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Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications



  • jerivas69jerivas69 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2005 Sequoia and I'm very disapointed because I was told by the dealer that they do not have a satellite radio kit (either XM or Sirius). I really want to have it integrated with the navigation system, does anyone know who makes the 2005 navigation systems for the Sequoias???? I been told Fujitsu Ten and I been told Denso. Also, does anyone know how I can add XM to my navigation system??
  • docondocon Posts: 1
    Just got our 05 limited sequoia and we have the same question. Surely someone can figure out a way around this issue so that the passenger can enjoy movies on long rides. Any luck?
  • chipdipchipdip Posts: 2
    i had just got a new 05 myself, i read your question and thought that would be nice. so i went to observe the issue. i found there is a green wire at your e-brake switch on the peddle. i'm not possitive right now but in a bit i will unhook it and see if it works. i'm 70% sure that is the wire. i'm not sure if it needs to be grounded or just free. i will reply later with the answer.
  • chipdipchipdip Posts: 2
    i should have known better, it's a toyota one wire isn't going to fix anything, somehow it also works off of the wheel sensors. i'm going to have to look at a wiring diagram for this one. but if anyone has a fix already that would be nice.
  • Let us know what you come up with. I wouldn't know how to read the wiring diagram and I do want to be able to route the video to the front while moving - for the passenger of course!

  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    This might be of help to you. The Toyota NAV units are made by Fujutsu Ten/Eclipse. I just installed an Eclipse AVN30D, which is a model only available to dealers as an aftermarket upgrade. It is essentially the Eclipse AVN5435, but without pre-amp outputs and also includes a direct plug in for the steering wheel controls on my '05 Sequoia.
    My '05 did not have the factory NAV, but there is a small molex plug that only has three wires in it that should be plugged into your factory head unit (mine was just taped out of the way). One wire is the reverse sensor wire, which is used to activate the rear camera I installed when you put the tranny in reverse. It also is used for the NAV to detect when you are moving in reverse. If I remember correctly, this wire is black/yellow. Another wire (I think it was green/orange is the speed pulse wire. This is used to monitor/calibrate your forward speed. The third wire is the parking brake relay. This is used to disable the DVD playback and NAV destination changes when the parking brake is off.
    With my Eclipse head unit, I simply had to ground the wire that is supposed to attach to the factory parking brake wire. This tricks the head unit into thinking the parking brake is on and all the previously disabled functions are now available to you.
    You should easily be able to test this by pulling your factory NAV head unit out and finding the small plug I mentioned with the three wires. I just used a pin-point tester and confirmed the wires by putting the transmission in reverse and seeing wich wire goes hot. The same can be done with the parking brake wire. Once you figure out which is the parking brake wire, you can simply ground it and that should defeat your parking brake relay.

    If you have not already, you folks should seriously check out forums. There are hundreds of Tundra and Sequoia owners on that forum that deal or have dealt witht these issues everyday. If you become a subscribing member like myself, you will have access to all the TSB's (technical service bullitins) that are published by Toyota as well as wiring diagrams, schematics, etc. for your specific vehicle. I would be seriously lost if it weren't for the good folks on that forum.

    Good luck!
  • rmartin1rmartin1 Posts: 2
    I just purchased an 05 Limited with the 10-speaker system, but I cannot find 10 speakers. I can see the tweeters and door mounts (2 tweeters, 4 door mounts) but where are the rest? I don't hear a sub-woofer anywhere....anyone know where Toyota put the rest?

  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    I have an '05 w/10 speaker also. It's odd how Toyota counts!
    Front doors:
    tweeters in A-pillars = 2
    7" Woofers in door = 2
    2" Midrange in door = 2

    Rear doors:
    Coaxial in each door = 4 ( I guess a coaxial counts as 2 speakers!)
    That's it. No subwoofer.

    By the way, the factor JBL amp is under the black catch tray in the center console. Just pop it out and you will see it.
  • rmartin1rmartin1 Posts: 2
    Thanks czechm8!

    Odd is the right word for the speaker count.

