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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • sjksjk Posts: 9
    I heard Lexus has a fix(TSB) for the gx 470 with the tranny thump but toyota won't apply it to the sequoia....If you need anew engine ask for a substitution of collateral (if you have a loan). If there is a problem that toyota recognizes you have a great case to get a new truck
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The loan is about 13K. I'm still waiting to hear how the dealer made out with Toyota.
  • sjksjk Posts: 9
    try to get all the paper documentation you can from dealer acknowledging your issues...its your only ammo againts toyota... if the motor is bad and needs changing get it in writting... Toyota should be held accountable for crapy products.. I wish they would treat TOYOTA PROBLEMS like LEXUS Problems....they are VERY CUSTOMER oriented for LEXUS
  • jbanvillejbanville Posts: 20
    The dealer had our 4 month old '04 Limited for a week recently. We were complaining of a rubbing sound when the vehicle was rolling through a turn. They replaced the front bearings, but concluded that they thought it was the 17" Bridgestone tire's tread pattern after they drove another Limited on the lot and it did they same thing. You can hear and feel the rubbing. To see if your Sequoia does it: (1) turn steering wheel 1 revolution, (2) allow vehicle to roll in a circle on smooth flat pavement. I guess I'll only know for sure if it is the tires after these Bridgestone's wear out and we try another brand with more of a 'street' tread vs. the mud/snow tread on the Bridgestone.
  • hammer24hammer24 Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Sequoia Limited with 20,000 miles, I brought the truck back to the dealer in December 2003 with 14,000 miles due to a lack or lag in acceleration after making a turn or from a stop. This inability to accelerate can last from 1 second up to 4 to 5 seconds. The dealer in December simply test drove the car and since they could not duplicate the condition, did nothing. The problem continued and I have had the truck back to the dealer 4 times, they have replaced the Anti-Lock Brake System Computer after detecting a BROO3-03 skid control ECU malfunction in January 2004. Problem continued. In February 2004 they replaced the Translate Computer Assy, due a Code C1203 TSB#BR002-03,problem continues. Now The Toyota Factory Tech. Rep. test drove the car in April 2004 and could not duplicate the condition nor find a fault code so they say there is no problem, the same position they assumed in December 2003. I guess Toyota thinks that if they continue to stone wall and lie about the issue it will go away. Of course the problem continues. Toyota is attempting a cover-up and this lack of acceleration poses a serious safety risk when turning or merging into traffic. Input from others is welcomed since Toyota is not taking responsibility for this major problem, their customer service is non-existent and lack of honesty is appalling.
  • hammer24hammer24 Posts: 2
    I have the same safety issue with my Toyota Sequoia 2003 Limited with a lack of acceleration,almost had an accident last week due to this issue. How did you make out with your case?
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    What you are experiencing is the traction control throttling your engine cause it thinks you're spinning a tire. There are a couple reasons this could happen as I'll explain. The system works by measuring the speed of each tire and how much you have the steering wheel turned(cause if you turn a corner the wheels spin at different speeds). The first thing I'd check is your tires, if one of them has excessive wear or low tire pressure it'll have to rotate faster to match the road speed of your other wheels. A front wheel alignment wouldn't hurt as you may be turning the steering wheel to keep the vehicle straight. You could also have a faulty steering sensor(get it checked while under warranty, very expensive part and takes a bit of labor to replace). Of course you could just be taking off too fast and spinning your tires, or maybe there are some loose rocks you went over that the tire slipped on, if this is the case and you have 4wd just kick it in and the problem will go away.
  • cpalcpal Posts: 2

