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Honda Civic Si / SiR 2005 and earlier



  • My claim has been turned over to the 'total loss adjuster'. She's even confirmed by e-mail the 'totaled' determination and the evaluation.

    FWIW, they'll pay about $700 under Edmunds retail used (i.e. $14,4--) plus TTL. We're off a little on TTL, but my county and city have taxes in addition to TN state taxes; and I figure that confusion will wane quickly.

    Some of these insurance folk are real frogs; others are real nobility. My agent's call helped bunch, and the new adjuster seems smart and too new yet to be corrupted.
  • Congratulations river. When I totalled my first SI I was freaking out wondering if they were going to total it and how much they would try to give me if they did. But everything worked out and it seems like you are going to get a decent deal.
  • TY, Anony

    I just closed a deal on a white '02 Si. Headed to 'What did you pay?' to post the details.

    The support and info I've found here has been a huge help - saving me about 5K over what I'd have done on my own. TY to everybody, including Edmunds and pocahontas.
  • I got a better look at my new Si tonight, LOL. I really didn't think the wheels-tires looked skimpy; though, LOL, I was prepared to. What I really liked was the view from the rear quarter.
    It may just be new buyer's drunk, but I like the way this thing looks!
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    I think ours is kinda cute too.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    We look forward to hearing all about your ownership experience.... Happy motoring! ;-)


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  • hamproofhamproof Posts: 241

    Not a photochopped photo AFAIK
  • HAM!

    Dunno what you're up to. Forget it's FWD? Put those things on the front, lower your final drive ratio, and you'll have a Cobra beater off the line!

    I'm shopping for go-cart wheels that'll fit mine. Watch out, 'Vettes!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    We very much appreciate your information, however, a couple things to keep in mind:

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    The photo was referred by URL to the original source.
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    Hi Hamproof- Yes, I hear what you're saying..., and to clarify:

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    And now, back to the subject of the Honda Civic Si / Sir. ;-)


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  • The 2003 has it. Does the 2002 have it too?
  • I was wondering if anyone had pictures of a 02 SI with the moonroof visor on it? I wondered if this made it look sportier or uglier. I have one on my 1998 civic and it looks good, but I also have like rain guards (not sure of the proper name) that go around the upper outer edge of my 2 doors. They are made out of flimsier plastic, but go well with the moonroof visor. I plan on negotiating out a final price for the 02 civic tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I will come out the victor.

    Also, I've heard of clear "nose mask" type protectors to protect the car from rocks and chips. Does anyone have any links or more information on these as I have not heard of them? Do honda dealers do the install or is it easy enough to purchase online and DIY.
  • I got to play a little in my new Si ('02) today, and I'm real pleased. It's smoother, quieter, and torquier than my '99; thus, maybe a little less 'fun'; I see myself getting into higher gears sooner and downshifting less. The cabin's much more open feeling inside, at the cost of worse visibililty using the center mirror; rubbernecking is more productive, though. There's a LOT of windsheild, thus top-of-dash surface; and I figure I'll use the visors a bunch more, full forward. X-way driving is much smoother, and I don't see me coming out of 5th unless I've got quite a load. A still higher 6th gear would be useful. The 'touches' are nice - cargo area light, cubies, etc. Know the cup holder slides forward to give more junk space? I wish the guages were about 1" lower, so I could get the wheel lower and still see the whole tach and speedo. LOL, on the x-way, I found myself going faster than traffic and saying "come on" a lot. This '02 is a lot quieter than my '99; I want less volumn on the stereo. The stereo is at least as good as on the '99 and gets stations I can't even find on the rental GrandAm. Dunno if the '03 windows are darker, but I can hardly see into this one through the side and rear windows; I'd like a heavy gradualized tint on the top 1/3rd of the windsheild. This one uses regular gas; the '99 needed premium. (I bet somebody comes out with a compression kit.) I'd like to have the seat height adjustments back; even so, these seats fit me just as comfortably.

    Only two piddly dealer prep issues. The tires were all low, one rear one by about 15 lbs. The floor mat pegs (come only on driver's side) hadn't been installed; I didn't have time to wait for 'em to put the mats in, though, and the pegs came in the box with the mats (easy install).
    I didn't get the shake and rattle package Ham got. I think's it's call 'rattle and hummmmmmm' on the option list.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    Refer to River's post. It seems to be getting better and better with time.
  • kj32kj32 Posts: 3
    Anyone knows the pricing on 02-03si in this region? I am looking for one and would like to find out if there's much room to negotiate. Thx.
  • Hey, I would suggest looking at the:
    Honda Civic Owners: What did you pay?
    forum for pricing on the 02-03 SI.

    Haven't heard much from anyone in this forum in the past few days, but to everyone, have a merry christmas!
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Here's the discussion napa suggested: Honda Civic Owners: What did you pay? You may also want to check with Edmunds' TMV Pricing Tools? This will give you the average cost others are paying in your region.

    Also, please note: Edmunds' new vehicle TMV prices do not take into account current Manufacturer-to-consumer incentives or rebates. So if there are any customer cash incentives in your area, you'll want to make the necessary adjustments. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your purchase.


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  • MERRY HO(nda) HO(nda) to all.
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