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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2002 Limited does have illuminated buttons for the home link. I suspect that blackdog4's bulbs are burned out as well....unless there was a change in the manufacturing run...
  • Mannyboy, go to your dealer and have them apply TSB EG021-04. This is a relatively new TSB that addresses the exhaust smell from some Sequoias. It was a hard fought battle for many Sequoia owners to get Toyota to own up to the problem as many cases went to court regarding this issue. This should be a freebie even for your 2001 as the EPA mandates much longer warrantees for emissions. I believe they end up replacing several exhaust components and adjusting fuel mixture on the computer.
  • Help me with my Sequoia please.

    When I am going down any significant incline (hill) and I brake for more than 2 seconds (reducing my speed), my 2WD Sequoia downshifts forcing my RPMs up to close to 2700. This "Engine Braking" actually forces me to accelerate to maintain my momentum (speed)down hill.

    I can't determine if this is a normal function or if i have a transmission issue, or if this is normal, then is it adjustable.

    It is driving me crazy because i know that i am increasing my gas consumption and I am having to accelerate to complete my downhill progression.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

    Austin, TX
  • you'd better to ask dealer to change all three now. I have a friend who has a 01 Tundra. His truck has the same problem: 1st, change the Oxygen sensor; then, several month later, intake temp; another several months, flow sensor. The problem is he have to pay other two sensors as the warranty was over. Toyota should know its problems and cannot pass the costs to buyers.
  • I have a 03 SR5 and have this problem for over a year. I went to the dealer twice to fix it. But, it only worked for a couple of months. My warranty will expire soon (>32K). Any one has an idea what I can do? Thanks.
  • You did nothing wrong. It works this way. Quite stupid, right?
  • Just to be sure, the "Window Lockout" button isn't depressed right? This is the button on the driver's door armrest next to all four window controls. Having this depressed (locked) not only keeps the passenger windows from rolling down, but also the rear window! Not so obvious sometimes with more than one driver in the house.
  • Thank you for the comments. Unfortunately, it's not my case. Whenever I try to open it, I can hear the motor running but window doesn't move. I was told the connection was lose at dealership. But, I don't think so and I think it should be the wiper sensor related. All time when the situation change (working -> not or reverse), it's raining (after I used the back wiper) or I washed the SUV in the gas station. Yes, I am sure the wiper switch is on OFF during the opration. The real problem is that it happens randomly! No one knows it's working or not until you push the button. I plan to go to check it at another dealership this weekends and keep the results posted later. Only wish it still not working when I am there!
  • we have 2 2002 sequoias, and we have read several problems with the TBS system... could you email me the link to the solution to this problem?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Well, the other day the VSC OFF VSC Trac and check engine lights came back on. This tine when I went to the dealer, tthe scanning tool said it is a bad O2 sensor. I have an appointment Monday to get it replaced. Hope this solves the problem.
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    First, I'd advise having a look under the Sequoia's undercarriage area around the exhaust pipe for rust and corrosion due to exhaust gases exiting an overl short pipe. This problem could really damage and decrease the value of the truck in the long run. I called the dealer to ask what could be done about it and they have not returned my call for a week. I went ahead and bought a pipe tip/extension ($30). It really makes the tail pipe look nice and keep the exhaust from spewing out corrosive gases right under the carriage.

    Second, as the brake fluid level gets low in the brake fluid reservoir, the VSC idiot light on the dash came on and stayed on. The dealer was kind enough to tell me that when brake fluid is low, VSC is turned off automatically. Only need to add brake fluid. This means that the brake pads are worn.
  • lcd1lcd1 Posts: 147
    I changed the oil in the differential and transfer cases today at 31K miles. I did it before at around 1K miles using AMSOIL 75-90W synthetic. The differential, which takes about 1 gal. of oil still has very clean looking oil with little metal shaving collected at the magnetic drain plug. On a scale from 0-10, zero being fresh oil and 10 being nasty dark, the differential was 1. The middle transfer case was 1.5, and the front was 2. The front one had more metal shavings that the differential's. The drain plug for the middle one had no magnet to catch metal shavings.

    I use 4-wheel mode frequently. It appears that I could have let it alone at leat for another 30K miles without worries. Mobile synth. lube cost was about $50.
  • Bad wish. At the time I drove out of the garage, it still didn't work. But, it worked after 6-mile driving to the dealership! I was told they couldn't do anything w/o seeing the problem. It's unbelieve. I drove ~30-mile daily and had this problem for a couple of weeks. I have to wait it dead again.
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Had the O2 sensor replaced today at the dealer. Hope this solves the problem and no other arises.. If not I'm gonna have to think about getting another truck.
  • I am having the same difficulties that your having during the past two months I've noticed that my cargo area has been wet. The water leak is usually on the rear right side cargo area but it happens to get wet on the driver side rear cargo area as well. I also have the sunroof and rear AC.I looked at my weather strip around the rear liftgate and it was real in bad shape so I changed it. NO LUCK. What was the problem with yours. Did you find a remedy.
  • I've noticed that my cargo area has been wet. The water leak is usually on the rear right side cargo area but it happens to get wet on the driver side rear cargo area as well. I also have the sunroof and rear AC.I looked at my weather strip around the rear liftgate and it was real in bad shape so I changed it. NO LUCK. Does anyone know of any remedies???
  • toyo4toyo4 Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 Sequoia SR5 4WD. The 36 month warranty runs out for me on Dec. 23, 2004. I have heard about the brake TSB(BR005-02)and have considered getting this work done on my vehicle. However, I'm not really having any problems with my brakes currently (no shuddering, vibrating, etc.) I wonder if I should go ahead and get it done or leave well enough alone since I'm not having brake problems at this time. Also, does anyone know if they replace the rotors, pads or calipers or all three under this TSB? Thanks..
  • Calipers and pads are replaced. Rotor is turned if warped or replaced if previously turned.
  • OAC might have to help me out here, but I think I remember the damp cargo area being attributed to two plugs underneath that should have been inserted at the port of entry. They use these holes for hold down during transport and the plugs are kept in a clear plastic baggy. Once they reach port of delivery, the plugs should be inserted.
  • My 2004 warranty runs out at the end of this month. I also had no vibration problems but I told the dealer that I bought it from, that I felt the braking was very poor. (I also bought an Avalon from the same dealer and have had them do all of the servicing of both vehicles). I explained that my nine year old Explorer stops much better. They drove my Sequoia and agreed to do the TSB repairs. This is more than replacing the calipers and pads. It is a true upgrade. The calipers and disks are larger. After the pads had been used a little, I now feel the braking is much better. Without definite abnormalities in braking, I imagine that this is a dealer decision and probably your relationship with the dealer is important in borderline cases.
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