    I was wondering if you could assist me on the sites I could look at the specific recalls. My 2002 sequoia from 900 miles has had that thumping, and an alignment issue. They replaced the drive shaft and the problem went away for a few months, but the problem is back. I went to (alldata) but the dealer states that they are just TSBs and no recalls. Any solution for that thumping that you know of. Thanks in advance for any assistance you could give. thanks
  • cpalcpal Posts: 2
    Hello again,
    I got this recommendation from your reply and called toyota today, and they told me besides doing this exact thing (greasing the propeller), they will do something else to allieviate the thumping issue. As far as my alignment issue, I need to see if I could find the numbers for the alignment a few people have mentioned.
    Thanks so much for your all your input on this site.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Got back my Sequoia today. They replaced the engine in two days. I looked around and it seems as if they did a really good job, not even any grease or oil laying around. Drove it home and it felt the same, except no knocking. No noises or obvious defects. We'll see in the next few days.
  • srm3srm3 Posts: 1
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    #1 of 2 Blown Amplifier by srm3 May 06, 2004 (3:56 pm)
    Recently, I took my 2003 Sequoia to the Toyota dealer to check on the the loud buzzing sound that was coming fron the small speaker that is located on the driver side window. The dealer told me that I had a blown amplifier that might of been caused by the after market DVD system that I had installed about six months ago. As a courtesy, the dealer is going to replace the amplifier for free this time since the vehicle is still under warranty. Has anyone had this problem? The DVD player was installed under the front passenger seat with a 7" Audiovox monitor with TV tuner mounted on the ceiling. The dome light and part of the overhead compartments were removed to accommodated the monitor. Sound system is tied in with the factory JBL 6 cd player/ radio.

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    #2 of 2 Re: Blown Amplifier [srm3 #1] by steve_ HOST May 06, 2004 (5:22 pm)
    Please copy/paste your message to the Toyota Sequoia Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion. That'll help any other owners thinking about adding a DVD and maybe someone has had a similar experience. Thanks!

    Steve, Host

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  • nomariannomarian Posts: 19
    How did you tie the DVD player into the sound system? I used an FM inline modulator to tie it in and have had no problems. I was also thinking that if you did this and the gain was too high on the modulator, it could have blown the amp, but I didn't think you could do that.

    I would also ask how you powered your tie in and the DVD player.
  • jbanvillejbanville Posts: 20
    This is related to my previous thread about the noise we hear/feel in our '04 Sequoia Limited when turning. It's driving me CRAZY! My wife said that another '04 Limited on the dealer's lot made the noise, and I drove a friend's '04 SR5 w/ 16" Michelin's that also made the noise, but much less than our's. Since my friend's SR5 with Michelin's does it, I guess I can say that it isn't our Bridgestone's that are causing it. It isn't a squealing noise either. It is an on/off/on rubbing sound that can be felt through the floorboards as well as being audible. I haven't driven an older Sequoia, so I don't know if it is caused by some new parts/design. To see if your Sequoia does it - (1) turn steering wheel one complete revolution (either right or left) from straight ahead position while stopped on a flat, smooth parking lot, (2) turn your radio and climate controls down so they aren't masking the noise, (3) release brake and tap throttle to get the truck going in a fixed 5-10 mph circle. The Sequoia seems very smooth when rolling straight, but when in a turn it seems to make a intermittent rubbing sound. My next experiment will be to turn the wheels and try to raise both front wheels up off the ground while still keeping pressure on the springs/shocks. I'll then spin the tires to see if there is smooth movement or any rubbing. I'd REALLY like to fix this!!!!!!
  • mannyboymannyboy Posts: 12
    I have 2001 sequoia anybody there also having a problem with their AC, dealer told me still under warranty and they told me they will replace the whole system, that's my main problem with my Sequoia today specially it's getting too hot but aside from that I got no problem and I'm enjoying my SUV.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    There is a TSB regarding the AC in your 2001. Newer models have a different design. Take care of it before the warranty goes or you'll be looking at @$2000 to repair it.
  • sjksjk Posts: 9
    I have just filed my lemon law papers for my sequoia.... I brought car to dealer 16 times in 23 mos... That THUMPING TRANSMISSION BRAKES GRABBING.... Toyota did minor adjustments only to have reoccurring problems..... IT drives ME crazy.... Family feels Unsafe when transmission bangs at end of braking (feels like somebody hits you in rear doing 5mph)... TOYOTA SUCKS ...they will do nothing else to help.... even though they have SAME EXACT problem with the LEXUS trucks (LX & GX) they will help Lexus clients.... I had Toyota Feild Rep come 2x..says truck is normal... I say B.S.
  • toetrucktoetruck Posts: 22
    Read back through previous messages on this board ,there are numerous posts on this "problem". Mine ,(2001 4WD),did the same thing ,keep the grease fittings on the front and or rear propeller shafts lubricated, particularly the center fitting on the rear shaft, and the "thumping" goes away. Do not dispair, it's a TOYOTA , it'll run !!
  • toetrucktoetruck Posts: 22
    I apologize ,just went back and read your post #677. I don't think that you and I are talking about the same vehicle , in my 2001 4WD, the driveshaft slack does go away when lubricated. Why in the world would anybody change oil every 2500 miles in a TOYOTA ? It's not necessary, unless you somehow just enjoy hangin' out at the dealership. The only time I go near the place is to buy my oil filters. I change the oil myself (Castrol 10- 30 dino) every 5000 or 4 months whichever comes first, takes about 20-30 minutes. This baby runs like a locomotive !! :)
  • hammer760hammer760 Posts: 15
    I have a 2003 Sequoa and love it....except for that dumb humming from the gas tank. But there's an annoying click coming from the front suspension when making turns. It's not a constant clicking, but just a one time if you were to be parked and you slightly turn the stearing wheel to one side or the other. Anyone else ever have this happen to them?
  • sjksjk Posts: 9
    my 2002 sequoia has the same hummmig buzz noise ....Toyota says it's normal... It is an actuator that is causing the noise.. take it to dealer make sure car has MORE than 1/2 tank and it has been running for about 1 hr so you can reproduce problem for them
  • jbanvillejbanville Posts: 20
    Hammer760, have you done the 'test' outlined in my previous post to see if your Sequoia has the rubbing my Sequoia and several others have?
  • chadrappchadrapp Posts: 35
    VSC problems again. It goes back to the shop on Monday. If this problem persists past my warranty, am I then responsible for this?
  • istargazeristargazer Posts: 9
    If you started having the problem (and have documentation, of course) before the warranty expired and you're still having the *same* problem afterwards, you won't have to pay for it because they never fixed it correctly the first time.
  • raymurraymur Posts: 29
    Anyone have any experience with replacement ceramic brake pads for the front disc brakes. I just had installed Raybestos ceramic pads(hoping to cut down on brake dust)They are quiet but do not seem to have the same stopping grip as the original Toyota pads. It takes more pedal effort to stop. The installing dealer relaced them with another brand but I don't notice a difference. I'd appreciate any comments from anyone having installed the ceremic pads.
  • cocoadoggcocoadogg Posts: 2
    I'm a few miles short of 70K miles on my 2001 Sequoia. Had it in the Toyota dealer for inspection and replacement of all fluids incl diffs. Well got the call -the exhaust manifolds were leaking and that most likely they were cracked. Est for repair -$1650. Although I put a lot of miles on, I did get the brake TSB done right at 36K, but had to pay for 1/2 of the air conditioning compressor fix (big $$) as I was out of warranty when the compresor went kaput. Also I have the rear door latch "fixed" for the third time. Having had to replace the front and rear diff on two previous LCs, I finally might be reaching my breaking point with Toyotas.

