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Toyota Avalon Rear Sunscreen Failure

vegasvagabondvegasvagabond Posts: 1
edited May 2014 in Toyota

My rear window sunscreen only worked intermittently for a while, then quit totally. Suddenly, on it's own, it went up and locked in place and will not retract under any circumstances, i.e. switch inoperable; no effect when moving gear selector from Park to Reverse (should retract). Most annoying is the greatly decreased visibility especially at night as the rear window is also tinted, and it also buzzes loudly for 20 seconds when the vehicle is put into Reverse from Park.

One Avalon user suggested to pull the 10A fuse or pay about $700. to repair the sunshade unit.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. It that horrible repair estimate accurate?



  • fusersfusers Posts: 1

    The estimate depends on how big of thieves your dealers are. SAVANNAH TOYOTA IN SAVANNAH GA wants $1700 to repair it. This is a hazard when driving at night and I intend to report it to NTSB as a dangerous defect. MY LAST TOYOTA.

  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84

    Had a similar issue a few years ago while my 2005 Avalon Limited was still covered under an extended warranty, so I didn't pay for the repair but saw the dealership's claim for reimbursement being submitted to Toyota under the warranty. It was well over $1,500, as I recall, possibly as much as $1,700. Dealer said it was largely for labor because the screen is hard to access (or so they claimed). Problem was a short circuit which caused the screen to jam intermittently. Lately, the replacement screen once again doesn't want to raise consistently. Not worth the trouble of repairing, in my opinion, since it could fail again. One option to consider might be if you can push it back down out of sight & then not operate it anymore. Good luck!

  • I now have my second Toyota Avalon Limited and my 2014 is having the same rear sunshade problem as my 2008 Avalon Limited. It has a mind of it's own. My older Avalon actually had the shade replaced twice..... under warrantee and once without for no charge because I complained so loudly they did it to keep me quiet. Now only a few months old my new car is doing the same thing. Dealer was told and informed me that the new Avalon has several things on the fuse so just removing the fuse is no longer an option.

    Next step is to request they disconnect the shade so it doesn't stay up when not needed. Better to not have it at all than to have it jam and freeze in the up position.

    A really [non-permissible content removed] design on an otherwise excellent vehicle.
  • Why can't I say s h itt y design. That is exactly what it is...
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