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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • Try the following quick fixes. Check air filter and make sure no vacuum lines are loose. Tap sensor box on top of air filter. Check gas cap and make sure it clicks several times. Remove battery post from the negative post only - about 10 minutes. Allows computer system to clear. Replace terminal connection and start the engine.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    To be able to disengage the VSC for driving through loose sand, snow, mud etc., is essential. Maintaining lets say, 30 to 35 mph to stay on top of loose sand, snow and mud is critical. Yet the VSC cut off disengages at about 20 MPH, cutting engine power reducing the ability to maintain the speeds necessary to maintain forward motion and the vehicle sinks and is stuck. The VSC is effective for starting out in slippery conditions if your right foot is not sensitive enough, after that it interfers with maintain speeds necessary to not get stuck. All that said, there must be a basic wiring circuit where a control switch can be installed to disable the VSC engine power cut off. HELP me find the solution. Thx ALL.
  • Thank you for the tips regarding the VSC and Check Engine light.
    I have had these problems with my 2002 Sequoia, but my most critical issue now is dealing with a premature frame rot / undercarriage rust. The Sequoia owners who have this "frame rot" problem are trying to gather more names of owners experiencing this same serious problem. If you know of other Sequoia owners, please pass the word. We'd like to hear from those who have this "Frame Rot" problem. Thank you.
  • Hi, I own a 2001 Sequoia that I purchased in Milford, Massachusetts in December 2001. I have approx 158K miles on it...ITs still in great shape, but alas, I also have the frame rot problem....Luckily, no holes as of yet. I plan on filing complaint with Toyota and NHTSA. I had found another forum where a guy in Boston area got his frame replaced. He had a lawyer contact Toyota. I used to have great respect for Toyota but they have lost it. I will never buy another Toyota. I told them that in a recent survey I received. I figured I would be contacted, but it never happened.
  • Thank you for your reply. It is greatly appreciated.
    I also purchased my 2002 Sequoia in December 2001 in Dover, NH. Mine has only 110K miles and the body and interior are still in spotless condition, but the frame has massive rust, plus rust holes. It's almost like the frame was not treated properly and/or missed the treatment entirely. I recently learned from Toyota corporate in California that they can't do anything for me. I also recently learned from the NHTSA that they only have 12 Sequoia "Frame Rot" complaints in their database. Therefore, we need to gather more Sequoia owners that have this "Frame Rot" problem.
    The way I discovered the holes in my frame, was by just peeling off layers of rust revealing the rust holes. It appears the rust starts at the welded seams and spreads from there. My rust holes are longgated holes where the seam and weld are or were at onetime.
    You'll also notice a design flaw on Sequoia's, at least on 2001/02's. There is a 1 1/4" by 3/4" opening on the side of the frame near the rear wheels. This designed opening allows water, snow, road salt, mud, sand, you name it into the closed frame, with no way to escape. Therefore, causing the frame to literally rot from the inside out.
    I welcome and appreciate replies and feedback. We need to get Toyota to make it right with Sequoia owners experiencing this serious "Frame Rot" problem.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.
  • Can you provide me the name of the forum where the guy from Boston got his frame replaced, by having his lawyer contact Toyota?
  • Found the forum:

    He was from Boston and he went to the Atty Generals office, his lawyer and WCVB TV. IT took him 4 months of pressure and Toyota gave in...

    I wish I could talk to him
  • Toyota is replacing my severely rotting 01 Sequoia frame at no cost to me. How can they replace the Tundra and not the Sequoia? That's my argument.
  • 2001 Sequoia. Took it in for regular maintenance check before a road trip. Rust was so bad Toyota service dept said it was unsafe to drive my family in. After 2 days of depression and car shopping, Toyota Corporate called us and offered to replace the frame at no cost to me. A little inconvenienced to rent a car to travel for Thanksgiving while the work is done, but VERY Thankful to Toyota!
  • I need to escalate this back to Toyota - they told me just last week ONLY Tundra's are being replaced, and the Tundra Frame is significantly different that my 01 Seq, and from different mfgr. I told them they need to read Edmunds, and they just reached in my pocket and made my car un-saleable and unsafe. No response, other than the canned "I know how you must feel....". Afraid they don't. Can anyone let me know who at Toyota to contact or what Program this can fall under. All I have is an open ticket and Im pretty unwilling to refresh our 2 Toyotas if this is how they treat their customers...... again. Tks - Tom, Boston
  • Couldnt agree more - its disappointing that the staffers now handling the "Customer Care" lines are feeding out this bad info about "No One else is complaining"! Are they serious? Maybe trying to flush out the scammers? Perhaps thats what their lawyers are telling them. Im on board for joining the movement to get this remedied - or we'll never be able to use these vehicles again, or sell/give away.
    Any Google group or facebook page yet?
    Tom - Boston
  • What did you do to get Toyota to replace your Sequoia frame?
    Yes, I had the same agrument with Toyota and how they could replace the Tundra frame and not the effected Sequoia frames. They claimed that Sequoia's are not built on the same frame and blame the road salt of New England. Where are you located?
    Toyota Corporate in CA recently rejected my frame rot claim and said they could not do anything for me.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You.
  • Im all in - same problems, same stonewalling by Toyota just last week incl... Complete DENIAL!
  • As of 2 weeks ago the NHTSA only have 12 formal complaints regarding Sequoia Frame Rot. And it didn't sound like they were going to start an investigation anytime soon regarding this serious problem. Does someone need to die before Toyota and/or NHTSA do anything?? It sounds like we may need to file a class action suit. Your thoughts? Thanks.
  • I have a 2002 Sequoia, and also had the rear latch replaced this summer. The rear window track is also rotted out, but would cost $700 to replace, therefore can't use it. This rear gate rot with the latch and window track is also a Toyota design problem. It was discovered during this service that my "frame" had premature rust and rust holes in the frame. I'm curious to know if your 01 Sequoia frame also has excessive rust/rot. Are you located in a snow belt with road salt? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
  • This is great news! Congratulations! It sounds like you didn't need to involve a lawyer? Toyota Corp CA rejected my claim 2 weeks ago. How did you convince them to replace your frame? Where are you located?
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • What year is your Sequoia? Does your frame have any premature rust?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.
  • I called Toyota in California about a month ago when I noticed my differential case and frame were rotted out. I made the same argument to no avail, they just stonewalled me. In the meantime I'm afraid to drive the car. To spend this much money and have your car turn to junk from the inside out is a damn disgrace!
  • jlem1jlem1 Posts: 1
    My 2007 Sequoia does not have the heated seat option. But, the driver's seat becomes very hot while driving. I called the dealer's service department but they had never heard of this. Anyone with ideas? Thanks
  • If not done so already, make sure you file a formal complaint to the NHTSA.
    Thank you.
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