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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • I live in New Hampshire where they us a great deal of salt on the roads in the winter, but I am always running my Sequoia through the car wash in the winter to get the salt off the under carriage.
  • I am starting my process as well. Same thing AND the rear diff is rusted to the point where is is leaking right through the otherwise solid differential!
    How do we keep in touch?
  • We need to keep after Toyota to address this frame rot major problem. I've sent an email to ABC News, Brian Ross, to possibly address and run another Toyota recall segment. We also need to keep adding Sequoia owners that have the same frame rot problem. All may not have this problem, but many do, and Toyota needs to address it and resolve this major problem.

    We didn't pay $43K+ plus to have our SUVs declared junk within 10 years!
  • I have posted my 2 issues (Frame Rot and Rear Differential Rot) with (Suggest everyone does the same) and discovered that others have these problems. I also discovered that there have been more than a few transmission replacements-which I had done 6 months ago and was not told that there was any problem with my differential!!!! HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT!
    Toyota has told me they will not do anything with the frame but asked me to bring the vehicle back to Toyota to get and estimate to repair the Differential. Stay tuned!
  • Just found out this evening that my '01 Sequoia that I truly have loved and am now looking to sell also has the infamous frame rot that many of you are speaking of. Interesting how Toyota has not recalled these as they are the same as Tundra/Tacoma frame. Will also email nhtsa and see what can be done. What a drag to hear that my truck is now really unsellable.
  • I have the same exact problem with my 2001 Sequoia, (rear differential rusted and leaking and rusted frame)... I called the 800 Customer relations Toyota number and was told there is nothing they would do as it’s an old truck out of warranty... even though it has been maintained by the dealer and undercoated at the dealer when purchased new. I am now working with the dealer for a solution and the factory field rep. I was wondering if you had any success getting them (dealer or factory) to pay for the repairs. Of course they say they have no record of similar problems!
    Thank you
  • I believe the Toyota dealers hands are tied. You should file a claim directly with Toyota and also file a formal complaint with the NHTSA to be added into their database. Hopefully the NHTSA will receive enough complaints about the "FRAME ROT" of Toyota Sequoia's and force Toyota to issue a "RECALL" of Sequoia frames that rot prematurely.
    I'm calling Channel 5 TV in Boston Monday morning. I understand they ran a segment a while back regarding "Frame Rot" of Toyotas. It may take the media to apply some pressure on Toyota.
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    If CT has just recently started using just salt, your Sequoia frame will start showing rot within a couple years... And you will no longer love this vehicle!! From what I understand, the design of the Toyota frame is open on the top side, collecting water, salt, sand, dirt, etc. and no way for it to escape and also no way to really flush it out. Therefore, these frames are rotting from the inside out. I understand Toyota recently changed the frame design to prevent this from happening.
  • kineokineo Posts: 7
    ;) Sorry but your mistaken, the frame is not open on the top side. Also CT was using a sand/salt mix and now is using straight salt. If my '01 with 236k on it now starts to rot in a few years. (With my annual mileage in excess of 35k.) It will then have about 340k on it and I will not only LOVE IT!!! But it will be the best Truck I've ever owned.
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    I guess you're one of the few lucky Sequoia owners. I beleive Northern NE gets a little more snowfall than CT, and winters are longer. We've also enjoyed our Sequoia for the past 9 years, but are very unhappy that the frame has rotted and is undrivable.
  • ari_mari_m Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 Sequoia and am in NJ. We are looking to purchase a new car, but I loved my Sequoia so much (and hate the new design) that I didn't want to let it go. Now I am worried about holding onto it, after reading your comments! Can someone tell me what symptoms to look for if I'm worried about frame rot? Can I see it just by crawling under the car and looking? I transport kids in my car often and am worried about its safety after seeing this information! Any information is greatly appreciated, and thank you all for posting this!!
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    I continue to research and collect information regarding this problem.
    It appears that not all Sequoias are affected. And I'm not exactly sure why this is. It could be a number of factors(i.e. different frame manufacturers; recycled steel used; lack of protective coating, etc. etc.). If you look under your vehicle and see a lot of flaking rust on the frame, look even closer for possible holes through the frame. If you don't see alot of rust and flaking off of rust, you're probably one of the lucky ones, that doesn't have the problem, and may never have the problem. I've spoken with other 2001 & 2002 Sequoia owners within Northern NE, and some have the frame rot problem and some don't. I continue to gather information.
  • In January of 2003 I bought my Sequoia new from the dealer. The truck rides nice, has been trouble free with the exception of 2 recalls. I stumbled across this rusty frame issue while googling over the weekend. Took a good look under the truck and Im shocked at what I saw!!

