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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The thud you feel is the slack being taken up in your driveshaft. Go buy a grease gun with a tube of muti-purpose grease. There's a couple grease fittings on the drive shaft. Pump them full of grease and that will eliminate the "thud". Toyota recommends this be done every oil change.
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    I have an 03 SR5 when i 1st crank there is an engine noise started at about 15k miles dealer says that's normal. motor sounds like it's not getting oil all maint. has been done at local dealer they use 10w30 oil i have questioned several times by they that is best for my area which is Alabama. noise last for several minutes or if driving about 1/2 mile has anyone else had this problem any ideas or help would be great. A BIG thanks to jj35 for sulfur TSB i have that issue as well. thanks in advance for every ones input.
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    you are not alone i have the same issue just posted a question about it thinking i was the exception till i takled to a buddy with a tundra who has same issue.there is a web site for piston slap(just enter piston slap and you will find links) i traded a trailblaze last year for that very reason do tell me i now have an SR5 with the same issue.
  • 2 possibilities:

    1)It's piston slap but MANY people never notice it because it does not get cold enough in their areas. Pretty much all the Tundra's and Sequoia's have it. My neighbors Lexus and Infiniti have it also. The problem (which isn't really) is the pistons are a lightweight forged alloy with short skirts that contract more then the block does when it gets cold. As soon as they heat up and expand it all goes away. Some of the people have been complaining since day 1 and are now at 150k or more and still don't burn oil. I wouldn't worry about it (and don't)


    2) Possibly a cracked exhaust manifold (which happened on many of the 4.7L) same deal when cold you hear it like a ticking or tapping and in a couple minutes goes away. A little more difficult to diagnose because the weather has to be right. Sitting inside a repair shop overnight might be too warm., by the time you drive too shop it's already warm. Might have to leave it overnight outside shop to diagnose (I had a problem with my old Explorer Tranny when cold below 30f, they had it for a week and couldn't find a problem becuase it sat inside shop 60f+ overnight for the week)
  • thanks for the info on the overhead lighting. annoying is'nt it? i will be doing this upgrade asap. also should'nt the visors have illuminated vanity lights? how cheap. also as far as the sulfur smell, i have this too on my 03 sr-5. is this condition causing any harm to the truck or is it just an annoyance? i am not tempted to go have it fixed unless it is adversely effecting the engine/mileage. my experience with the local dealers havent been the best. they are mostly incompetent.
  • i have an 03 jbl 6 disk prem w/rear audio and i cant seem to find more than 6 speakers. am i missing them of did i get bee "s"ed by toyota?
  • any recommendation on an aftermarket dvd player. i have an 03 sr5 w/rear audio option. now that the kids are getting bigger i wish i had the dvd set-up too. and what should i expect to pay for a system if i d i myself?
  • is anyone getting an accurate reading out of this thing? mine is atleast 2 mpg optimic. also has anyone else found the speedo to read faster than actual. mine reads 70 when im going 67. i am thinking of going to a bigger than stock tire to cancel out the extra revs per mile. any experience there?? ok that enough ?? for today.
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    1)Thanks for the info. You are right it started when it got cold here. If it's piston slap it sure sounds different that GM piston slap as Trailblazer would beat itself to death for about 30 seconds then stopped GM did offer to rebuild engine but they bought it back instead.

    2)Mine sounds more like a cracked exhaust manifold i will take your lead with dealer.Any idea if it will burn values or hurt motor fixing to go about 900 mile trip? thanks again for your input
  • bama2bama2 Posts: 5
    jj35 where do you find detail on TSB i have seen them here on edmunds but no detail . thanks in advance
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I have an 04 also with the JBL system.The front doors have a 3-way set-up so thats a total of 6 speakers. The rear doors have a 2-way set up so thats 4 total. so theres where the 10 spakers are placed!
  • Cracked Manifold- easiest way to diagnose is to take a section a vacuum line and put it by exhaust manifold when first starting and other end to ear while moving around by manifold, shouldn't cause any problems for any trip. As it heats up it seals anyway because it's that small of a crack. There's another website that has A LOT info on this and other subjects. make your e-mail public for a day or 2 and I'll send you the link. Many people that had this problem also replaced with headers as they were cheaper with better quality, performance, with very minor increase in sound (since rest of exhaust stays the same).
  • I just brought this up with the service foreman yesterday when I brought my 04 SR5 in for a 1000 mile check. It is normal to hear clicking behind the AC area as these are relay switches, usually related to the vsc/traction control/4wd system/or the heating/cooling controls. There are something like 13 of these types of relays in there.
  • I have an 01 Sequoia 4x4 with 90,000 miles on it. Every time I turn the truck on, the idiot lights for the Vehicle Skid Control and ABS stay on, letting me know the VSC and abs will not engage properly. When road conditions warrant use of these items, they don't work. Dealership has an eighteen hundred dollar plus solution to put in new computer to see if that fixes the problem. Any other ideas?

    Thanks, Michele
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I had this same problem with my 04 with 9k miles on it. Luckily next door to me is a mechanic and he had a scanning tool. The tool read out that it needed a new oxygen sensor. I went to the dealer and they re-scanned it and it said it needed the same thing. After a couple of days the part came in and it was fixed under warranty. My suggestion is to ask the dealer to scan the problem first and hopefully all it needs is a new oxygen sensor. Good Luck
  • sscssc Posts: 7
    Mine is an 05 limited Sequoia. The auxiliary fan kicks in every time the engine is ignited, creating a loud air turbulence. But it turns off after a couple minutes as the engine warms up. The problem is that the fan also kicks in for a few seconds every time the truck is accelerated from stop and go. The wind rushing noise thus created is very loud. Is it normal for the fan to kick in so often? Anyone else notices it?
  • jj35jj35 Posts: 283
    The local dealership gave me a copy of the full TSB. You can order them, too, but for a price. Try
  • I have an 04 ltd. with 48,000 miles. last winter seamed no problem, my husband and kids noticed the noise this Fall. I really noticed it when my kids kept turning the radio louder. The engine noise strarted the first time when the weather turned cold in the Boston area. Piston Slap????
  • mcgeemmcgeem Posts: 1
    rent a sequoia that has the same computer and swap the computer.
  • wgoblewgoble Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 SR5 and am having the exact same problem with the bullfrog like noise from the gas tank. The dealer has already checked this vehicle 4 times for various things including this noise but it never gets resolved. it seems it does it more after i drive for a good 15 minutes or so (maybe more pressure builds up). I was wondering if yours ever got resolved or if you have had any bigger problems within this same region of your vehicle. Please anyone have any suggestions!?
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