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Bug guards, protective bras & film

achenatorachenator Posts: 128
I bought a 2001 Accord EX on Friday and am considering purchasing a nose mask. I have problems with gravel trucks and "love bugs" here in Louisiana. I have heard that these masks can cover your nose and as the rest of your car fades what's under the mask doesn't. Any ideas on this? P.S my car is dark blue.


  • vw1vw1 Posts: 3
    I was wondering if anyone had any information on
    car bras? When I travel on the highway for a long
    period of time there are bugs all over the front of
    my car. Should I look into buying a front end

    Would you have any advice about not getting one.
    Do they damage the paint or front ends?

    Should I get it from my auto dealer...Acura? Or
    from an accessory supplier?

    Let me know your opinions
  • ycookmdycookmd Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 Sienna just a month old, on which I placed a bra last weekend. I purchased the Toyota bra from Toyota Wholesale Parts Online for around $100, a few bucks cheaper than the local dealer ship.

    The "factory" fit is pretty good, but you might be able to find the same for your Acura in an after-market item.

    Unfortunately, while installing, I found a large chip in the hood paint already :(

    ...guess I should have put it on sooner...

    As far as whether it's good to have on or not, though, I'm not sure. I installed one on my girlfriend's Civic today (we wanted matching cars, how dorky) and the directions for hers said that if water gets underneath and dries, it can cloud the paint. Most of the posts I have read say it's not damaging if you triple wax underneath, and wash and dry the hood frequently with rewaxing. That seems like a hassle, though.

    Hope that helps a little.
  • vw1vw1 Posts: 3

    Thanks for the response. I found out I can pick one up for $100 also from A & H. Could you tell me what the instructions/or your experience is w/ washing the actual front end cover? Do they hold up well while its actually raining or is it better to remove them if you know it will rain? How durable do they seem? But if spending $100 will save me some scratches and dents, I guess its worth it.

    Thanks for the info
  • mavrckmavrck Posts: 5
    Just purchased a bra for my '99 ZX2. Only plan to use it on highway trips of 50 miles or more for protection from bugs, stone chips etc. If staying at my destination for more than a day, I'll remove it until my return trip.

    Around town, I think it's better to go "braless" because of their reputation for causing paint problems. My daughter left her bra on her car for a few weeks at a time and definitely had a paint fade problem when she took it off. It took some good, hard waxing, but I got the finish back.
  • avs007avs007 Posts: 97
    I have my bra on my GTP 24:7

    No problems whatsoever... However, I'm a detail freak... I wash my car once sometimes twice a week, with regular wash/clay/wash/polish/wax sessions... I even do my wheels that way. I also always at least take off the hood-portion of the bra when I wash.... No fade problems, and no problems with the bra whatsoever... I also use Meguairs Vinyl & Rubber conditioner/protectant on my bra, and it looks like new, despite all the sun/rain/snow/bugs it has seen....

    It'll hold up as good as you take care of the rest of the car...

    Also, never spray armorall on your bra or your tires, if you want to keep them in good condition... It will promote cracking and drying out, despite their claims....

    In fact, when putting anything on your bra or tires, make sure THEY DO NOT contain petroleum distillates, otherwise, they will eventually crack and dry out your vinyl and rubber....

    One of the things to look out for when you remove your bra, is to remove any dirt particles or pebbles that may have found their way into it... Otherwise you will scratch your car... Also, if you use your bra in the rain, (but is always a good idea anyways), get some clay... It will get rid of all the crap that gets lodged in the paint under the bra, and all the other miscelaneous crap like rail dust from the rest of the car... And put a good coat of wax on the paint under the bra!!
  • I sell masks for a living, so I know about them. They protect your paint, they look neat, but they require some care.
    1. Wash underneath every week or so and keep it waxed. If you get grit under it, the movement of the cloth as you drive will act like sand paper. Also, rinse off the back of the mask to get the grit off.
    2. Take if off after it rains. Sun comes out after it rains, heats up the mask (black absorbs heat) which heats up the water trapped underneath and you can get paint damage. If you are driving the whole time (like on a trip), no problem cause the wind cools and evaporates the water underneath.
    3. Don't put oily stuff on the mask to make it look shiny. They are all made with vinyl with teeny holes to let moisture evaporate thru the mask (to reduce paint damage). Oily stuff clogs the holes.