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Wonder if theres a way to upgrade that amp with an aftermarket. I haven;t popped it out to tAKE A look, but does it look like a typical amp with ground, remote, and power wires?
  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    It is possible to replace the factory amp, but extremely difficult. The amp looks normal except for the molex wiring harnesses, but it is far from "normal.". Its all a very proprietary system and it is near impossible to upgrade any one component. You are better off replacing the whole system like I am in the process of doing. Here's why: Toyota employs a system called an AVC/LAN that is a digital interface between the head unit and the amp. It behaves much like a compter Local Area Network. The head unit only has a two channel output and the amp is turned on remotely by a digital signal fromt the head unit. Because of this, the amp is useless without the head unit because only the digital signal from the factory head unit can turn it on. I know installers who have installed after market head units and burried the factory head unit somewhere in the dash just so they can use it to turn on the factory amp. (That is the most insane thing I have ever seen done!) You could leave the factory head unit in and use an after market amp, but you only have a two channel output from the HU, so you lose the ability to fade the front & back speakers.
    It gets even trickier when you look at how the speakers are set up. There are 3-way component speakers in the front doors of the JBL 10 spker system. The crossovers are built in to the amp, which also controls fade via the AVC/LAN communications. The woofers are 2 ohm, mids 3 ohm and the tweeters are 4 ohm. If you install and after market HU and bypass the factory amp, you would be sending a full range signal to all three speakers in each door. The tweeter has a filter on it to block low frequencies, so it's OK, but the woofer and mid have no filters and will receive a full signal. Trust me, it sounds like crap. You could install filters on the factory speakers to improve the sound, or use outboard crossovers, but its just easier to replace those cheap things and do it right.
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I installed an Eclipse AVN30D head unit. You won't find this unit on Eclipse's site, because it is only available through dealers and is designed as an aftermarket uprade. It is identical to the AVN5435, but without pre-amp outputs. The advantage of this is that it is wired to interface with the steering wheel controls, so that functionality is not lost. If you install any other after market HU, you lose the steering wheel controls. There are ways around it, but they are expensive. My next project is to stuff and amplifier under the front passenger seat to power new CDT comps in the front doors and CDT coaxials in the rear doors. Should be a pretty awesome sound system when I'm done.
  • Need Help.
    I'm trying to install a skid plate to my '05 Sequoia. This is pathetic, but I am not able to remove the tow hook bolts. They are screwed on so tight. Does anyone have any experience in this installation? Is there a way to remove the bolts myself, or do I have to have a professional install it for me? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Also, I'm considering adding 22" rims. Any comments on 22" vs 20"?
  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    Sounds like you need a bigger wrench! Those bolts are tight for a reason. Just make sure you have the proper tools. You don't want to risk stripping the bolt heads because it gets much harder after that. If you don't have the tools necessary, it may be more cost effective to have the dealer install it rather than buy the correct tools for this one project.

    Be very careful when considering going to 22" rims. Two reasons:

    1) Size - the stock wheels are roughly 30.5" in overall diameter. You cannot get a 22" rim/tire combination that small. You can safely go to an overall diameter of about 31.5" without any rubbing issues to the stock suspension in any wheel/tire combination. Any bigger than that and you will need a lift kit. A 20" rim is the biggest you can go and still stay close to the stock diameter. I run 295/45/20's and they are fine. You could also go with 285/50/20's, which are a hair bigger. Keep in mind as well that any change from the stock tire diameter will affect your speedometer and odometer calibration. Have a professional fit the wheels for your vehicle. The backspacing and off-set are very critical in proper fitment.

    2) Mass - going to a larger wheel usually means an increase in mass. The reason that this is important is because it takes more braking power to stop more mass. The worst thing you can do is go to a 22" or 24" wheel and keep the stock brakes. It becomes very dangerous if you don't upgrade the brakes in that situation. Your truck will look cool, but you may not be able to stop in time to miss the kid that just ran out into the street. Plus, you will go through brake pads like crazy.
    I researched a lot before buying my Weld wheels for these reasons. The reason I chose 20" wheels is because of reason (1) above. The reason I chose Weld wheels is because of reason (2) above. They are almost exactly the same mass as my stock wheels because the are well engineered (light & strong). You get what you pay for - most of the cheap wheels you see in the trade magazines are heavy, poorly made wheels that are not designed and machined to close enough tolerances to even get them to balance and ride properly. Even the stock Toyota wheels are lug-centric, which can be very difficult to balance. A high quality wheel, like the Weld wheels are hub-centric and dead-center perfect with no runout.

