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2010 Buick Enclave Power Steering

hatchd0ghatchd0g Posts: 3
edited June 4 in Buick

My 2010 Enclave is recently out of warranty (~60K miles) and the power steering now has developed a significant problem. The steering will randomly seem to lock up for a split second and then release. I've almost wrecked twice now and don't feel safe letting my wife and kids travel in this vehicle. I see there is a class action lawsuit filed against GM specifically for this issue, but no recall. My question is: will GM standby their product and fix this issue even now that the vehicle is out of warranty? I have an appt with my dealership service dept this week. Thanks.


  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,432

    Insist Gm fixes your steering . Bring up to the Mgr about the law suit. If he wont fix it call Gm main office and complain how disappointed you are that with all of Gm's problems with recalls they wont stand by to fix yet another one of there crappy products.

    Good luck

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  • hdm3hdm3 Posts: 1

    My 2010 Buick Enclave, with 60,000 miles lost power steering while I was on a road trip. I had to be towed to a dealer. I was told that the there had been a leak in the rack and pinion assembly leading to pump failure and gear damage, their estimate to fix: $1800. I was also told by the service department at the dealer that the engine motor mounts are loose, the engine physically moves about 6 inches when the accelerator is pushed, this is still covered under the drive train warranty, and the car will go in for that issue next week. We have only had the car a little over one year. I have learned that there is a class action law suit pending that I would like to join. There are two recalls on this model, but the power steering issue is not one of them.

  • hatchd0ghatchd0g Posts: 3

    My dealership said the rack and pinion system needed to be replaced. Even though it was out of warranty they covered it and only charged us the deductible for the 1300 repair. Unfortunately, 2 weeks after the "repair" the car is having the same problem. Our planned fix - a non GM car...

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,064

    Hello hatchd0g,

    We are deeply sorry to hear that you are having repeat concerns with your vehicle. I can certainly understand how frustrating it can be to have to return to the dealership. If any assistance is needed on our end, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can send an email to Attn:Andraya with your full contact information, last 8-digits of your VIN, current mileage, dealership name and details of the concerns you are experiencing. We hope to hear from you!

    Andraya GM Customer Care

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