    Any other high mileage Sequoia's - what else do we have to look forward to.
  • barnieonebarnieone Posts: 4
    Do you have any details on the TSB for the AC. My '01 Sequoi's compressor siezed up.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    TSB #AC001-04

    The design incorporates a new suction tube design to improve durability and the replacement of the compressor if siezure has occurred. If you're out of warranty you're screwed. My suggestion is to check for TSB's every so often so you're not caught off guard. This fix has been out since June 2002, had you known you could have had it fixed then. Give me an email and I'll direct you somewhere you can check on these things easily.
  • barnieonebarnieone Posts: 4
    Thanks, I had it in last summer while it was in warranty. They told me nothing was wrong. Of course it out of warranty now. To their credit, Toyota said they'd pay for the parts. The dealer wants to charge me labor. Not a horrible deal but certainly not the best considering they should have caught the problem while it was in warranty. Thanks for the help.
  • aviatorjpnaviatorjpn Posts: 5
    I have 2001 Sequoia driving for almost 3 years with 40K miles. I just noticed today that the black paint(?) or black coating(?)on the roof rack is being peeled off on some part. I have never used it before so there is no way I damaged the paint/coating. Does this happen a lot??? I took my car to the dealer today. Unfortunately it is out of warranty.... In a couple of years, the whole paint/coating part of the roof rack will be gone.... Is there any preventive treatment for this??
  • raygunf16raygunf16 Posts: 1
    I was wondering exactly what they told you on this problem. I have a 2004 Limited also, but I DO have the DVD option. I agree with you that according to the manual I should have wireless headphones, but mine are not working. Did the dealer tell you that all DVD models should have wireless capability because I am getting no help.
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