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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks for the feedback.
  • These noises are diminishing...Hopefully, it is from it being so new...large metal heat shields expanding and contracting...
  • My wife drives a 01 Seq.LTD 42,000 miles,over the last four months the vehicle has stalled a few times while turning into d/ways or parking lots. She's at very low speed and turning,she says that the wheel was never fully cranked over and in 2WD, and the engine stalls. Power steering fluid clean and full, belt is in decent shape. I am unable to duplicate the problem. Anybody experience this gremlin.
  • Anybody had their overdrive work backwards??? My '04 sequoia (normally driven by spouse) got the O/D exercised when I was driving down a hill- when the light was on, the RPM's decreased...light off, rpms increased...did same on flat ground, 25-55mph. Turned off truck, let sit for 30 sec, and then the o/d off swith worked normally (turn on light on dash-o/d off- and the rpms would increase). Are there any TSBs out for this or is this going to be an electrical gremlin that will have to reveal itself while they have their scanner hooked up???


  • precabprecab Posts: 11
    Fuel lines have a vapor removal system that can kick in after the car is off.
  • precabprecab Posts: 11
    I just drove one off the lot and the radio quality is poor. My tahoe system was twice this one. I am sadly going to put a 350 apline in next week and pull the stock junker.


    email me if you find any news if its other than the radio

  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Definitely true, the system sucks. I have the JBL system and its horrible. What I did on mine was swap out the tweeters only and it sounds alot better. I'm thinking about changing the radio but I got so used to the steering wheel controls. To me there is just to much boom in the stock system with no highs. Anyways, tweeters are much cheaper.
  • Did you ever get an answer about that Check Engine Light. I have the same problem. 2001 and about 39K miles.
  • I have read a lot of the messages on the board about your different experiences. As a new owner of a used vehicle, I am scared to death. Should I be or are these situations just things that can happen in any type of vehicle and not just the Sequoia. Please reassure me we've made a good decision:)
  • You need to take into consideration that this particular topic is strictly for "problems & solutions". Therefore, you will see a majority of posts concerning just that...problems. Have you looked at any of the other Sequoia topics?

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • In addition to the O/D working "backwards" (see post above), I flipped on the wipers today and the radio turned on. Wife said that sometimes the garage door opener turns on the radio as well. Anybody have this prob???
  • Not sure if you have the same problem as i, but do you notice when driving up a hill you don't have the orginal umph?
    My Sequioa used to power up a hill, now it putts up and has a putter sound.
  • Ditto on the cruddy radio. For a $750 option, the JBL really sucks. The reception is bad, my Bose in my Infinity (which is 5 years old) absolutely destroys the JBL. I would have rather not paid $750 for the JBL just to want to take it out.
  • Is the problem the head unit, the amp, or the speakers?
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    The constant hissing from the tweeters is annoying as hell.
  • Hi,

    Can you show me where the TSB's are? I just got "taken to the cleaners" on this AC001-04 problem even though it was serviced at dealer while under warranty and no mention was made of this potential problem. I just think it is wrong to pay 40k for a truck and not be notified of a potential problem that they knew about in 2002!
    Thanks in advance!
    Tom Star
  • Has anyone had the problem of the corroding positve battery cable? Since it not a "standard" cable and actually part of a harness that services the starter, ignition, etc. I am looking at $500 in parts, $500 in labor for a battery cable.. Hmmn, should we spend the extra four bucks eac on separate cables or do we make it one so the dealer gets a big service bogie when it goes bad? I smell a rotten fish. Funny thing is my Taurus made it a 100k without a squeak even with a recalled tranny! In this case, I haven't got what I paid for..

    Does anyone know of a "knock off" cable being produced.
  • stc1stc1 Posts: 2
    I have had the same problem. I replaced one battery and almost replaced another but a friend offered to jump me off and when it would not start he cleaned the cables with a wire brush. He cleaned all of the acid off and it cranked. I would try just cleaning it frequently before I spent any money on repairs.
  • pman5pman5 Posts: 9
    just to let everyone know dealer replaced transmission. They also extended the factory warranty to 5 years 60,000 miles, and will do all toyota reccomended services complementary for 5 years. We've had the truck back for 3 weeks and everything seems ok! Hopefully this will be the only major problem.
  • epmomepmom Posts: 7
    That is how my problem originally started. There is a TSB out for part of the VSC system. Ask dealer if TSB applies to your problem.
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