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Nissan Altima



  • ronoboyronoboy Posts: 32
    We don't have power seats, but the seating position is adjustable and seems fine to us. So far no rattles, bumps, etc., only problem was a cracked mirror in the driver side visor that the
    dealer will replace.

    We are in Champaign, IL, so very flat driving conditions.

    Engine noise seems fine to us, I've heard the Camry is better for road and engine noise but the new Altima is quiet in our opinion. If we have to accelerate quickly there is an audible "growl" (for want of a better word!) as the car picks up speed, but then it quiets right back down.

    BUT - first inkling that I may have a VIN problem - sent the VIN to my bank over the web and they say it's incorrect. I double checked before sending since that problem has been discussed on this board, I'll try again today and hopefully it will go through OK. Uh oh!
  • corkfishcorkfish Posts: 537
    The acceleration with the 5 speed is awesome. I swear it felt very much like my brothers Porsche 911. Your head would snap back as you shift gears and I was surprised that the torque steer that everyone complains about was minimal. The steering however was not very sporty. Very vague and sedan like ( although, let's face it, it is a sedan). I can see how Motorweek got the car to do 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds. I wish it was 5 inches shorter though. I'm facing a dilemma because I've narrowed it down to three cars, the Subaru WRX ( which, despite it's faster 0 to 60 times), does not feel as quick as the Nissan Altima. Or, the Altima, or, the new Maxima.
  • My wife really enjoyed her test drive in the Altima s.
    She compared it to the Maxima she drove a few years ago.
    what is the "real" gas mileage to expect with the automatic and what might she expect in the winter?
  • Corkfish, I'm curious how you came up with the user id of "corkfish". Is that based on an actual type of fish, or what? BTW, I think it's a cool name, whatever its origin.

    Also, Cupholder, don't mess with Ruski's 300M. That is one beautiful, mean machine, so don't compare it to a Buick! ;)
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    Test drove automatic versions of the 4 and 6 cylinder Altimas today with a friend.

    Impressive handling (compared to American family boats (sedans?) and somewhat better than the Accord or Camry. Disappointing (bland and cheap-feeling and looking) interior and ridiculous amounts of torque steer detract from the overall ride. There was a broken trim piece in the armrest container. Not good for initial impression! Decent Bose sound system in the 6.

    Also, I was absolutely unable to find a comfortable driving position with the manual seat and tilt steering sheel in the 4, while it was marginal because I could telescope the steering in the 6 cylinder.

    Overall, a pretty decent car - but I can wait, and have a feeling the Mazda 6 will be way better! (atleast from the pics and specs)
    Quite an exciting time to be buying a family sedan, I must admit. For those buying now, a month from now is ideal - when the Nissan dealers brains get back on an even keel and the demand slows a little!
  • Purchased 10/18/02 Altima '02 2.5 SL, 4 cyl., leather package, moonroof, floor mats, splash guards, in-cabin microfilter, wood trim, ABS and airbag package, Bose radio. Actually, got everything except for the cold package (which I really did want) but couldn't find in this area. Love the car! Paid $23K. So far so good!! Had a '92 Honda Accord prior to this and a Celica prior to the Accord. So far, the Altima is the most fun car to drive. I see no problem with the interior. Looks good to me. I wanted something with a different look. Everybody has a Honda or a Camry. To each his own.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    minus the cold package that is... I also drive a 1992 Honda Accord, it's a DX model in the dark red color(I forget the name) but my mom brought it brand new, and I have been driving it for a year now(I've only had my lincenses that long.) Y

    Also, your name is Velvet2, does that imply that you brought Velvet Beige? I saw that color, it looks pretty nice, I want the Mystic Emerald or Seascape color whenever I buy, maybe even Opal Blue or Polished Pewter, but anyway, congrats on your purchase, you will enjoy it.

    I also saw a new Altima at Stein Mart today, I was driving by the parking lot, and I was like "I know those lights from somewhere, so I followed it, then this old lady with her twenty something year old daughter stepped out of it, I parked right beside them so I could admire it, it was a 2.5S in Noveau Ruby with Blond cloth interior, it was really sharp!
  • I too drove an Altima this week and noticed a broken piece in the arm rest container. The back seat arm rest lifts open and inside were 2 plastic trim pieces covering srews...well one of them was broken off exposing the screw, and the cheapness of interior?? It's not just that ..look at the door handles my kids pointed them out to me . They look very cheap and "fragile". Most of interior trim inside cabin is a fragile feeling plastic. I love the car other than that.
  • Went to look at the new Altima today. It's a sharp looking car.

    The local dealership had about a dozen or so mixed variety, but they all had one thing in additional dealer price markup of $1295 for, get this, "Acid Rain Protection".

    'Scuse me while I hurl...

    Anybody else experiencing such outlandish price markups from their dealers?
  • Both me and my wife went in and test drove the 2.5 S 5-speed yesterday. We were both very impressed. I've followed this board and read that everyone complains about the interior. I drive a '96 Kia Sephia so the interior feels like a step up for me. The head room and leg room in the back is great. My wife likes the fact that she can reach the controls of the radio without having to stretch (she's a tiny 4'10").

    I test drove the camry today and it just didn't have the feel that I had when I drove the altima. The back didn't have the leg room that the altima had. After today I've decided to go with the altima. There's one thing though, the car that took for a test drive didn't have the convience package in it. The dealer said that he could do a dealer trade to get the model and color that I want. I have some questions about dealer trades that hopefully some of you can answer.

