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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair

mmcgregormmcgregor Posts: 33
I posted this on the other discussion board yesterday but this seems like a more appropriate spot. Don't get me wrong. I love the truck, especially when it's warm outside.

Well I hate to say it but it's PISTON SLAP and Toyota knows it. It looks like tloughr was right. I forget where all of the previous discussions ended but here is what I have found out (from a Toyota service rep).

The pistons on the V8 engines have tolerance problems than can lead to piston slap depending on how much
the tolerance is off. A TSB has not been generated yet but I hate to think of what a TSB for piston problems
might say. I don't like the idea of paying $40k+ only to find out that Toyota wants to fix a prevoiusly known
problem by having to rebuild my engine.

I have heard about some engines that are very loud when first started but quiet down once warmed up. I'm not
sure what the definition of quiet is but this is the scenario that Toyota is looking in to.

My noise is not quite so severe. It's an annoying tick that seems to be related to outside temperature and not
engine temperature. Does anyone know if the computer changes any of the engine settings based on outside
air temperature? Does anyone else have this symptom?

It appears that this V8 engine has four versions:
1 - quiet
2 - ticker (fuel injectors)
3 - tapper (?)
4 - knocker (pistons)

Are others hearing these noises or am I the exception?


  • debbiev1debbiev1 Posts: 10
    I also posted on another board & suppose this would be a more appropriate place to write.

    Mmcgregor, I have not noticed any type of loud engine noise, or any ticking sound with my new Sequoia....... but then again, I haven't seen it since 48 hours of owning it.
    We purchased it on 4/7/01 with 39 miles on it, drove it home the next day (bought it out of state). Pulled in the driveway & it was smoking and leaking, what turned out to be oil, something fierce. Oil was also splattered on the inside of the hood. I brought it to a dealer the next day (with about 325 miles on it) & haven't seen it since. It has now been there 10 days. I received 1 phone call from my service guy 8 days later to tell me the part (cam shaft) is on back order.(by the way, I call them every day.... I'm sure they love me)They also tell me they have no expected date when the part may come in. "I'm sorry ma'am I don't know what else to tell you, we'll call you if we hear anything."

    I made a formal complaint with customer relations on Mon the 16th & was told I would hear back from a manager no later than the end of the business day on Thurs the 19th. As my luck would have it, no one has returned my calls. (This is also just a basic overview, there is a little more to the story. As some of us have mentioned you spend 40K+ on a vehicle, you don't expect to have problems....especially serious ones!!)

    I am by far at my wits end with Toyota, which is very unfortunate because, basically, I am happy with everything else. Our 5 hour ride home was extremely comfortable & amazingly smooth compared to the Chewy SUV I traded in. It is also 100 times soother than our vette, which surprised me considering it's a "truck". Love it!!

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice, suggestions, or a similar problem.... misery loves company
  • mattw7mattw7 Posts: 4
    Wow, debbiev1, Sounds like you've got a terrible mess on your hands. I'd be extremely pissed if I were you! I would do everything I could to make them replace the vehicle even if that means getting a lawyer to represent you. Be sure to get everything documented in writing and if you need a reference for a good lemon law attorney, I've got one.

    Like mmcgregor, I've got a ticking SEQ that absolutely drives me nuts in cold weather. I have tried having the injectors insulated as described by another owner posting on - it didn't work. It was a very popular topic about a month ago at but now I can't generate any interest in it for some reason. Everyone wants to complain about their booming base and poor fitting carpets. Go figure!!!!!

    I truly do feel sorry for you and I hope you keep us posted on your progress.
  • ka5ljbka5ljb Posts: 7
    I have a Sequoia SR5 with 6K miles on it. I noticed that when I make a somewhat sharp turn and step on the accelerator instead of getting a power boost it seems to fade first and then accelerates; same thing happened when I went over a bump. However, its the acceleration fade that concerns me when I go around a corner making a 90 degree turn. Anyone else have this experience?
  • fishcarfishcar Posts: 18
    Sounds like the active traction control "rev limiter" is cutting in as your wheels spin going around the turn or over a bump...there has been a pretty active thread on this topic on the Sequoia solutions message board. it's a bit too long to paraphrase here, so you might check it out...
  • debbiev1debbiev1 Posts: 10
    Not much in the way of good news for me. We did finally talk to a factory rep who had no answers for us, but claimed he would by Monday. We'll see. We've tried the replacement thing but no go. We have to give it a little more time, see how long this part is on back order. They would have to have my Sequoia for another 20 business days, according to the book, before we could file under the lemon law. I hate the thought of having to take it that far.

    This is also frustrating because it took a couple bad trips to get it in the first place. We attempted to drive to the U.P. about a month ago and I stupidly (accidentally) left my purse in a restuarant and didn't realize it for about an hour 15 min later. Within that hour 15 min, my husband got pulled over for speeding & got a $180 ticket. (we just went home because it was Sat.)
    2 weeks later we attempted it again, this time we ran out of gas on the way up......we are just a comedy of errors!!! At that time my husband said it was an omen not to get this vehicle. Now this.

    I was kinda bummed today. It got to the 80's here in Chicago and I so badly wished I was in my new SEQ w/the windows down & the moonroof open.....maybe next time.