    This truck is bearly 9 years old, cost me over $50,000 and has a mere 105,000 miles on it. I live in LI NY, and my Soccer Mom wife drives it.

    I took a bunch of pictures, check them out here

    The most disturbing pictures are of the rear axle trailing arms and the rear differential. Forget about servicing the rear end, it looks like the filler bolt will just snap off. It appears as if their welding process is flawed as all welds are corroded, then spread to the rest of the metal.

    I sent in a complaint at the along with the pictures. Come tomorrow I'm calling Toyota and filing a complaint with them. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    I'd like to get more pictures up, so if you have them please get in contact with me. Please make sure to file a complaint, this is the ONLY way Toyota will be forced to correct this. Otherwise we're all left with useless junk as vehicles.

  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    Thank you for writing and the pictures. I still need to take pics. My frame appears to be worse, but my vehicle is one year older. I would agree, it appears the rust starts at the welded frame joint and spreads out.
    I've filed a formal complaint to both Toyota and the NHTSA, but still have not hear from either one. I've also sent emails to both local and national news investigative units, hoping they would do a story on this serious Toyota Frame Rot problem. I believe the media could apply some pressure. I've heard that the differential will fail before the frame, but my frame has numerous rust holes and will not pass inspection and can not be repaired, because there's not enough solid material to weld support plates to. Toyota needs to recall and do something with the Sequoias that are affected.
  • The worst part is that the rear axle trailing arms look like they will break at the welds. If a trailing arm broke at highway speeds, this would be catastrophic.

    Bottom line, I made a bad choice with the Toyota Sequoia purchase.

    Toyota needs to stand behind their product. Our Government needs to stand behind us.

    Maybe the only reason Toyota recalled the Tundra was due to the hundreds of thousands that were sold, as opposed to the few tens of thousand Sequoias sold.

    As the old saying goes, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil"

    Its time to make some noise. My wife and I are informing all our friends, family and co-workers about this.
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    A problem with spreading the word and getting more owners involved about this serious problem, is that everyone I know that has owned a 1st generation Toyota Sequoia have already traded it. And I wouldn't doubt the dealer didn't wholesale these Sequoias to South America, or even junked them. And you see very few Sequoias on the road today, not like you did a few years ago.

    Yes, we need to become the squeaky wheel!

    Toyota needs to make it right and not continue to blame salty roads!

    Let's keep the communications moving and hope that Toyota does something soon!
  • cabin04cabin04 Posts: 31
    When filing a complaint online with the NHTSA, they ask you to select the component of complaint from a list of car components, but they do not list "Frame". And you need to select at least one. Therefore, some consumers may select "Unknown"; "Body"; "Drive Train"; etc., but this does not put us all in the same category as "premature frame rust/rot".
    I just learned that my NHTSA complaint, filed 3 months ago, IS NOT being investigated and not currently scheduled to be investigated. I'm not sure what it will take to get them to investigate this serious safety issue. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • swenlyswenly Posts: 1
    I have an '04 Limited with 110k miles. After recently installing new rear brakes (again) and turning front rotors (again) my fuel mileage has really fallen off, particularly during accelerations, at and and all speeds. I verified brake installation is good. Fuel filter was replaced 15k miles ago (15 months) new air filter, tire pressure is good. What could account for this
  • I am all for starting a petition for this. Should we start a Facebook page and have everyone sign a petition there?
  • Yes, a petition may help and a Facebook page would be a good mediam.
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