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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • Last month we rec'd our '04 Limited, which included the Rear Audio option (but not the DVD system). We were told by the salesman, and it SAYS IN THE MANUAL, that the system will work with the Toyota wireless headphones. After buying a pair of the Toyota headphones, they didn't work. Went to the dealer: they said headphones were defective and ordered replacements (they were out of stock). Week later, return to dealer. Parts guy says they must "install" them or else I must pay for them and warranty will not. OK, so I wait the necessary hour until the service tech comes to me and now says they had checked with the Toyota tech desk and they said the manual is vehicle is not equipped for wireless headphones; the rear audio will only work with wired headsets. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Anybody else have any experience with this?
  • gasr5gasr5 Posts: 7
    gKatz1 can you please send me the info for aglinment you talked about in 603, THANKS.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    There was a similar experience with the heated seats in "01 I think the manual said it comes with the leather seats option when ordered on the SR5 but when you got it there was no heater included, sorry the brouchure was wrong was the answer!!
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Just built this new computer and I haven't gotton the email working yet, but I have the specs for you.

    For Sequoia 4WD

    camber: +0.25 degrees
    caster: +2.75 degrees
    total toe: +0.08 degrees

    These numbers are within factory specs just more specific.
  • gasr5gasr5 Posts: 7
    Thanks gkatz1, I have an 04 2wd sr5 that is pulling to the right and I have had trouble with wheel balance. 17in wheel pkg #2, I will give this to the service tech and see if I can get it fixed. will keep you posted.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    I had the same issue with my 2002. Thses specs did the trick. Much better straight line stability. Good luck. If you can get a "road force balance" if they have the machine.
  • groobashgroobash Posts: 6
    are specs same for 2WD? Thanks!
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    2WD is a little different.

    camber: +0.25 degrees
    caster: +2.75 degrees (4WD) or +3.00 degrees (2WD)
    total toe: +0.08 degrees
  • See Gil's post # 29. I have a 2003 with the same characteristics. Is this common to all? If not, have others encountered and corrected this issue?
  • wipwip Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 2004 Sequoia 4WD SR5. I noticed a hum/vibration coming from the front of the vehicle at about 40 MPH. It went away after the vehicle warmed up or I put it in 4x4. I researched this on this site and discovered many had the same symptoms on their 2002's and 2003's. Well, it still exists on the 2004's. I took it to the dealer last week (the tires needed balancing too). Dealer couldn't duplicate (warmed up. They also said they hadn't heard of this problem. Hard to believe after reading previous posts here. Mostly an annoyance now, but am worried about future problems.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Just got my 04 SR5 in Blue Marlin Pearl. Love the vehicle. Only issue, a squeak near the passenger door I thouight. Now after reading this forum, I think it could be the infamous squeak from the sunroof or liner. From what I have been reading there is no fix for this. Is this true? Any suggestions to temporarily fix this by myself? Thanks
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    Well, if there isn't a way to fix it, have them replace it. This is a brand new vehicle and you don't have to tolerate things such as that.
  • doug007doug007 Posts: 6
    Wip - see also posts 227-230 regarding differential noise. I have the same problem in my 2001. From all of the posts, I've given up worrying about it. However, it's a bit annoying, particularly when it stays very cold all day. Now that we're heading into Spring, it's lessened a bit.
  • kellykelly Posts: 7
    I just got home with my 2004 Sequoia Limited and I need some help. I have read the owners manual front to back and the same section at least a dozen times, and I am lost. How do I set the power door locks to "Mode 4" as described in the manual? I have done it step by step at least 10 times and still can't get it to work, am I missing something or what. Thanks for any info.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    Can you post the instructions please, I have a 2001 and the manual just says please visit dealership. I'm curious to see if it'll work on a 2001 the same.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    1. Key in ignition and turn to ACC
    2. Lock the car
    3. Shift into Neutral
    4. Turn ignition to 'on'
    5. Shift into Park
    6. Hold the door lock button down in the 'unlock' position for 5 seconds which point the door locks and then unlocks...
  • gasr5gasr5 Posts: 7
    Just got back from trip to panhandle and was cleaning my o4 sr5 and noticed 4 nice size chips of paint missing from the front and hood area.... I guess this is a problem with this suv??? time to buy a bra. Also will be taking back to shop for 3rd time to get frontend aglined pulling to right @ 40 and above. Plus still have a wheel balance problem. I got 16 mpg @ 80-90 mph with a/c on. Car has 2k miles on it.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The alignment specs from the factory tend to be sensetive to the crown in the road. Go back and find the alignment specs I posted and use them. You'll find much better straight line stability.

    As for the chips. This is a problem with all the new cars because of the brittle water based paints. That's why I had the front covered in 3M film shortly after buying it. No worries. I've had my Maxima covered for a couple years with no problems so far. Expensive, but worth it.
  • kellykelly Posts: 7
    I tried the formula from the last message and I still couldn't reprogram locks. Is there a reset button I can press or disconnecting the battery? Should I take back to dealer? Thanks again
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    That method worked on my 2002 and my 2004, so I think you need to keep trying. It may take a few times.
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