    Good luck.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I couldn't take them out myself either. Luckily, my brother has an air compressor and took them out for me. Otherwise I would be SOL. Maybe you can try a local service station, that would take them out for you. You can do the rest of the install yourself.

    I have 20's on mine with 295/45/20. Not sure about 22's.
  • usairj1usairj1 Posts: 5
    We purchased a 2004 Sequoia SR5 Burgundy with Tan CLOTH interior. I installed a Vizualogic DVD system replacing both front headrest, and installing a TV Tuner under the console. While "gutting" the center console, I saw two connectors just under where the buttons for the heated seats would be located. I was wondering, although I have never seen heated cloth seats, if the wiring was all there and they only need the rocker switches to function. Although I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the box, my questions are:

    1.Is the wiring and the heating elements in place and you only need to add the switches? (Realistically, I don't believe it would be that easy, but this Sequoia has fooled me before). This vehicle did not come with keyless remote, and for $200 for a new receiver, and 2 $9.99 ebay transponders, the silly thing actually worked. Wiring was already present, only the components were absent.(Off subject, sorry)
    2. Can you even use the Heated seat with cloth seats? (Again, don't believe so)

    Just thought I would ask......Next project if this is a no-go will be the install of the nav system from OEMValue.....
  • I am thinking about either adding either 20" or 22" rims to my '05 Sequoia. The stock rims are 17". I went to the dealer to ask about the wheel locks, but the sales person at the parts counter wasn't sure if the Toyota wheel locks for the stock 17" rims would work on my new rims. Does anyone know if I can use Toyota wheel locks on any other rims? I would think they're interchangeable, but I'm not not completely certain.
    Thanks for the help.
  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    It depends on whay type of wheels you will be putting on. The stock 17" wheels are lug-centric. This means that the lug is what actually centers the wheel about the hub. If you take one off you will see that there is a tapered end on the lug. When you screw it onto the stud, the lug actually completely slips inside the opening in the wheel, forcing the wheel into alignment.
    By contrast, most quality aftermarket wheels are hub-centric. This means that the bore in the center of the wheel fits tightly around the hub. The lugs on this type of wheel only hold the wheel tight against the rotor and do not function to center the wheel. If you look at one of these lugs, they are flat one the end, unlike the tapered lug mentioned above.

    If your new wheels are lug-centric, then there is a chance your existing lugs will work, but not guaranteed. I run 20's in the warm months, which are hub-centric wheels so I need two sets of lugs and lockers. I always carry 6 extra lugs in my hitch bag for the factory spare and the correct lug wrench in case I have a flat. I don't want to be stranded with the wrong wrench and lugs.
    You're best bet is to just get the correct set of new lugs for your new wheels

    Also, be very careful when considering anything larger than 20" wheels on your Sequoia. There is no 22" wheel/tire combo small enough to match the 30.5" diameter of your stock wheels. If you go larger, your speedo and odometer will register incorrectly. Your wheels may rub the control arms and fenders. You will also have increased mass at each wheel, which will put serious strain on your factory brakes and could cause a failure and serious injury. It may look cool, but you may not be able to stop in time to miss the kid that just ran into the street!
  • pj2pj2 Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a new 2005 Sequoia Limited 4x4 but didn't want the luxury package because I need the bench seat in the 2nd row. However, I do want the memory seating option since I'm 14" taller than my wife and hate the idea of re-adjusting the seat. I've had this option in several other vehicles and loved it. Any ideas?
  • tlettlet Posts: 3
    I pose this problem to you or anyone else who can help. I just bought a 2005 Sequoia LTD with the JBL E7006 Sound system w/NAV and rear seat DVD system. When the ignition key is in the ACC position, the system operates great. However, when I start the vehicle I get very little sound (when I turn the volume to MAX I get a small amount of audio). Also, the DVD system does not work when the vehicle is running (again it works fine when ignition is in ACC mode). The head unit does not seem to sense that a DVD is in the player because when I hit the "disc" button on the head unit, it says "no CD". When I do this when the ignition is on "ACC", it works fine. The dealer just ordered a new amp, but they can't assure me that is the problem. Any ideas???
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The unit in the dash (an AVN....E7006) does not play DVD movies... it only reads DVD-ROM map disc.

    Can you elaborate a little more about "low volume"? Is the volume low in CD or radio.... or is it the rear-seat entertainment (RSE) system volume that is low?
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