    1. How does a dealer trade process work and will I have to pay extra for it?

    2. Can't I just have the dealer order me a new altima with the exact things that I want on it?

    3. I don't want some Joe Schmoe driving my new altima to deliver my new car. Plus I feel more comfortable if I'm putting the miles on the car myself. Will the dealer let me go pick-up the car myself?

    Someone please answer question #1 because I'm not too sure how this entire process works.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    1. How does a dealer trade process work and will I have to pay extra for it?
    2. Can't I just have the dealer order me a new altima with the exact things that I want on it?

    A dealer trade happens when one dealer sells a car to another dealer. Usually it happens for something like $100 over invoice. Your dealer searches through inventories of nearby dealers looking for a car that matches your specs, and if he finds one he buys it from the other dealer and then sells it to you. The advantage to this method over ordering a car is that you don't have to wait for a car to be built and delivered to you. The disadvantage is that it is possible that they won't be able to find exactly what you want and you may have to settle for something slightly different from what you were hoping for. I'm not entirely clear how the two processes would impact pricing.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    1. From what I have seen(experience with a Honda dealer) all they have to do to find your vehicle is check with other dealerships in the area, then they make a trade, you should pay nothing for this, and if they try to charge you DON'T PAY IT! The sales manager I shadowed in 9th grade told me that it cost them nothing, but they often try to charge people for the time they spent hunting it down.(Again, don't pay if they try to charge.)

    2) Yes, the dealer can order your car I believe. I for one want a Altima 2.5SL with every option excpet the wood grain trim or a 3.5SE with all the options execpt the rear spoiler(I just don't like them.) I want my Altima in a 5 speed, I have yet to see one, so I figure I will have to order, and I have been told that you can. It could take awhile though.

    3) The dealer should have no problem with you going to pick up your car from the other dealership, in reality you are helping them, it's saving them money buy you going to get it. Also, I would check it out before I buy it.

    Also, Just out of curiousity, what options do you want on your new Altima? The dealerships in my area have an overwhelming supply of 2.5S models with the Convenience packages, I've only seen one 2.5S without it.
  • ronoboyronoboy Posts: 32
    Our Altima S was a dealer trade between our dealer in Champaign, IL and one in Bloomington, IN. Our dealer had a staff person drive a trailer to Bloomington to deliver the car they were trading, and then trailered my car back to Champaign. There was no charge for this and I when I took delivery my car had only 4 miles. Small amount of confusion in that I was looking for an Altima S with ABS/side air bags and the micron filter (in red, no convenience package). The car that was delivered also had mud flaps and floor mats. I wouldn't pay for these so they threw in the mud flaps free and took the floor mats out. The local dealer had ordered the car I wanted from the factory but I said if they found one to trade before that would be fine, got the car about a month earlier this way.
  • I am very curious about the price for the '01 Millenia P for $21680 that you cited here earlier. Was it for a brand new car? Or was it a demo? I cannot locate a dealer to offer me that price in Denver. Can you tell us where you are and more about the deal?

    The deal is certainly great and I don't see how you can get such a nice car and pay $2000 less than a similarly equipped 3.5SL Altima. In comparison, Altima is certainly way over-priced. Millenia is positioned to be near-luxury and has been well appraised by reviewers.

    By the way, if anyone knows any dealer in Denver can give the same deal, please post your contact info here and I will be more than happy to call you.
  • ahossaahossa Posts: 152
    This particular car I test drove was super smooth, quiet car. Everthing worked and everthing was in place.The muti link susupension was awesome. I drove into a belly-like hole and the car handled it smoothly. I expected some noises but none.As a matter of fact I purposely went into that hole.This was on Long Island, New York. Hard to find bad roads there.To Spade I understand your nervousness. I prefer to buy a car off the lot as opposed to them finding one for you.But this is a common practice and sometimes I believe it's the luck of the draw when it comes to getting a good car or a problem prone one.I was looking for a base Se and the salesman said he has to have his inventory manager locate one at the port in Elizabeth, NJ. I was looking at Camry but the dealers are just taking off a couple of hundred dollars of MSRp.In a recession they shouldn't be getting MSRP.I'm a salesman and traffic is way down in almost every business except security related businesses.At most dealers they are more salesmen than customers.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    The new Altima won Edmunds' "Most Wanted Midsized Sedan Under $30,000" award! Check out the article here.
  • I went to see the new Altima upclose and personal today, and I was seriously impressed! The new look is lovely, and I thought the interior was actually pretty nice. It's just different than most. I have been looking at a 2002 Accord, and I like it's reliability record, but that Altima is hot....and the girlfriend loves it too :-). Can anyone tell me what the reliability history of the Altima as a model is? I've heard it's pretty good, and I am hoping to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.
  • A few posts ago I was saying how much I liked the Millenia yet it was SO expensive, and now I am eating crow!!. How ironic! I get a flyer from Mazda talking about steep discounts on the Millenia. To make a long story short, my wife is now the proud owner of a Millenia P which we leased for $22,000. Invoice was almost $27K...MSRP $29K!!!!. What can I say, the Millenia is a nice car.
  • oh man, went down to a dealer and saw the Altima...there is not way i could ever purchase a car that has a CHEAPO interior as the NEW Altima.

    Not only is the interior cheap and plasticky...the front grille has a lot of plastic too...

    This car in New York would become a rattle box in no time.

    240 horses who cares, when you cant stand the interior...and hey that is where you are 100 percent of the time.

    oh, the walnut yellow...tacky.
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