    Hey, this ticking /piston slap, I've heard a few of you mention it's mainly in cold weather. How cold are you refering to? I'm wondering because when we left the U.P. it was about 40, but by the time we reached Chicago it was 79 degrees.....are you talking colder than 40 degrees? Because I don't recall hearing any ticking. Maybe I lucked out in that department????
    KA5LJB, on the main board, I've heard the fading acceleration was an issue with someone and there was a response somewhat similar to FISHCARs
  • mmcgregormmcgregor Posts: 33
    My "ticking temperature" is about 60deg. I can hear it from the top of the engine. It sounds like it comes through the vents on either side of the radio.
  • slickrockslickrock Posts: 60
    That's VCS trying to keep you from spinning out. It can be pretty annoying in 2WD, but it seem to be less of a problem in 4WD because the rev limiting works differently (i.e., VCS relies more on the brakes in 4WD). You might want to try 4WD and see if it's better. Also you can turn off VCS (and rev. limiting) in 4WD -- I can't figure out how to turn it off in 2WD.

    I wish I could help with the ticking. A question about the temperature-sensitive one that seems to come through the air ducts: is it regular and varies with RPM, or is it random and varies more with road conditions?
  • mmcgregormmcgregor Posts: 33
    My ticking is strictly RPM related. And it's outside temperature dependant not engine temperature. I'd love to get my hands on some of the code in the computer(s).

    Anybody know if there's a way to read out ignition timing settings from the computer?

    Anti-knock control?
  • beantown3beantown3 Posts: 7
    I have an sr5 and what I noticed is the transmission doesn,t want to let go in 1st gear,ya know, from a stop to about 10-15 miles an hour when the automatic transmission shoulld now go into 2nd gear and up.Has anyone else noticed this????? it is not slamming into 2nd gear but it doesn,,t want to let go much for silky smooth as I have read everywhere in magazine write ups,and I too think the audio is awful; whats the word ? is it the speakers or the radio that makes it sound awful,
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    I don't have a transmission problem but my radio/CD changer sounds AWFUL. No matter how I adjust the bass, treble, midrange, it sounds no better. Like I've said before, if I had my way, somebody at Toyota would be spending time working in Siberia! As for me, I feel kinda stupid paying so much for the radio option that has less than natural sound, no automatic volume compensation, and no steering wheel control of the radio.
  • beantown3beantown3 Posts: 7
    I went to a hi fi store and sorted through car speakers,I found a nice pr. of Boston Acoustics but with installation costs it would be about$525.00 not including an amp!I don,t know what to do,it makes me sick to spend around $750. for decent sound in a 40k vechile.What if it,s the radio that stinks and not the speakers???? To say I,m disappointed with Toyota is an understatment,We are not talking about a stripped down Tercel here. Geez
  • nighter50nighter50 Posts: 127
    Are the sound problems with both the regular 6 speaker package and the 10 speaker upgrade? Sounds like the problems are both bass and volume levels. Is that correct?

    When I test drove I did not notice the sound being terrible or any ticking noise in engine and
    I stood there for five minutes with hood open while salesman explained engine.

    May purchase today or tomorrow. These are the major complaints that I have seen on this board and others. One thing I noticed was that black box by passenger's leg area. That is a bad place for that box. What is this box? Are there any other known problems? Thanks in advanced.
  • mmcgregormmcgregor Posts: 33
    The stereo sound problem seems to be associated with the "upgraded" package.

    As far as the ticking goes, mine didn't do it at first. And it still isn't noticeable when standing next to the truck while it's just idling. What was the temperature outside when you test drove it? Much like many things in life it's a roll of the dice, so good luck.
  • beantown3beantown3 Posts: 7
    Jump in.. the waters fine! it,s a great vechile,tons of room,excellent ride,nice touches like the rear window going into the door,super in the snow. It,s true what everyone here is talking about though,the engine noise is kinda loud,I was going to look for a hood insulation liner myslef which would help and the radio/speakers stink(don,t know which one though)but it,s rare to find a perfect vechile.You will like this suv
  • nighter50nighter50 Posts: 127
    Thanks for the feedback. I think I will take the plunge, if not now perhaps in a month or so.

    Thanks again.
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    As much as I've been griping about my Sequoia and the things it should have for the price paid for the truck, I would still recommend it to anyone who is looking for a BIG suv. I've not have the chance to drive it much to use up the first tank of gas so I don't know what kind of mpg it gets. However, the computer gives an average reading of 15mpg.
  • rruck1rruck1 Posts: 91
    beantown3 - I have noticed a lag in shifting to 2nd on occassion. I assume you are from Boston? Maybe it's the weathahh up heahhh.

    nighter50 - I have the basic stereo package and the bass problem is here as well. Perhaps it's worse in the 'better' package, but I've never heard the 'better' system. The stereo is not horrendous, in fact it sounds pretty good at high volumes.

    No ticking for me so far - 6500 miles.

    By the way, the Sequoia handles great in the sand. I've had it on the beach a few times this year - the extra clearance and low range 4WD help alot.
  • beantown3beantown3 Posts: 7
    yup, from Boston,today was 90 degrees and I had the Sequoia out and ya know what? no lag in shifting..this is defintely weather related,shifted smoothly all day long.When it was 50 out which was just recently it doesn,t want to let go of 1st gear. What would that be ??
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    I have the same problem of the transmission stuck in 1 gear. It happened only a couple of times, though.
  • budjetbudjet Posts: 1
    very strong engine noise comes thru on am band only. when engine is off everthing is says this is normal on all sequoia's.can anyone help?
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