underpowered. But they had the 33VE engine not a VQ series from the Maxima.

    I own a new 250 hp (Manual tran.) Pathfinder.
    It has plenty of punch above 3K rpms. Powerband is nice and wide, but really picks up at about 2800 rpm's. Heck I dont even bother to downshift to pass. (We dont need no stinking fourth gear).
    Was worth learning how to drive a stick ;).
    Should make a requirement for new 3.5 Altimas

  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Posts: 266
    I understand what you're saying about your 96 Pathfinder. This was one of the reasons I never purchased the earlier PF's, I always liked the looks, but it was a real slug...that was untill the 2001's were introduced. My 2001 PF with its vast improvements and its new VQ engine is smooth, quiet and power is more than adequate to push the heavy Pathfinder that it is. If the new Altima lives up to everybodys expectations, I will soon be selling the Accord to buy this promising new vehicle. Can't wait to test drive one. Looked at the 2002 Camry yesterday...although nice I wasn't impressed...the interior less so, the exterior was a pleasant departure from the current design.
  • Just test drove 4cl 02 camry today as I posted on Camry board. Totally don't feel want to buy it even though the vehicle is powerful and smooth enough for a family car. Maybe the body style and interior make the vehicle boring. I still remember how I was excited when I test drove and bought a Niss 240sx years ago. I am gonna try 02 Altima next month. Hope that I feel good on test drive like I did it with Niss 240sx before. If not then I 'll buy a 02 cr-v.
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    Anyone have a link for the 2002 Camry???

    The VQ engine is a gem...I agree. The engine is esp good in the 3000 - 4500 range. Plenty of umph from 60 to 100 mph. Really quiet too. I can't wait to see 0-60 times for the 6-speed maxima.

    If anyone can post a link to the Camry, I'd appreciate it.
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Camry pics are at No specs posted anywhere yet as far as I know.

    Now, back to the Altima. ;-)

    I think I'm going to end up getting an Altima, maybe a Maxima. I wouldn't even have considered the Camry except Toyota promoted how much sportier the new one would be. IMHO, the result was pretty lame (for a semi-enthusiast). I'm sure their current buyers will think it's just fine, but it's not what they said it would be. I really think the Altima is going to gain some market share.
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    Thanks for the link!

    I'm not too impressed with the Camry. The exterior, front looks OK, but the rear reminds me of the current Taurus.

    The dash looks worse than the Altima. It's too plain, too impersonal.

    I agree that the altima will take a small portion of the pie if this is the best Toyota can do. However I'll reserve final judgement until I see one in person.

    Also...anyone have a link to any 'spy' shots of the new Accord? 2003 I think?
  • mirthmirth Posts: 1,212
    Just saw a new online ad for the '02 Altima on the Car and Driver site. I was reading an article and suddenly this ad superimposed itself over the text. Pretty annoying actually. Try reading any article at the C&D site and you'll see what I mean.
  • hmpowerhmpower Posts: 20
    That pop up ad is really annoying, I couldn't read anything until it went away...When I first saw it, I decided to order the information - I was hoping for a brochure, I got a 2 page booklet that said little more than the car will be all new for 2002 - absolutely no new info at all - now I can probably look forward to annoying cards from the local dealer.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Workers at the Altima plant are criticising Nissan and their working conditions.
    These angry workers might not be putting full effort into quality control.

  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    So, is the union good thing or bad thing?
  • In a simple phrase:

    It's gonna cost you more to have less.

    IMO, it's BAD! :(
  • Don't know if it's been posted earlier, but here's a link to the first car that rolled off the production line (according to Looks smart in that color! woohoo!

  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    It looks good.
    I will probably go and test drive one the day a local dealer gets an SE automatic in stock even though I will probably wait for a while for the supply to be built up before actually trying to buy one if I like it.
    I am very curious to see if the ride with the sport suspension and 17" low profile performance tires is comfortable and quiet enough to be liveable.

    I heard that if you want a smooth ride, you need the 2.5 SL because the SE has a harder ride, but if you want a smooth engine, you need the 3.5 SE because the 2.5 engine is noisy. Too bad there is no 3.5 SL with the V6 and the smoother tires and suspension.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    I don't know why you guys are all excited about the new Altima look. Looks like another typical Japanese econobox to me. Just like the Corollas, Sentras, Civics. Not that I think it is bad ,I drive one such econobox myself.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Who is "all excited?" I like the way it looks in the photos, that's all. I didn't say it was the best looking car that has ever been made in all automotive history. It does look a little more stylish than a Sentra or Corolla at least even though it is not all that daring in style.
    I'm sure I like the exterior, but I want to see the interior in person or at least see some high-quality photos of production model interiors that are taken without flash before I judge that.
  • asdxereasdxere Posts: 29
    Has anyone seen the passenger side of the 2002 Altima, close-up ?
    I was wondering if Nissan is still going to continue the
    "no passenger keyhole" routine with the Altima, as well ?
  • har1bushhar1bush Posts: 207
    geez, I don't think there is as keyhole on the passenger side... look at the motortrend pictures -- I certainly don't see one there. What is the deal with that?! Well, at least it has the keyless entry that everyone will use 95% of the time.

    Altima looks like a typical econobox? Then I guess I should say that the new Q45 looks like an econobox as well, since the Altima mimicks the Q from the front and in the roofline.
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