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Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications



  • ymkymk Posts: 3
    Does anyone know where i can buy 2005- 2007 Chrome side mirrors covers for Sequoia as i searched online, and found nothing of this product?
  • abbylouabbylou Posts: 33
    Bought a 2007 Sequoia and was not really ready to pay what Toyota wanted for the DVD/Nav since all I wanted was the Nav, but can the dealer install the Nav after the fact? I have the 10 speaker JBL system. I thought about the portable, but like having the dash clear.
  • ymkymk Posts: 3
    DVD/Nav come as combo package in dealer, i also have 2007 Sequoia and my portable GPS works pretty good in my dash, just go for bigger screen at least 3.5". The fixed one can not be updated as roads always being changed in the States.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    I added Sonar into the bumper and posted that in another area with pics.

    I also have DVD/LCD headrests on the way.

    I did a Homelink(R) rear-view auto dimming mirror install.

    Now I did the Python 990 remote start and two-way alarm.

    To test it I first I walked to the most true line of sight I could get -- 700 yards or so according to the laser rangefinder. Then I walked further and further. I lost line of sight but wrote down street intersections. It seemed like I walked forever so remind me not to walk that far again in 36 degree temps. I got 2054 yards or 1.17 miles out of it, according to google-earth. So I am stunned -- I was able to verify a mile. I have no doubt that true line of sight without a bunch of houses in the way would have gone further. Not that this is a reliable range of course, but it worked.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    There is a side-effect of my remote-starter and my Toyota. The Toyota leaves the headlights on if you shut off the engine and sit in the car. So if you turn on the car with the remote starter, and then decide to shut it off from the remote starter -- the lights never turn off as the car thinks someone is inside.

    I think the fix is to reprogram the car. The owner's manual has two custom settings that seem relevant. One is how many seconds from when you close the door to when the lights go off. Default is 30 seconds but a Toyota dealer can change it to 0. I don't think that will help though as the door is never open and closed. The other setting will make it so that the lights are off when the engine is shut off. I assume that will fix it. While I am at it, there is an option to disable the seat-belt buzzer.
  • abbylouabbylou Posts: 33
    GPS works pretty good in my dash? So, did you mount in your dash or is it up on windshield or dash top? I am just wondering if there is something out there since i refused to pay the $1800+ they wanted for the DVD/Nav....Wish they just had the Nav pkg when I purchased....
  • What has your experience been with cargo rocket type boxes in the Sequoia? I am considering buying a Yakima SkyBox Pro 21 that will be 21 cubic feet (92” x 36” x 18”). Do any of you have a box like this? How has it impacted your gas mileage and what kind of noticeable noise comes from the addition of the box if any?
    Thanks in advance,
  • ymkymk Posts: 3
    my GPS has been mounted on windshield, it is very visible to me even under bright day, i mean it depends on which brand you are going to buy. Why pay for only single Nav pkg over thousand dollars at dealer. Mine is just $250.
  • trebor129trebor129 Posts: 176
    Portable GPS has two issues.

    1. It is a magnet for window smashers.

    2. If it loses reception, it stops working. The factory nav is tied in to the wheels. There are (I think) some portables now that have accelerometers.
  • Has anyone found any places to get accessories for the 08 Sequoia? In particular, I need a bug shield. It looks like Toyota may not have theirs ready for a few months. I hate driving around with out one, as my last SUV got several dings and windshield ships from rocks on the interstate.
  • poster1poster1 Posts: 6
    It seems like every single new car we buy gets a rock in the windshield before the thing's a month old. I mean it's uncanny how quick that brand new windshield gets nailed by a rock.
    I wish there was some magic way to avoid the problem but in my experience, I've seen the rock coming, they come in from a fairly steep angle and there is no way in heck that a bug shield would have prevented the attack. I mean the rocks that have actually cracked my various windshields are big enough that there is no way they would have been deflected by a different wind pattern caused by a bug shield.
    Bugs yes, I'm sure bugs will be deflected up and away from the windshield in most cases but not the rocks that crack windshields.
    If anyone can prove me wrong I want to know. Thanks for hearing me out on this.
  • mxluamxlua Posts: 1
    I have a Thule Atlantis 2100, and I have used it both on a 06 Sienna and 04 4runner. As for noise it really doesn't make that much noise until you hit around 70mph and up. Gas mileage is hard to judge because when I do use it I have it fully loaded and the weight itself does effect it. One important thing when considering is that I have had mine for 18months, and I had to repair it twice. I use it heavily and there is four plastic brackets, that should have been make out of metal, that break. I have to call Thule,lifetime warr, for replacement parts. I understand that new models are out, but I don't know if they corrected this defect.

  • Just got my 2008 Sequoia Limited. I can't seem to find a supplier for a full Grill/Brush Guard. Anyone had any luck trying to get one of these? Thanks a bunch!
  • Hi! was wondering if you found a supplier for your Bug Shield? I am not looking for that same accessory but figure that 'maybe' (?) a supplier who can get you your Bug Shield has other items as well! I'm looking for a full front Brush/Grill Guard for my 2008 Sequoia. If you come across a supplier please email me at "" Thanks a bunch!!!
    P.S. Good Luck with your new Sequoia!!
  • I’ve had my 2008 SR5 for about 2 months now. The other day I went to fold down all of the back seats to lay flat. When I did, I had about an 8 inch gap between the second row seats and the 3 row seats. It seems like there should be something that would cover this gap and make a nice flat area for hauling stuff. Am I missing something?
  • Hi, Are you folding the seats upright after you put them flat? My 2004 folds flat then tips up to meet the 2nd row. Hope this helps!
  • I have a 2008 Linited so don't know if your model has the same setup as far vas the back of the seats goes, but, if you fold down the 2nd row seats, there is (on my model) a velcro-edged fold-away part that will open up (once the seat itself is folded flat) and bridge the gap you referred to. Hope this helps!!!
  • Does any one knows how to buy a denso(OEM) GPS for the 08 sequoia, and get it hacked? Thank you very much.
  • My platinum has the captains set in the 2nd row with two bucket seats on either side. Wanted to replace the captains seat (whis is not really a seat) with an actual seat to increase seating to 8. Does anyone know how / where I could get that done? I have seen some options online for center console seat that could potentially replace the captains chair but don't know if that's the best way.

    Please advise
  • how do i wire so that i could watch movies in the front in the navigation screen and how do i take out the deck?
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