    Yes, they require some care, but paint chips are real ugly.
  • vw1vw1 Posts: 3
    Great info


    So what products do you recommend for cleaning a Bra? What other cleaning steps do you also recommend? Is it fine to wash them w/ water then after they dry, protect them with certain products? What about the under part of the bra? Does it just require washing or does it also need a special cleaner different from the outside?
  • I had a bra on my 94' acura integra for over 4 years. The bra went over the bumber part only, not on the hood. I must say, I used to wash my car quite often (whenever it got dirty). Usually I took the bra off, but their were times I didn't. I never had a problem with fading or scratching (but I always kept a close eye on it). Other bras may be different than my acura bra, but if you got an acura I think you'll be ok.
  • I'm considering purchasing a bra for my 2000 Neon ES. Am wondering if they are worth it? Right now I don't do any highway driving, so don't have to worry about stone chips there. I understand they are as good as you care for them. How difficult is it to put them on and off? How long does it take? I want to keep my new car looking new for as long as possible. But at the same time I don't want to spend an entire day each week washing it, etc. Thanks!
  • An option to all of the, "take it off-put it back on" hassle with the black bras is to install a CLEAR poly bra. The 3M automotive division has developed this .080" film with a clear coat on the outside. It is most effective and is practically invisible. More info. on this product and clear headlight / fog light covers, as well, can be obtained by visiting
  • Where can I find the bras for toyota cars at wholesale price like a message earlier mentioned. I have a solara anc can't decide on whether to get a bra or not. Plus, should I go with toyota's or a retailer on the net.
  • mcpmcp Posts: 1
    Are car bras really worth it???

    I'm thinking of buying one because my city uses
    gravel a lot in the winter. However I've been
    hearing that some people get discoloration because
    their bra traps moiture and if sand ever gets in
    between the bra and your car, it can act like

  • rob67rob67 Posts: 1
    Don't even think of using or buying one !

    This 'Bra" only makes things worse (Ruins the paint, decolrs-it, and makes stains) It ruined the hood of my Beretta !

    Don't waste you're money !

  • bechtelbechtel Posts: 2
    I have always had a bra on my vehicles. It protects the front end from stone chips. You need to take it off and let it dry after days of rain and I run my through the gentle cycle of the washer monthly to clean the felt liner. Those that had problems of discoloration or paint damage did not follow instructions. They are not meant to be left on for months at a time through rain, sleet and snow. They need to be cared for just like your paint. I have never had a problem with them.
  • wareware Posts: 28
    After reading post #5, I wonder if I could handle all the frequent care required - I hate the paint chips, but vinyl masks seem almost impracticle unless you have lots of free time to fool with them. The xpel mask sounds interesting - who knows the downside to that product?
  • Have been using car bras since '89, w/ no ill effects to my paint, and currently have one on my '98 JXi. You cannot keep it on all the time, as stated above. You must take it off if wet or if there is suspect of sand/dirt underneath, so that makes it a pain at times as it requires care and the time to do so. But, it is extremely helpful when you go on long trips to protect the front, or if you live where there are love bugs (their bodies' acid will eat your paint).
  • srwsrw Posts: 4
    If you buy a bra, plan to keep it on forever. Just a little sand between it and the paint and you will have little scratches along the edges. It is especially bad if your paint is a dark metallic color. Save your money.
  • I have a Camaro Z28 and am sick of bugs and stone chips. I,d like more info about Bras but I can't find one in a color that I like. I can only find black (yuck!). Are there any othr colors and where do I find them? Also I didn't know that you were supposed to take the bra off. Thanks for that info!
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Unfortunately all bras come in black. I don't believe I've ever seen any other color. Another option you might want to consider is a pastic "tint" like film that you can applied over the front end. It's made by 3M and is suppose to work just as well as a bra except it's clear and barely visible. You can get more info at this site Hope this helps
  • I checked out that site Jmcc55....I don't there anywhere I can see the product???????? Do you know of anyone whose used this?? Looks kind of risky, and if it doesn't look good, you can't get rid of it....

    Any ideas?
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