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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • yes, I noticed this immediately. the interior will scratch even with your finger nail.
  • I have had the same noise with my 2002 SR5 Sequoia. This seems to be the way in which the tank lets out exsessive pressure from moving about with fuel in the tank. This has been my observation anyway. If you take the gas cap off while it is "groaning" and then place it back on it stops for a little while.
    Juts logical reasoning, not sure if it is right or wrong.
    Robert Bolar
  • what type of problems are you having?
  • I had the same problem with my 2004 Sequoia. The fix was simply a new (better fitting?) replacment gas cap.

    Steve Allen
  • I don't know if its normal, but I ear them also.

    Steve Allen
  • What is a secret warranty, and how can I find out if any exist for my car?

    A secret warranty arises from some technical service bulletins (TSBs). TSBs are notices that the dealer service departments receive from manufacturers alerting them to known problems with their vehicles and what the suggested repairs are. In some cases the dealer is instructed to replace certain parts or make certain repairs free of charge, even though the vehicle is out of warranty. By law, TSB repairs covering emissions equipment are free of charge to the customer for up to 100,000 miles. Please click here to see Maintenance Schedules, Recalls, and Technical Service Bulletins for your vehicle.
  • I have same experienced with my 2003 Sequoia when I purchased it. After I use "Armor All" to clean all interior surfaces, this help to prevent scratch. I recommend you to try this. This Armor All is available in any Auto Part stores :)
  • I have had problems with A/C, radio and most recently sulfur dioxide leaking into the cab. I'm now wondering if other exhaust is leaking into the cab. When I drive the vehicle I get terrible headaches. I am car pooling right now so the weeks I don't drive no headaches. This vehicle doesn't even have 3000 miles on yet. I wonder what next.
  • I, too, have the same problem. Mine is 2003 Sequoia, 60K miles. I have extended warranty, but it does not cover this problem. Anyone has the same issue?
  • jsargjsarg Posts: 2
    I have 90,000 miles on mine will change at 100,000 when I plan to change the timing belt. Dealer charges$365.00 to change both.
  • jsargjsarg Posts: 2
    Just wondering what every body is doing to there door handles I have a 2002 and 90,000 miles and kids door handles have never been an issue and after reading these complaint went out and inspected mine no cracks noticed anywhere. still scratching my head
  • I have a 2001 Ltd 2x with only 18K miles. I joined this forum (1st time) in order to gain some insight into my vibration problem as well. My mechanic (non dealer) has determined my vibration 50-57mph is not a result of tire balancing. I had my tires balances 2 x's already. He says take it back to the dealer. My rack & pinion is ready to fall off. Beware fellow owners. I am exremely happy with my sequoia, but i am wondering if this is an unknown recall issue?
  • Hi... I just wanted to let you know that I have a 2005 Sequoia that has the same smell of sulfur inside the cab. I took it in 2 times and nothing was fixed...
    I called again today to make an appointment and found out that there has been a "fix" for this problem. The serviceman said the catalytic converter needs to be replaced. I hope that this will solve my problem. He said that the notice just came from toyota on October the 4th... maybe this will help you out??
  • elsa2elsa2 Posts: 1
    FYI everyone who owns a Toyota Sequioa
    Mine is an 02 model, which was purchased Mar 03
    I have had trac / vsc light / oil pressure/gauge/sensor/"print board"/brakes/alignment problems!
    I have been dealing with this since 2003.
    The svc advisor here in San Antonio, Tx, lacked the hindsight or chose not to bother checking the service alerts for my problems.
    I ended up taking it to a mechanic who is certified and skilled to work on the Toyota Sequoia.
    When I encountered the brake problems, I was told it was a bad left tire, pulling to the right, vibration and shuddering motion.
    My family was traveling to the coast when, my husband found himself braking, with no brake there to stop us.
    If it wasn't for his quick thicking we would have rearended the family in front of us!
    So far, I know there are several TSB alerts on the front brakes, suspension, lower ball joint, oil sensor, oil gauge, and now the print board to the oil conductivity problems.
    I went in yesterday for the ball joint and oil gauge problem, had it "serviced", and woke up this morning to the oil gauge monitor acting erratically.
    So, I took it back, and this print conductivity part isn't available til Tuesday.
    **and from previous comments on this web site... here a clicking noise on the right side dash area near the ac.
    This is my first experience with the Toyota product, and enjoy the look of the suv, but not the problems. You'd think a corporation this size would want repeact buyers?!
    I want everyone who owns a Sequioa or if you know of others to be alerted to these problems.
    I know of one person who lives in Az that said she actually got a letter to bring her vehicle in for the lower ball joint problem.
    Living in Texas, I have never receive any svc alerts or recalls, I had to find it out by being persistant!
    I am pursuing protection from Dept of Transportation in Austin, Tx. ,Texas Lemon Law, and contacting the Better Business Bureau.
  • Hello fellow Sequoia owners. Evidently they haven't solved the LOSS OF POWER problem for the 2005 models. Mine is a '05 SR5 withe 18,000 miles. I have experienced the loss of power 3 times. Twice turning right and yesterday while braking hard and turning left. I about got t-boned while I was sittng cross ways with two lanes of traffic coming at me. It was down for about 4 seconds then power finally came back and I floored it to keep from having a serious wreck. Very close. :confuse: Very scary and maddening. How do I find the TSBs to take with me to the dealer when I go.
  • Toyota loves their low lemon law claim rate. In various regions, the low rate of claims are legendary. Consult your local dealer (where you purchased, not a neutral one) to provide you with the forms and instructions for filing a lemon law claim. Keep in mind the details will vary depending on your local legislation; however, I believe there exists a few guidelines that regulate the automobile industry wide:
    1. Your vehicle could not be repaired for a specific problem after three attempt over a certain period of time. (Keep good, itemized records)
    2. Your vehicle has spent more that 30 days in repair since in its first year of ownership.

