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Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications



  • :shades: My kids have lost the remote to the factory installed DVD player. I called the dealer and the remote is $130.00. Does anyone know if you can actually control the player somewhere without a remote? Are there other places to purchase this remote. I also read that the newly purchased remote may have to be programmed? I LOVE MY SEQUOIA!!
  • I think you need a dealer or audio installer that knows what they are doing. It's just an excuse because the dealer doesn't know what they are doing. Run away, fast! I have an '05 with the sun roof and a 15" overhead monitor, so it is definately something that can be done.
  • See my posted #1101 on the problem section on this forum. I posted 2 procedures: one for transponder key and one for remote.
  • Does anyone know where I can purchase the SMOKE BLACK chrome package?
  • Hello
    I am going to install 2 amp on the factory stereo. Does anyone have any suggestions where to mount them.
  • dcoxdcox Posts: 3
    Check out for some other options. I have the A1000 model and have been very pleased. The replacement headrests match the leather perfectly. Installation is much less invasive and they can be taken out if you sell/trade the vehicle. A competent local car audio/video dealer should be able to do this easy!
  • We lostm our remote for our sequoia also... What did you find out about replacement or using the palyer with out it?

    Thanks :)
  • I have a quick question. I currently own a 2001 Sequoia Limited with the JBL sound system. It sounds like both speakers in the front doors are blown, so I'm thinking about just replacing all of the speakers at once (with the exception of the tweeters). Has anyone replaced the speakers themselves? I'm not looking to spend a fortune, so it would be nice if I could do it myself. Also, if anyone has any advice as to what type of speakers to use with the factory head unit/amp, it would be appreciated.
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    i dont know but i jsut put on a afe intake and love it and have had no problems
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    I just put a AFE intake on my sequoia and love it. install was easy and the hp was a noticeable difference. and for a gas applications thats very rare. fuel mileage has went up about 1.5 mpg. on the hwy 65 mph iam getting 24 mpg. i have no check engine codes like i hear with the K&N. this was a nice couple hundred $$$ well spent. :shades:
  • baglebagle Posts: 5
    iam just wanting to dress this thing up a little bit. is there any one out there that knows if there are things such as chrome rocker panels, etc. all I have been able to find are chrome handle inserts. i would hope there is more then just that. any ways if anyone know of any extras drop a line.

    bagel :shades:
  • usairj1usairj1 Posts: 5
    Hello All!! I purchased the 2006 Camry Nav system from OEMValue for my 2004 Sequoia SR5. I was wondering if someone may have the wiring diagram for the 2004 Sequoia that I could bum off of you? I have tapped into the 20 pin plug on the back of the instrument cluster (green with orange stripe...(speed), and black with yellow stripe...(Reverse)) and I still have not heard the voice command function. After driving around the neighborhood for about 5 min., the system did respond, and appeared to be operating correctly. But no lovely vocals.

    I have also noticed that (as stated from another thread) that my power antenna will only retract when the ignition is turned off. I am wondering if anyone has a "fix" for the '04 Sequoia? I saw a reply concerning the celica, but I just need the "warm and fuzzy" that this will work on the "04 Sequoia as well.

    Additionally, My sequoia did not come with the steering wheel controls option. I purchased a steering wheel with the stereo controls on it off of ebay, and I am looking for a solution on how to properly wire it up to my new NAV system. I know some of you TRD, and Toyota-knights can help me prevail on this war-of-the-wires. So I ask all of my minyons (?) for your help. Maybe someone is good at building harnesses (I'm not). :confuse:

    As long as I am going off of the deep end, I purchased a rearview Camera from Yan Labratories I was wondering how difficult it will be to mount this in the rear deck. I'm going to keep the original Keyhole lock, and just drill out a new hole for the camera (My wife will kill me, but then again I won't have to worry about finishing it if she does!) :P Your input is valuable!
  • rbarronrbarron Posts: 1
    I am looking at the AVN30D for my 2003 sequoia. Does anyone know if this is still the best a/m product? Are there any better options now? Is it suggested to install yourself? If not where?
    Thanks for your help,
  • Hi,

    Could you tell me the bypass steps to enable playing the DVD on the front console while driving?

    Contrary to what was suggested by an earlier reply, I would like for my front passenger to view the DVD while driving.

  • usairj1,
    I've got an '06 Sequoia and I'm looking to add the navigation system and the steering wheel with the audio controls. Can't find either anywhere!! :confuse: You said that you got your steering wheel from ebay. Was it a vendor or private owner?

    I'll see if I can find the wiring diagrams.
  • 5ofakind5ofakind Posts: 3
    So if it can be bypassed temporarily....would you like to share that with everyone here ???

    I am sure others would greatly appreciate the information.....

  • wdmccarywdmccary Posts: 1
    Did you ever get an answer to your question about adding speakers for the 3rd row or adding a subwoofer? I too have the same issue. 3rd row can not hear unless volume is way up! I've had my Sequoia since '03 but have not done anything yet........
  • meshkal2meshkal2 Posts: 1
    hi there regarding the by pass i took my toyota landcruser to the dealer and they disconcted the ground wire from the the front dvd plays while driving..the whole connection to the dvd cut out while driving was connected to the ground wire of the hand brake in my car
    hope this was helpfull to all thanks and take care while driving bye for now..
  • partpart Posts: 1
  • kimshahkimshah Posts: 1
    have you found any additional information on replacing the remote. My dealer quoted me $225
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