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Toyota Sequoia Maintenance and Repair



  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    From my experience on various forums throughout the internet, this is not at all unusual. People will post with the intention of never returning, or they simply choose not to. However, this should not be construed as intentional lies or an indication of excessive fussiness.

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  • My cousin is a mechanic and has told me how too rectify a odometer issue and this can stop mileage recording. For those of you who wish too stay under warranty longer than normal because your mileage. I can help you.
  • skylarskylar Posts: 1
    My 2003 Sequoia had an accelerator surge while pulling into a parking spot. Only the fence stopped the car. Very scary. Has this happened to anyone else? And no, I did not have my foot on the accelerator, I was actually braking to a stop when the car surged forward.
  • I had the same problem and did not do any thing about it..about 1 month later, had to get a rebuild transmission...that really sucks..Now that problem I have is that the steering column is burnt...I don't even know what that mean, but thats what my mechanics told me...It feels like when I put my car in gear, it need to find it..this suv SUCKS
  • My new 2005 Sequoia Idles up to over 1500 rpm on start. When I shift into gear, the rpms stay up over 1000 and the vehicle will lurch ahead or backwards very quickly. I asked by dealer service department if this was a problem and was basically told it was designed to do this and they would not even check the vehicle out to see if there is a problem and pretty much acted like I was an idiot. I understand fast idle at start until operating temp is reached, but the idle level is so high it is unsafe in my opinion. After being insulted by the service department, I spoke with one of the sales people who sold me my vehicle. We started another new Sequoia on the lot and although it idled up to around 1500 on startup, it dropped to about 700 when shifted in to gear. Has anyone else had this problem and what was their solution. I am very disappointed in my first contact with a Toyota Service Department. I feel this fast idle is excessive on my vehicle and is a safety hazard.
  • Kenny.....I have a 2004 sequoia w/39,000 miles...would appreciate the tip to stop mileage recording ...many thanks.
  • funkyfunky Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sequoia and I have noticed the wind noise witht the rear windows dow, but I have also noticed it on my Accord, Bonnaville, Celica and Isuzu Pickup. It seems pretty normal to me.
  • czechm8czechm8 Posts: 23
    What is your cousin's trick with the odometer?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    My cousin did it to his brother's Tundra but the "check engine" light will stay on. He did it to his Tahoe without any problems. Either way it's ILLEGAL!
  • I just purchased a 2001 toyota sequoia sr5 with 89,000 miles...and i have several problems, hope somoene here can give me some insight on what to do.

    First is the exhaust leak...cold start u hear tick tick tick...and u rev the engine..and the ticking goes faster...after it warms up seems to go away
    i found alot of similar issues online like this, so i called up my local toyota dealer and they said they have had serveral tundra's in with same issue(same engines). Turns out they have to replace the whole exhaust manifold because it warps after a while. I asked if it was recalled, nothing was found under my i called toyota corporate, and spoke to two people and they said they documented the complaint. Otherwords, ya we know but we havnt had enough complaints to say its a recall. so i will keep my receipt and try to get reimbursed when it finally does get recalled...if you want to submit a complaint about this..its pretty simple call this number and just tell them i want to submit acompalin for manifold exhaust leak for sequioa
    Toyota Corporate: 18003314331 first press option 4 then option3 then just wait for a rep..dont press any more menu buttons eventhough it keeps asking you.

    2nd is rear doesnt unlock it and it door handle feels like its going to open it..but nothing happens..u press it ...doesnt open

    3rd the rear window..goes down no prob..but when it goes up, its slanted and it stops..i have to pull it up from the right side to help it alittle then its fine..maybe the window track??

    cd player...i dont know but cd wont go in at all like not even the if there is something inside right at the mouth of the cd player

    a big clunk noise in the back..not sure what it is yet..just happened once..but i've only had it 2 days.

    everything else is fine..other than these..i love this truck!!...for now
  • daugiedaugie Posts: 12
    Exhaust manifold is a known problem with this truck. I have 80K on my '01 and recently had the right exhaust mainfold replaced (original cracked). Good luck waiting for a recall.
  • daugiedaugie Posts: 12
    I have an '01. Since new, this truck will fairly often appear to 'shift' while stopped at a light such that it causes a forward surge. It feels like the guy behind me tapped my bumper (an odd feeling when there is no one behind me!). Toyota dealer was the same as others on this board... essentially told me I was an idiot. I have learned to live with it and keep my foot FIRMLY planted on the brake. I know this is a little bit different than your complaint, but maybe related?? For what it's worth, my gut is that it is an issue with the transmission.
  • I have a 2002 Sequoia SR5 that I've had for just under 4 years. The tailgate latch is now inoperable (it does not latch) and appears to have rusted internally. When I removed the interior panels to see what was wrong I also found the window tracks severely corroded and the window will not raise or lower. I've spoken to Toyota customer service and they inform me they've not seen these problems. The vehicle is used in upstate New York where salt is used on the roads but the vehicle is kept clean and is garaged over half the time. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? The last vehicle I owned that had a tailgate this bad was a 1979 Jeep Cherokee. Also I just got my recall notice for the replacement of the front ball joints. Replies will be appreciated.
  • ya im not waiting for a recall....
    update on cd player..figures theres a load button in the upper left corner i didnt see...unfortunately i had already attempted to manually force a cd in there..breaking something inside....after i press took the cd...i've never seen it since..and the cd player(6disc) wont repond to eject..switches back to radio if u press eject.....other than pretty much F$$king it there anything i can do to salvage the cd and make it work again??????????
  • ya as stated in my previous posting.....i have that same problem northern ohio area...we have alot of salt too
  • paliguy81 Thanks for the reply. What year is your Sequoia? I have a meeting with a Toyota rep on Nov 10th so I see what he says. Have you filed any complaints with Toyota on this? TS
  • We have been fighting this same intermittent problem for a year. The computer finally pulled an error code and its the master brake cylinder pressure sensor.....
  • Its the master cylinder pressure sensor. The sensor is saying "NO Pressure" an is putting the vehicle into a protect you mode.
  • I have a 97 Camry and the driver's door handle broke. I think it was a $200 repair bill. My son has a 99 Camry and his door handle just broke. I am thinking there are a lot of these out there and because it is a several thousand dollar item isn't getting much attention.
  • what you have to do is take the screws out at the top of the dashboard console the black rim around dash then carefully remove to avoid scratches. Once this is done it should be a white beace with 4 screws remove those. Once this is done slide out dash and you shouls see 3 plugs going into back of dash remove center one. Once this is removed your gauges including speedometer will not work. You can slide everything back into place and drive and slide the plug 1/2 way in so you can stick your hand back to slide in too periodically check fuel consumption. This has saved me alot of headaches with Toyota and prolonged my warranty time. Any other ?'s let me know. Good luck and you may want too keep this info for a select few if you get my drift.
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