    Sometimes the mere threat of a lemon law claim is enough to garnish a fair amount of attention. Sometimes it is not, then get ready to fight. You may walk away with a mere moral victory, even a complete defeat.

    If you file a successful lemon law claim, you will pay an adjusted balance on the vehicle, depending on your usage, & the vehicle's age. Your fate will also likely lie in the hands of an arbitrator. Fair will not necessarily be in your eyes.
  • :surprise: Twice now I have put the accelerator completely to the floor to pass one or more cars and when I completed the pass, I let up on the accelerator but it just kept on going for about a second or 2 before releasing. Wow, that's exciting. Not to mention extremely dangerous. Any suggestions?
  • I have just purchased an 05 Sequoia 4WD limited and there is an annoying clicking noise on the right side of the dash. I have taken it into the dealer and they say that this is normal. It almost sounds like something is engaging and then disengaging. It happens at about 20-30mph, what is this!!
    Also, it seems to run very rough when it's at about 1500RPM. Almost like I am driving down a gravel road. The dealership also says this is normal. This is a brand new vehicle, these problems should NOT be normal. My 93 Jeep almost runs better than the sequoia!! HELP
  • kubkub Posts: 1
    I just picked up my new 2006 SR5 on Friday and I have the same experience. It seems to be coming from under the right dash and it does seem to be reproducable. It seems to happen every time the engine is restarted once driving and the RPMs hit about 2000. It will click twice with about 2 seconds in between. If I keep driving (i.e. - don't stop and turn the engine off) it won't happen. It only happens once it has been restarted and either hits certain RPMs or is running for X period of time. Anyone else with this?
  • I brought my 2003 Sequoia to TOY dealer again regarding my oil pressure gauge displayed below the initial mark on the oil pressure gauge when I hit to 75 MPH. I had a same symtom in 01/04 and brought in dealer to replace Oil Pressure Sending unit per TSB EL2010. Last month this symtom happened again. I brought in to a local TOY dealer and they replaced the Oil Pressure Sending unit again per TSB EL017.03. They also replace the Ball Joints and alignment per "RECALL campaign 50J". If you are a owner of Sequoia, you can contact your local dealer to check out this recall that might affect you vehicle.
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